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Avatar n tn I know that my niece and nephew have a caterpillar with a letter on each one of it's legs. About a year ago I taught a 24 year old how to read, I started with the basics and moved on from there, I think that if you and the parents start at the basics, she should be just fine. If you give it an extremely dedicated try and you have no progress in a month, you could take her to a doctor and to a child psychologist.
Avatar n tn A speech therapist for a two year old? Have you had his ears checked? It takes at least two years to learn a language. I love it when I hear a parent say, "he knows what I am saying" well know they don't. If you think of as older people, your experience learning a foreign language and not retaining a bit of it, and we expect these brand new people to have the logic and wherewithal to master the (world's most difficult) language...
Avatar n tn I have a 4 1/2 year old boy whom I keep in Childcare. He can follow 2 directions at a time when we are doing it for learning. Has trouble w/ 3 directions--have to repeat or tell him again. Also has trouble w/ comprehension. I will ask him a question:i.e....did you wash your hands...and he will give me a look like he doesnt' understand the question and say, "uh...".
Avatar m tn I have an almost 27 month old daughter, she is pleasant, happy and generally well behaved for a 2 year old. I have some queries regarding her behaviour that i could do with having some input to. From a young age, she hand flapped when excited and sometimes when she got a little upset or stressed, and to this day still does it, some days much more than others. She has started something recently which i sometimes i feel is a little strange, but is it a quirk??
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a questions regarding my almost 2.5 year old daughter particularly regarding her speech. I would say she was a late babbler, around 11 months, and quite late to talk, her speech isn't fantastic now, but definately a big improvement as she will talk in 2 and 3 word sentences, but not a huge variety of things. She does have a very big 1 word vocabularly, can count to 15, knows colours and shapes and recognises numbers.
Avatar m tn Listen to your gut. I would have her evaluated by a full team. By this I mean a team made up for Psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist. Many children's hospitals have a unit that should be able to do that. Multidisciplinary means that the evaluation group is made up of qualified people who have different areas of training and experience.
Avatar n tn You might have him assessed by a speech/language clinician and by a child psychiatrist. It really is not unusual for an almost-two-year-old to have problems managing the anger that comes with frustration. It might be that the behavior is really not outside the norm for the age, even if he had more refined speech and language abilities.
Avatar n tn Your questions can only be answered by a speech and language professional, based on a thorough evaluation which yields a diagnosis and a plan for treatment. The term speech disorder is an umbrella term that can be short-hand for any number of conditions. Some of the conditions involve expressive speech/language, some involve receptive speech/language, some involve both. Some involve structural problems with the mechanisms of speech, some do not involve any structural/organic problems.
Avatar f tn i worked with 2 children who were only able to answer yes/no questions at 3.5 and 4 years old. they were also very bright. they did not have echolalia. for them, it was a language problem and they received speech/language therapy.
Avatar n tn Hello. My four and a half year old son has speech delay and has been receiving speech therapy for a year without much success. Although I had not been unduly concerned about this previously, I was shocked to learn from his school teacher that she feels his gross motor skills are at a toddler level, although fine motor skills are normal. This has worried me especially as my seven year old daughter has classic dyspraxia with poor fine and gross motor skills.
Avatar n tn Communication is difficult, if she is asked a question she can appear to look at you with a blank stare. We have been told she is about a year behind in her development, but ths is the only information we are getting at present. We have an older son who has mild autism- high functioning.
Avatar f tn This past janurary she had her language level test and we were told it is at a 3 1/2 year old level and that we should not send her to school in August but to keep her back in the kindergarten another year. I have disagreed with that. My reason being....if she is around kids her own age and older her language will improve rather than staying with 3 and 4 year old in the kindergarten. I was told that would not happen. her speech will not improve being around kids her own age.
Avatar n tn He can say bye, shoe, cat, mom, and dad. It is hard to get him to communicate clearly. Is this normal? Should I take him to a speech therapist? He has also fallen a number of times and incurred bruises to his forhead could that have caused any permanent development delays. Additionally, he suffered from RSV and has a bit of ashthma would that contribute to speech delays.
Avatar n tn My 2 1/2 year old daughter has a tantrum problem that is unusual. I have other kids and I'm quite familiar with normal tantrums. She has tantrums from nowhere... really bad ones. She will wake up in the dead of night, screaming, and beating her feet, head and hands on the floor. I have to take her upstairs to the playroom and keep her there for about an hour. She hurts herself, throws things, flopps around and screams until she is as white as a ghost and totaly out of energy.
Avatar n tn I brought him back to the ENT for his one year check up and his hearing is between a 10-15. He says this is normal for his age. I don't know if he is developmentally delayed or if something else is going on. He is very smart, happy child with a great sense on humor. I'm afraid he has some kind of processing problem. I know he can hear, but what happens to the information after that.
Avatar f tn my aunt who is a stay at home mom and has been since her 10 year old son was born..now she has a 3 year old.. she has put the 3 year old in daycare to help with his speech because she has no patience to play and spend time with him...he does not know anything..he is going to school in sept...all my kids at daycare who are going to school know the first letter of their names...and some ALL the letters...
Avatar n tn I mean they still did not even lose all or sometime any of their baby teeth and as far as being hyperactive, what 1-2 year old isn't. I would definitely get a second opinion.
Avatar f tn I'm a mom of a child that has a developmental delay that caused me great anxiety. That is natural for a parent. We are human. It's not a counseling issue unless you are anxious in a clinical sense and not functioning. We can all be better parents but we are also human. I would stay calm and matter of fact and try not to let the anxiety for what is ahead for your child ruin your interaction with him, for that I'd agree. I was very anxious when my child was diagnosed.
Avatar n tn Im sorry, but you obviously are not familar with early intervention. Yes every child develops at their own pace, but they still all do the same things at certain stages of development. It has been a part of the infant child development for a long time. If certain "elements" are missing then there can be a problem and if caught early enough the child can make great progress.
Avatar m tn Hello. I have some concerns about my niece who is 2 years and 7 months old. She still has not said her first word. And all she can do is make noises. She can deffinitly understand what your saying, and whats going on, but i dont understand why she cant say something as simply as "mama" or "dada" or "doggie" She is not an only child, she has an older brother who is 5 years and 6 months old and a younger brother who will be 1 year in just a few days.
Avatar m tn If that doesn't work send me a message. I am a mom of twins and I also worked as a preschool teacher for 8 years. So I do have a lot of experience in this area and I have a lot more ideas. Good luck! And I am here for you.
Avatar f tn They all develop these skills on their own at the own pace and by age 3, many are at the same level. Typical development is 1 word, then 2 and so on for sentences. I think your son is doing just fine. Just keep working with him and read to him. It really makes a difference.
Avatar n tn My son has been attending speech therapy for 4 weeks now. He is 2 years old with vocabulary of 4 words. Last visit the Speech Therapist noticed him playing with my hair. She brought up a possible 'sensory issue'. He has since been tested by an OT for a Sensory Issue and does not have one. Here are some basic facts concerning his development. Again, when I look up his symptoms I get a myriad of responses centering on apraxia, PDD, maturation delay, etc. I am just absolutely lost.
Avatar n tn My Son is 3 and 1/2 year old and speech delayed. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism during my pregnancy where my son's thyroid seems to be fine. He also does facial tics some times and goes to Preschool 3 hours a day. He has no words. He some times says words randomly and totally unpredictable. Some thing new I came across was, when ever he takes Pediasure in the morning before his school he seems to react very well. I tested this many times. The result is the same.
Avatar m tn He has had a speech person once per week and attended a social group for delayed children once per week for the last year. He will be starting a pre-school for delayed kids in the fall at least 2 days per week (up to 4). We have been advised not to seek a medical diagnosis of his condition because 1) he will only be labeled which might cause issues later in life, and 2) there is little more the medical profession will be able to offer than what we will get through the special-ed pre-school.