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Avatar f tn Is anyone else having any issues with their mouth? My tongue is sore and it appears to have tiny sores on the sides of it. I also have a metallic numb feeling\taste. I know it sounds weird but its the best description I can give. It is starting to hurt at times when I am eating.
Avatar m tn I have sore tongue for 2 months, tongue looks normal (no white or red patches). Parts of the tongue feels asif you just burnt your tongue drinking not coffee. Months also feels dry. I have seen doctors & Dentists and they have no answer . all the blood tests are normal.
Avatar f tn the sides of my tongue are quite sore and very cracked. it looks like someone was sharpening a knife against them. the top of my tongue is a little sensitive. i feel like it came about all at once. ive had this problem a few days now, and its only gotten worse. what is this mystery ailment caused by? and what should i do about it! i am a 30 year old female.
Avatar n tn My geographic tongue is nowhere as extreme looking as some of those online photos. Mine just affects the two front sides of tip of the tongue and sometimes the sides of the tongue.
Avatar m tn It seems to be healing up but noticed a vein appearing on the sides near the location near the sore. Are these two related and is it normal to get flesh colored veins on the sides of tongue? Is this something I should be worried about? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have developed this 1mm needle-like sore pin on the tip of my tongue since July. It gets a little painful sometimes.
Avatar n tn A friend of mine has pink sores at the back of her tongue just on the sides at the back they are small in size and pink in color, they are not painful. In the morning she sometimes has a sore throat. What could it be? Very worried for her.
Avatar n tn I have these weird, raised, and various sized bumps on my tongue towards the back and on both sides of my tongue, on the lower half. My tongue feels swollen on both lower sides of my tongue towards the bottom... It is somewhat painful... Just very irritating. Please, someone tell me what is wrong!! I am a very paranoid person in nature and the slightest oddity of my body stresses me out. All I can say for sure is that these bumps are not normal and werent there in the past.
Avatar n tn the area of my tongue that i was trying to describe is the lingual tonsil area. both sides of my tongue appear to be affected.
Avatar m tn Is there anyone with the same problem. Swollen, Sore, Burning sensation with red spots on the tip of my tongue. Gives me pain everyday while doing daily stuff like drinking coffee smoking ect. Iv tried different diets , different medication nothing is working. The only time its not sore is when the tip of the tongue is covered with plastic. Please Help!!!!!
Avatar n tn I still have a slightly swollen left side of the tongue, what could I do to stop it, my tongue pokes my teeth on the left side and its irritating! And I also have a slight tasteof something on that side too?
Avatar f tn I also have some on the back sides of my tongue, one cluster on each side, right where the tongue meets the back molars. There's a large patch on the back of my tongue, and I can feel a patch in my throat when I cough. Four days ago, I visited the doctor about my still-sore throat. He said I had herpangina, a non-STD virus. However, everything I've read about herpangina says that it clears up within a week max.
Avatar f tn I don't know if this will help but I had a sore on my tongue which wouldn't go away. Finally, I took some liquid acidopholus and it vanished. I always take it after I use antibiotics to reintroduce the flora which antibiotics wipe out. Now, I take it a couple times a week and haven't had any more sores. Oh, and make sure you're drinking lots of water.
Avatar m tn I had protected vaginal sex a month ago and recently have had two tiny tongue papules on different sides on the front of my tongue inflamed. They are going down within a few days but I began to develop somewhat swollen lymph nodes in my neck to accompany my tongue issue. Then I went hot tubbing a night ago and two less than a tac head big, shiny red dots appear on my shaft. One is more red than the other and kind of hurts to touch. Not hard to the touch though.
Avatar n tn I have had 2 bumps each on both sides of my tongue, close to the tip for about a week now. They don't hurt but I recently noticed them when looking at a canker sore I had about 2 weeks ago. I don't know if maybe my tongue is irritated from the orajel I used to numb the canker sore, or if the toothpaste i'm currently using is too harsh, they are the only things I can think of.
Avatar m tn but not fully resolved ... noticed inflammed, swollen/irritated papillae under tongue (both sides of tongue and also under front of tongue also). Salivary glands swollen. Not resolving ... getting chills every so often ... feeling cold every so often also ... trying to see an ENT ..they are so busy in Canada ... approx 2 months to see one .... Help !!!
Avatar m tn Sometimes I can feel it and sometimes not. After I eat my tongue is sore and the tip will twitch on both sides. GP says last week that my tongue is healthy and if I had ALS the 5Th nerve would not have regenerated itself. Is that true? He says that after 28 months I would have a lot more signs. I can feel it twitching now and I am at my wits end. Any ideas on what I can do to stop this twitching.
Avatar m tn my white tongue has been there for 3 months and it has white hair like on my sides of tongue looks like it is oral hairy leukoplakia. am i infected with some sort of std's? but my only experience was through oral sex.
Avatar n tn hi,can anyone help me as to what tongue herpes is like as i keep getting red sore patches on both sides of tongue theystart very small and seem to spread but always either side of tip of tongue also mouth seems to hurt all the time and tongue is whiteish,they take about a week to 10 days to heal and return back to normal,then tongue seems ok for a 3 weeks then it starts again,its also very sore but does not seem to hurt when i eat,i also get pain in left side of neck at same time, any advice wel
Avatar n tn I've had a sore throat for three months with no other symptoms. In April, I went to Urgent Care, because it felt like my throat was on fire it was so unbelievably sore. After being tested I was told that I thankfully do not have strep throat. She prescribed me medication called Loratadine, which I began taking once a day and suggested taking a Benadryl every night before bed.
Avatar m tn Hey, 3 weeks ago I gave and received oral sex with someone and about 2 days after I came down with a cold and noticed a light yellow-grey coating on my tongue. About a week and a half ago the cold had completely gone away but the coating on my tongue has stayed. And now, I've just noticed that there are bumps near the back of my tongue (and seemingly moving up towards the front) that look like they might be sores.