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4910090 tn?1361074617 My HGB has dropped from 110 to 98 in the last 2 weekly blood tests, i believe due to increased sx that it has probably gone lower. Anyways, my tongue is so sore, i can hardly eat. Not that i am that hungry or able to eat much. Does anyone have home remedy ideas to ease the constant stinging pain?
Avatar n tn sore is round or oval red from margin white in center painful.found in all positon in mouth or tongue but not in gum.i have slight pain in colon.sore appear always in anxiety nervous live burden .
2065676 tn?1331422440 I have been experiencing the same sore tongue problem on and off, I am on week 14 of interferon/riba. I find if I am able to bush my teeth right after eating it makes a difference, if I don't it flairs up. I just started using biotene toothpaste and so far my mouth seems happier. Rinsing with baking soda/water 3 to 4 times a day seems soothing and provides some relief, I read that it can help with thrush.
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning with a horrible sore throat. When I looked in the mirror, my uvula was 3 times it normal size & laying on my tongue, red with a bit of white spots, & tongue a bit swollen too. I asked my husband if I was snoring & he didn't remember hearing me snore. I called my obgyn for advice since I'm 36 weeks & they want me to go get a strep test to be on the safe side. I don't have tonsils so it's not tonsillitis. Had anybody else experienced this?
Avatar m tn I read that in panic or anxiety attacks Zanax and other benzodiazepine tranquilizers can be taken under the tongue instead of swallowing with water. This way it kicks in in four minutes instead of an hour. Is this good info?
440728 tn?1234645302 Does anybody suffer with an awful taste, and burning sore mouth & gums as a result of thyroid problems on certain days, but not maybe all the time? Only I keep getting it but I'm newly diagnosed with thyroid disease, so I'm not sure if it's related, I think it must be because I never got it before this. I'm also on HRT, which could be causing it, but I doubt it because I've been on it for years with no problems.
461010 tn?1208482459 has anyone heard of geographic tongue. im trying to find the cause of these weird things on my tongue that keep coming out and fading, then they show up somewere else. its anoying.
Avatar n tn i m 27 years male.i have little red ulcer on my tongue from 6 month.i have try many home remedy but no benefit.ulcer are painless.and my stomach is very fine. plz tell me any gel or medicine to treat it.
675718 tn?1530033033 for the past two days my tongue is starting to move like crazy i am now rigid can't sleep i still have the shakes too is there anything i can do to remedy this?
Avatar f tn I have not started treatment yet, but my tongue is swollen and feels like it is cracked. This will be my 3rd time to do treatment in the last 20 years, but I don't recall the sore tongue. Any input will be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Why is my tongue so sore? I have dry mouth from taking prescriptions and my tongue over a period of time has become very sore and sensitive to salt or pepper or spicy food.
Avatar m tn I have sore tongue for 2 months, tongue looks normal (no white or red patches). Parts of the tongue feels asif you just burnt your tongue drinking not coffee. Months also feels dry. I have seen doctors & Dentists and they have no answer . all the blood tests are normal.
Avatar n tn i have these white lumps under my tongue and they r quite sore i dont know what they are i had them before but thye were ontop of my tongue and they went away but now i have some under my tongue
Avatar f tn Is anyone else having any issues with their mouth? My tongue is sore and it appears to have tiny sores on the sides of it. I also have a metallic numb feeling\taste. I know it sounds weird but its the best description I can give. It is starting to hurt at times when I am eating.
5432782 tn?1368806956 I remember having a painful sore on the end of my tongue, and an unbelievably painful lil sore on my gums, and maybe even one onthe inside of my cheek sometimes. I was finding it so painful to eat. Then I tried Desert Essence Tea-Tree Oil Mouth-wash, but I bet any natural product that had quality tea-tree would work, but this one has worked the best for me, I tried one other similar. I liked this company, it was only natural, and didn't sting at all.
620048 tn?1358018235 Has your dentist ever looked at your tongue? I have a geographic tongue and also, I have had a very sore tongue due to low........ (Well, phooey!!!!!!! I can't remember the name of it) Pregnant women need it so they don't have a baby with spina bifida. I'm sorry, I just can't remember things. You might want to get it checked.
Avatar n tn I have been waking up every morning for a couple of months now with a sore throat and when I clear my throat there is some blood in my saliva. If I get up in the middle of the night it happens as well. In fact anytime I have been asleep and wake up there is some blood in my saliva. I know that I snore. My brother says he thinks it's a nasal infection but why would it last this long? I was laid off for two months and just recently started working again.
Avatar m tn t even drink water. They said it was caused by the tube cutting my tongue. Is your tongue just sore or swollen?
Avatar n tn or severe skin reaction -- fever, sore throat, swelling in your face or tongue, burning in your eyes, skin pain, followed by a red or purple skin rash that spreads (especially in the face or upper body) and causes blistering and peeling. Less serious side effects of clindamycin may include: change in bowel habits (especially in older adults); mild nausea, vomiting, or stomach pain; joint pain; vaginal itching or discharge; mild rash or itching; or heartburn, irritation in your throat.
Avatar n tn In regards to the flat spots on your tongue and the red burning sensation you've had on it as well, you might look into the possibilty of that being glossitis. I myself have a form of glossitis called 'geographic tongue' which is where red flat patches appear on the tongue then go away. It's caused by stress and is a harmless condition. Sometimes certain foods can trigger it as well.
Avatar f tn I have bitten my tongue several times and then it reacts like a canker sore but goes away pretty fast if I leave it alone. The mouth washes/rinses sound like a good idea regardless.
Avatar f tn m curious if the remedies in #3. are known to specifically help tongue pain? Have others had tongue pain that have been helped with those? Or are the suggestions just for pain in general? Yes, I see that stress could be a factor, but don't think I'm under more stress than usual, in fact less than usual. I already take extra B vitamins.