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Avatar f tn Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum. There r a few diff non profits that do hand out scholarships....I will look up the links and PM them to u....
Avatar n tn It is a Communication Skill Enhancement program by Speech plus. Speech Plus is famous for correcting different types of speech problems. In this program you will learn various types of communication skills which will enhance your confidence in speaking. I hope this will help you to solve your problem.
Avatar m tn The NCAA restored Penn State's full complement of football scholarships and reinstated the Nittany Lions' postseason eligibility on Monday. Penn State had lost scholarships and postseason eligibility in the aftermath of a pedophilia scandal involving longtime Nittany Lions assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.
Avatar m tn s thyroiditis have tongue issues that has/had an impact on your speech? I have the scalloped appearance to my tongue, a swollen feeling near the back and underneath the tongue which affects my speech. Did the thyroid meds fix the problem and if so, how long did it take?
Avatar n tn Also you might want to ask an audiologist if hearing aids would benefit him. I am going to grad school for speech-language pathology and i don't remember if a sensori neural loss is benefited from hearing aids but that is one option that can be asked about. I think it sounds like you are doing a good job, you have him in therapy and that should really increase his ability to discriminate sounds.
Avatar f tn So, around this time last year I experienced tingling in my left hand that lasted for a few days, coupled with extreme fatigue. Days later, I developed nystagmus only upon waking that lasted for about 10 minutes or so. That eventually went away after about a month. About six months later I had a severe headache that migrated to my right eye and lasted for over a week. Went to an optometrist, no optic neuritis.
Avatar f tn Pathology report shows infiltrating mammary carcinoma, no special type, low combined histologic grade, Low proliferative rate with apocrine cytology, measuring at least 6MM in greatest extent (best measrued on P63 IHC Slide) Calponin and P63 show absence of myoepithelial cells int he neoplastic tubules, consistent with an invasive interpretation. Immunohistochemical studies for estrogen receptor and progesteron receptor are negative. My questions: No special type? What does that mean?
Avatar f tn You can still request that your slides be read by another Pathology Lab. If you aren't seeing a Breast Specialist I suggest that you do so and this might help clear things up for you. I'm sure you are more than aggravated at how things have gone in the past. I'm not sure why the ADH wouldn't show up on Excisional Biopsy unless the area was so small that it was removed by the previous needle procedure/ OR/ the Excisional Biopsy did not include the area of ADH.
Avatar f tn t seen that as a test for dysphagia in any MS forum. It seems more relevant to get a barium swallow or speech pathology assessment. I've had so many tests lately, and spent so much time at the clinic, that I'd like to avoid this if it's not necessary. Any thoughts?
1936411 tn?1333831849 Ren, thank you. You are such a dear friend to me. You are right, Copaxone is only my first DMD. I need to remember that this road is long and I have a lot of tools to use over the years. Five or ten years from now, there will probably be even more. I will definitely look into fastweb. Thank you for mentioning it. I'm going into speech-language pathology, which can be done remotely in some cases. Mobility problems would not stop a speech-language pathologist from working.
Avatar n tn Please consult doctor or get the X ray cervical spine done to rule out cervical pathology. Avoid thick pillows too and also get your blood pressure checked.
Avatar f tn Tremors hands and legs, loss of words and recall, garbled speech occasionally, not understanding what is said to me frequently -but my hearing is good, stammering for words, loosing thoughts, sometimes loosing my balance - though not falling, along with going thru 5-6 names before i get the right family members name (my own kids) sometimes not even realizing I have said the wrong one. I can loose a thought right in mid sentence and most i frequently do.
Avatar n tn I agree with crabby70 - take him to a different doctor. If he is not doing his milestones such as sitting, crawling, and rolling over... don't try getting him to walk. He needs to go at his own pace and be stimulated to reach the milestones in his own time. A pediatrician specializing in infant delays would be the best bet and Physical Therapy to stretch and strengthen his limbs. Watch what the Physical Therapists do and do it at home.
1152301 tn?1331591080 You can try different medical financing, there are scholarships and clinical trials. Plus IVF is tax deductable. Don't give up hope! :) Message me if you have any other questions. Praying for you!!
Avatar f tn Dear Joacs456 (using your nickname) Really very sorry to hear that. From your question it appears as though there is a pathology in brain--like aneurysm, hematoma etc due to injury. I am sure MRI must have been done after and before surgery. What do the reports say? Have you consulted a senior neurologist? A more detailed information about medical reports and Neurologist's opinion will be very helpful.
Avatar f tn And than usaully I Just have one pvc or pacs every 2 -3 weeks but yet every time I get one the pause scares me and it ruins my day and my week how do I stop feeling them is it possible to desensitize my body I’m 17 in my prime quit exercising and football bc of these and three away scholarships for football to my dream school I just wanna stop feeling them. And does everyone get them and just don’t feel them.
5111430 tn?1377663221 That was a good question. I. Wonder what to put for my son white or native American.
Avatar n tn Most schools will have some form of directing a person toward where to apply for loans and they will also have lists of sources of scholarships. Make some calls and see what you can find out.
Avatar m tn My other symptoms, which began to appear in 2003, include hand tremors, poor balance and co-ordination, dizziness, fatigue, pain in my legs when walking anything more than 50 yards, short-term memory loss, slurred speech, poor articulation (which comes and goes) and sensitivity to my head and arms. I had a single MRI scan earlier this year; the results of which were inconclusive and while the neurologist refuses to rule out the possibilty of MS, I am left completely in the dark.
Avatar m tn s office and ask when you could live on campus and what scholarships you may be eligible for. This is going to be hard work but you can do it. Get involved in on campus community groups (get more scholarships for being well rounded). Ask if there are any job available on campus or even for next year. Just remember: If you let someone drag you down they will or you can believe in yourself and make a life for yourself and win.
Avatar f tn I disagree with the teacher. I would change him to a different school. He is too young to be labelled. Making noises can be very common for young children. I am not sure what type of noises you are referring to. It could be normal and not related to a tic disorder. But, it is also possible your son has a tic disorder. Tics are very common for children. Most go away within a year.
Avatar n tn medication (muscle relaxants), botillium injections into the muscle and Speech Pathology - exercises to get the muscle to do its job.
Avatar f tn In White matter disease, pathology involves the brain white matter, either exclusively or in combination with grey matter changes. These include metabolism errors, exogenous toxins released by virus, autoimmune disease, leukodystrophy, demyelination, and radiation effects. Spasticity, muscle weakness, paralysis, hyper-reflexia and movement disorder may be the clinical features associated with white matter disease that need to be evaluated thoroughly.
Avatar m tn Then there is the mechanical part of communicating our language and that is speech. Problems with speech can include just trying to get the words out, pronouncing the words, the tonal quality of our speech, using emphasis and inflection. Problems with speech can be from weakness or spasticity of the muscles of our mouths, throats and vocal cords. Or it can be with the way our brain tries to direct the speech.
Avatar n tn My husband was diagnosed with Graved Disease and has had radio iodine therapy in March. He has since fallen severely hypothyroid and has slurred speech as well as fatigue, weight gain, and irritability. His MD has put him on Synthroid, but my question is will his speech go back to normal and if so, how long? It's very disturbing to hear because it sounds as if he has been drinking (he doesn't at all), and I'm worried how this may affect him long term.