Speech problems in 4 year olds

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Avatar n tn It is really conforting to know that I am not alone out there with this problem. I also have a 4 year old out of control son. He has had behavioral problems since he was about 2 years old. I have mentioned this to his pediatrician on his yearly checkups who tells me that he will grow out of it.
342647 tn?1291111533 I worked in a room full of two year olds, and I agree with Joy that your daughter sounds like she's developing her speech normally. Like Joy, I think that if your daughter is older (3 or 4) and having problems with stuttering and pronunciation then you should get her assessed. My friend has a 4 year old who I still have trouble understanding. She always has to "translate" for me.
Avatar n tn I really think there is more going on here than a speech delay. I have a 3.5 year old. He goes to daycare with a 4 year old who has a speech delay. Max (the four year old) rarely speaks. However, he makes himself understood and he functions very well with children his own age and older kids. He can sit at circle time and participates fully in all activities. Even though he is almost completely nonverbal, he has friends and is accepted. I think your son needs early intervention.
Avatar f tn Funny you mention about writing etc as that is what my daughter as difficulty in and fine motor skills she has no diagnosis but i do know she needs to be looked at so to help with her struggles she is behind also in receptive and expressive speech by 2yrs and is very immature she is happier to play with 3-4 yr olds. They are now picking up on difficulties in school as before when i tried to say that she was behind they weren't bothered but now they are.
Avatar f tn The problem appears to be that he also has problems at school. A place where constant and routine are/should be a given. To treat any child you need to know what the problem is. As specialmom said, "Tantrums in a 6 year old are either because something is going on internally that needs addressed or they have figured out what works. Which direction you go depends on which it is.
Avatar n tn My 26 month old son has great problem solving and motor skills, is almost completely potty trained and can follow directions well, to include setting a table of 4 for dinner. Recently he was diagnosed with a speech disorder. What does this really mean? Is he slow? Will he learn to speak? We have been working with him on sign language and he has really picked up on it quick, but is this teaching him not to talk?
Avatar n tn When I took my 3 year old to the dentist last week, they informed me that he had an abscess on his left front tooth (he hit it in a fall) & that it would need to be removed. I was devastated. I want to know is there any other alternative? I am concerned that he won't get his permanent tooth for another 3-4 years & the problems with eating, speech, & possible teasing that he will have to endure. Can I get some advice?
Avatar n tn Her Ped immediately recognized it as signs of expressive speech delay and recommended she work with a speech therapist. There's a 4 week waiting list to get in to work with the speech therapist so we haven't started any therapy yet but the dr made me feel much better when she told me Einstein had expressive speech delay as a child also...seems that he turned out okay so I'm just going to do whatever it takes to get my girl up to speed with the other kids and enjoy watching her grow and learn.
Avatar m tn Not all kids at 4 can lay for 2 hours and maybe they are a little too revved up to sleep. The expectation that ALL 4 year olds take this 2 hour nap makes me question the school. I'd question it if I were you. Perhaps this is not the best place for him. Many day care providers require kids to take a nap to give themselves a break. What do THEY do for 2 hours while the kids they are being paid to watch sleep?
Avatar f tn In my area, the standard of care is to not diagnose for add/adhd until a child is at least 6 because all kids can have such variability in behavior. 4 is young. He could just be super energetic. Hyperactivity isn't uncommon in 4 year olds and especially boys. But our son fell outside of what I'd say was typical. It led us to seek further evaluation. I'm so thrilled we did. It has been truly successful for us.
Avatar n tn Speech pathologists evaluate a child's hearing, speech and language abilities. Problems with muscle strength and tone in the mouth and face area (oral-motor), ability to pronounce words correctly (articulation), hearing & listening skills (auditory processing), and number of words in vocabulary are some of the things they check.
Avatar n tn My oldest one, now 17, is sort of like your 4-year-old. However, she never engaged in manipulative behavior after consequences. It would help you to go to counseling if you can afford it, but I know that is too expensive for some people. Or you may benefit from reading the book previously posted here. You also need to read some books on co-dependency. It sounds like you are in that type of relationship with her.
Avatar n tn Your child has 100% power over the family now. (How scary is that- a 3 year old is in charge of the whole family...wow, thats power) Just do it, theres no negotiating, why argue with a 3 year old? They do what you say or there is a consequence, no if's and's or but's about it, and no TRYING. Why is he repeatedly doing things he's told not to?
114870 tn?1210301946 Since it is just the clarity of words that is lacking, it is very possible that he has heard or is hearing speech in a muffled way and would not be able to distinguish the consonants, thus pronouncing them wrong. I have come across 4 children by now with slurry speech - and it was all linked to ear infections. My son was always the lucky one who never had ear infections, probably thanks to immunization, and his words have been very clear so far.
Avatar n tn we all do our best to be positive and make his childhood happy and memorable, he is signed up to go to pre-school soon and I'm worried about how he'll behave then with his delays in speech, potty training,ect I'm wondering if he'll be able to function in main-stream classes he is barely interested in learning one-on-one how will he behave in a class room? WHAT DO I DO? WHO CAN HELP????
Avatar n tn I have twins five year olds who it seems like will only behave with me and their dad. We remind them in the morning before school to make good choices and have a good day and they still have horrible days. I have taken toys, spanked, timeouts had the action and consequence speech and do not know what else to do. It seems they only have problems when they go to school, or with passive friends. Please someone help I am at my wits end trying to deal with this.
Avatar f tn I"m so happy to have found this forum. if any of you have any comments of advice, I am so receptive right now. My 4&1/2 yr old son attended 3 yr old preschool last year, 2 days a week, 2 hours a day. After 6 months, the teachers wanted me to come in and observe his behavior. Not very social, playing more on his own, not focusing on one activity for very long, etc, acting silly, but with physical play outside he had loads of fun with the other boys, etc.
Avatar f tn I mean her Pediatrician at 1 year remarked how advanced she was for her age and now she is doing something found in 9 month olds. This from a kid who was clearly saying words like cake, stick, up, down, change... She won't even do what she was doing at 9 months - baby talk first syllable stuff - baba for bottle. I'll keep you updated. Thanks again for all your responses!!! I really appreciate hearing from you all.
Avatar f tn Her play with others is amazing, her eye contact is great, her teacher actually said that she plays with others more than most typically developing 3 year olds do in her class.She is still not potty trained, but we're not pushing it either, in her own time we'll get there. She does repeat some lines from shows, but it's hard to tell because she often does it with her own voice inflection in order to get us to laugh at what she's saying.
Avatar n tn But what I didn't see is that my boy doesn't make up story play with his cars, dinosaurs, knights etc. like other 4 year olds do and that's what counts. The good news is he's only 4, so with some effort on our part we can teach him coping mechanisms that can become second nature to him.
Avatar n tn My son is 4 1/2 and this is his second year in preschool. He will be in preschool 1 more year due to his birthday and the school cutoff age. I can honestly say that I have been trying to teach him his ABC's and 123's for about 2 years now. He knows the ABC song and can count to 16. But when asked if he can find a certain letter or number, he usually does not know. He does recognize numbers 0-3 and maybe about 10 letters, but that is it. He is not interested.
1388445 tn?1289270988 Hello, My 3 year old Daughter is speech and language impaired. She just started in a special needs pre-school for Speech Language and Articualtion disorders. She is such a bright and friendly and intelligent little girl, it is just her speech that is impaired. When she talks, she is very hard to understand (about 30%-50% understandible depending if she is speaking in-context or out of context) Right now she is working on articulation of single words and sounds.
Avatar f tn You need a program that takes in to account the interests and varying levels and abilities of young children. Avoid any program that has 3 or 4 year olds sit and do worksheets or has more time spent in circletime and structured activities than in "free play" or "interest area" time.
Avatar m tn He started kindergarten this year at the age of 4. He almost didn't make the cut off. He turned 5 in September. He had a rough start from the first day. He would fidget and bug the other kids at his table. He would color on their papers or mess with their art. He would refuse to do the activities the other kids were doing. His teacher let him wander around the room because he would cry if she told him to sit.
Avatar n tn My 3 year old child seems to be having an increase in behavioral problems at day care. He has been actually doing better with listening to me at home but they tell me that he is uncontrollable lately at school. They say that it seems like he has too much energy to sit still and has a hard time listening to their instructions. I know that my son is active, and he is this way out of school too, but they asked me today if he has been checked for any disorders.
Avatar n tn I have a 2 yr old girl...turned 2 in August. We were at the dr in Sept and in the lobby was a speech therapist that overheard my daughter and mentioned to the other drs how well she spoke and she couldn't believe a 2 yr old had that vocabulary. I was shocked because some people can't understand her and have to ask me to clarify (even my dh) but the therapist when on and on about her.
Avatar f tn Sorry, I didn't notice your post tacked on to this older one. I am sure that at school he gets told "no" and apparently doesn't throw tantrums. So, he does have the ability to control himself. Unfortunately, he has kind of "learned" that his tantrums work for him. This is not that unusual for smart kids. Fortunately, they can usually pretty quickly figure out when things are not going there way - and try something else.
Avatar n tn In advanced classes at school plays on the 4 and 5th grade Basketball team even though he is in 2nd grade. Is in Little league even though should be in t - ball. He is an over achiever but when at home if he does not get his way or feels he made a mistake or has to go to bed he screams kicks yells, swears and even tries to hit me. None of the other children ever acted this way. He has many food allergies and is allergic to red dye. We watch what he eats but he still has his moments.