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Avatar f tn Smell them. touch them. Just keep the dialogue going. Also for speech, work on muscle development. Make funny faces to music and then turn the music off abruptly and "freeze" the face. Stuff like that which is fun. good luck and enjoy every minute of your child!
Avatar n tn I have a 22 month old who also does not speak in sentences. I thought he was late to babble and now says about 10 words momma, dad, nanna, (for bannana or grandma) duck, blue (although this is not very clear), babba, stuck. He can however carry a tune really well - he hums Beethoven or Mozart very distinguishably. I have been told that because he is so agile physically, he was really concentrating on establishing movement rather than speech.
276983 tn?1308577648 My daugher will be 19 months old (next weekend) and I have some slight concerns about the fact that her speech seems to be a bit delayed for her age. At her 18 month appointment the doctor didn't seem to be overly concerned, but I can't help but compare her vocab with other 19-month-olds. To cut to the chase, she doesn't say many words at all. She will say these words clearly: mama (or mom), dada, ball, uh-oh, oh-no, no, more.
Avatar n tn The pattern you describe is not consistent with Autistic Disorder, and from a developmental standpoint the major variable I would focus on is her speech/language development. It would be wise to arrange a Speech/language evaluation so that you know her status in the various spheres of language use. Now, most children do not develop in the exact same manner in all the various spheres.
Avatar n tn My 18 month old son like to lay on things and rolls them across his waist to his belly it looks really bad and he does it on everything everything
Avatar n tn My son was born 4 weeks early. When he was 5 weeks old he was sick with RSV Pneumonia and was hospitalized. For the next 4 months he was on seriodal medication that was given in a nebulizer. He was so conjested and weak he didn't do much but sleep and eat. Being premature he caught everything he came is contact with. We had 2 back to back virus of roto virus that lasted over one month.
Avatar f tn My 19 month old doesn't speak, she babbles. She has absolutely no attention span except for the tv, which now I try to keep off as much as i can except for maybe an hr a day. I can't get her to focus on me. She will occationally do what I ask her to do. She won't look if I point to something. She doesn't color with crayons, she instead tries to eat them. I've read so many charts on things she should have accomplished and shes just not there.
Avatar f tn We had speech therapy with someone who used specific techniques for apraxia - and slowly, his speech improved. We also learned sign language. He still had speech therapy at school for two years - but I will tell you that now, if there is a speaking part at a school presentation - or if a teacher needs someone to read aloud to a class, he is the first one to be chosen. It's sometimes hard to remember how difficult things were for him.
Avatar n tn I am worried about my 22 month year old daughter. She is in full-time private nursery and has been since she was 9 months old with her older brother who has just turned 3. She also has a 8 year-old-sister. My health visitor and nursery have also expressed concerns about her development and she has been referred to audiology and speech therapy but I haven't had the appointment yet.
Avatar f tn My daughter birth 6/6/2013 Previous illness - diarrhea start of check up 7/18/2013 given rash free ointment - 1 month old to 4 month old I am breastfeeding and infant formula - repeat 3rd CS for healthy baby and good suck frm her pediatrician birth weight- 2.8kg birth length- 45cm chest circumference - 33cm, head circumference - 34cm - up to date vaccine BCG and hepa B given 6/6/2013 and 6/7/2013 while on NICU - hepa B 7/18/2013 - DPT given 7/18/2013 - IPV given 7/18/2013 - H.
Avatar n tn The babbling sounds you have described sound very normal for a 9 month old. I have 10 month old twins and they've gotten 'stuck' on one sound in the past too. Some days it's 'ba' other days it's 'da', etc. We are followed by early intervention because they were preemies and our therapist says as long as they are vocal and have some variety of sounds at this age, it's fine. So, I wouldn't worry too much just yet.
168006 tn?1241016561 The speech therapy seemed struggling/slow at first, when he was 3 he had the speech level of a 15 month old and I was still devastated. By the time he was about 3 1/2 or 4 (he is 9 now) he finally picked up and started speaking a lot more. His speech is fine now but I cannot te you the amount of sleep I lost and concern I had over it for YEARS. If your insurance covers it, it doesnt hurt to get a speech eval or speech therapy - we went through Easter Seals so didnt have to pay anything.
Avatar f tn I'm concerened that my 18 month son is not developmentally "on track". His pediatrician mentioned at his last regular check up that he should be communicating more verbally, using basic words other than "mama "or "dada". He was 15 months old then.
114870 tn?1210301946 My good friend has a 9 mth old son (her 3rd) that was just seen by his doc for 9 month visit. The doctor feels that the boy is delayed and head size is a bit too big for his body 18" and at 6 months 15". He is not crawling (only sits and rolls over) nor do I see him very socialy active at all. He doesnt even clap his hands or anything at all. He can sit there for hours and play with toys.
167 tn?1374177417 As Sam's receptive language was on track for his age and his actual speech just a bit delayed at 18 months I was told it wasn't a big issue, he was just slightly behind the norm.
Avatar n tn My wife cares for a daughters 18 month old boy whom we dearly love. We are concerned about his `head butting' tendencies. We don't know if it's because he wants attention or if it's a communication problem. Development otherwise seems to be on target.
Avatar n tn i have a 18 month year old boy and he's not doing anything he's suppossed to for his age. he was up to date on things til' he was about 6 months old and that's when it started i think.... he was delayed on crawling and i took him to a physical therapist who helped him do that than after that he is now 18 months and is taking like baby steps not walking like a normal 18 month year old should be.
Avatar f tn I'm concerned that my 19 month old son is behind in speech development since he only says "ma", "mum" and "ba" but even these words don't seem to have any meaning or intent. We can't get him to say "dada". He does babble and will do so out of blue. He seems to be a happy child, laughs and smiles a lot. He does communicate with us by pointing, grunting or pulling on our hands or legs and uses varying degrees of "ah" to vocalize his needs.
Avatar f tn then I'd give her some time and see how she does at 18 months. She's still very young.
377493 tn?1356505749 Most kids say things no one can understand - usually the mom is better at understanding than strangers, but I don't think it's unusual at all for a 14 month old to be saying things you really have no idea what he's saying. My niece's 18 month old visited a couple weeks ago and she kept saying things that her parents couldn't understand, but it seemed clear the girl was saying something. It is frustrating - but he'll get those sounds down!
Avatar f tn My child has aspergers very close to autism, and she has speech problems. Except for speech your child sounds like a three year old! I would put her in speech therapy, because if you wait until they are older it could cause problems with reading later. I would also ask your ped. what they think about your child and autism.
Avatar n tn If he was born at 35 weeks, well then he is pre-mature but would still be expected to do the things that a 10 month old does. My daughter is 11 months old yesterday and can do all those things but my sister in law's son cannot and he is a month older. She has a therapist work with him and has since about 8 months old. He really should be doing those things by now and early intervention is the key.
Avatar m tn 14 months seems kind of young to screen for autism? I think the standard ages now to start screening are first at the 18 month checkup and then at the 24 month. I guess unless there are issues that are affecting him seriously like being way late for all his milestones, not even looking at his parents. Or stuff like if he had some sort of seizure disorder or if he was a preemie and had development issues.
Avatar n tn My ten month old son does not sit well on his own and still has diffculity holding his head still for long periods, without bobbling it. He is a twin and his twin sister can roll and scoot, loves to speak, it able to sit well on her own, but has not quite figured out how to get from a sitting positon to and lying position. the twins were born at 37 weeks and upon birth I noticed my son had an unusally long neck for a baby.