Sores in throat and on tongue

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Avatar n tn I get canker sores often. They are always on the left side of my tongue almost in the exact same spot. The unusual part is when I feel a sore coming someone around me gets sick. It usually happens within a a few days. I noticed this last year. I'd get a canker sore and within days one of my children would get strep throat or tonsilitis. Then a friend of mine, who I work with, started getting strep throat around that time as well.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if I should be concerned with a slight sore throat with swollen sensative gums and small sores on my tongue? No fever. Have a hard time chewing with the gums and sores. It just started about a week ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Can someone give me some advice here, I took antibiotics about two and a half months ago and they seemed to upset my tongue one or two days after I finished. Tongue was red and sore, smooth looking and it had a dry fuzzy feeling to it. This did seem to get alittle better in time but the dry fuzzy feeling has always been there. During this time I have also gotten a lump feeling in my throat which seems to come and go, I know it could be acid reflux or even anxiety but it worries me.
Avatar f tn I then started noticing little white dots in the back of my throat and I now have one dot on the roof of my mouth and a bump on my tongue. I have been with the same sex partner for a year now and we both have been faithful to eachother throughout the whole time. Today I noticed my tongue is white in the back with red blister looking like things in the back of my tongue. I got tested back in October of 2014 for stds and it was negoitive. I get tested yearly no matter what.
Avatar m tn when i perform oral sex on my wife i get a burning tongue and sore throat the next day. a few years ago i have reddish sores under my tongue. under my tongue gets sore too. could there be a sti not picked up on the testing which is in my mouth?
Avatar n tn A friend of mine has pink sores at the back of her tongue just on the sides at the back they are small in size and pink in color, they are not painful. In the morning she sometimes has a sore throat. What could it be? Very worried for her.
Avatar n tn I have had a sore white spot on the side of my tongue in the back for about a week and now the spots are on my throat. I have also been vomiting for the last two days. first question is do the have any thing to do with each other and what could cause this?
Avatar m tn So in the past week and a half I began to get what looked like strep in the back of my throat. Swollen tonsils and little white dots accompanied by of course a sore throat. Usually when this occurs it comes with a fever this time it didn't. I then started to notice bumps on the back of my tongue followed by about 2 days of my tongue slightly swelling. I found that abnormal for having strep throat but figured it might be just a different strain.
Avatar f tn I also saw a couple of red bumps on top of tongue (deep) today. And there's a little white dot on front tongue (left). I am already going through a HIV scare (had unprotected vaginal sex 4 weeks back)! (Have rashes, muscle pain, sore throat and now this).
Avatar m tn I have been wracked with a horrible sore throat and sores in the back of my throat and tongue. I would be more than willing to provide pictures to any expert who would be willing to tell me if I'm over blowing this or if I need to seek testing. I also had white top covering my tongue the next day which I proceed to scrape off and clean my throat with mouthwash and brushing. The sores on my tongue are red and at the back and are larger than the sores in the back of my throat.
Avatar n tn Yesturday, i got two white sores on my tongue and and two canker sores on my bottom lip. Today, when i looked in the mirror my gums are still swollen and have started to turn white!!! please help me figure out what is wrong!?? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/422263'>Multiple canker sores on tongue with temp around 102 degrees</a>.
5025679 tn?1363541501 Cold sores are usually confined to the nose to the chin region. It's possible to get cold sores (HSV-1) in your mouth or on your tongue during the primary outbreak, but it's unlikely to appear on your tongue during recurrent outbreaks. This sounds more like an allergy to food/medication or just a cold.
Avatar m tn ve just noticed that there are bumps near the back of my tongue (and seemingly moving up towards the front) that look like they might be sores. There is absolutely no pain in my mouth from this and no sore throat (therefore doesn't seem like thrush). I also think my tongue might be swollen because there are teeth marks on the sides of it. Below is a picture for reference, thanks for ANY help!!
Avatar f tn also i got sick one day, i woke up in the morning with lymph glands on my neck was painful and sore throat with White spots on the throat in the back and Pain with difficulty swallowing, chills, fever and sweat, Fatigue, body aches and i found out 2 blisters down close to my vagina, for 4 days .
Avatar f tn Just to add. I don’t have any sores in my mouth. Just inflamed dry throat.
Avatar m tn m pretty sure I read that these cough drops can cause the canker sores. My main issue is now I have this painful bump in the back of my throat/mouth/tongue. I've had this pain for about a week now and seems to be getting worse. I've googled what it could be but with no luck. I can't see this bump but i can feel it and it seems like its where the tongue connects to the back side of my mouth near the tonsil on the right side of my mouth.
Avatar m tn It is a white-yellowish coating on my tongue, my tongue also has like red bumps at the back of my tongue, scalloped edges and like canker sores in the edges back deeper inside. I find this really scary! Has anyone seen anything like that before? Is that an ARS symptom? My other question is. Have you ever seen or have known about a 28 day combo test (4th generation) negative result changing when restesting in the following weeks/months? Thank you very much for your help and attention.
Avatar n tn Last Saturday I started feeling like a bump sensation and discomfort in my throat. I went to urgent care and they tested for Strep and came out negative. They recommended if this does not go away in a few days I should she another doctor.
Avatar m tn ve also have gotten small red and white sores in my mouth underneath my tongue and on my lips (total of three or four). Besides the coating and sores, I still have swollen lymph nodes as well as some skin on the chest right below the neck being red, no texture change or bumps/lesions yet. Swallowing is not painful and I don't have a sore throat or cough anymore. Potential exposure would have been a little more than three weeks ago. Can I get some opinions?