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Avatar f tn I just ate like a whole pineapple and have nothing but a super sore tongue/:
5739386 tn?1378836460 Welp I just ate half a pineapple my tongue already feels wierd but I'm having pressure and miner back pain probably not gonna work but was worth a try lol.
4141598 tn?1353918254 All it did for me so far is give me a sore tongue lol. I still have some time though to see if it actually does anything.
6295905 tn?1390891208 whole pineapples until my tongue was sore since my first trimester, because it was some of the only food i can tolerate and nothing really happened, just sore tongue and some heartburn..
Avatar f tn Lol that last girl .... but I agree wit the bleeding tongue lady ....
Avatar f tn I've not even ate the whole thing yet & my tongue is sore & raw! Debating on rather to stop eating it or tough it out & finish it!
2057826 tn?1334617184 So my hubby went and bought me a fresh pineapple and I got about half way through tht and my tongue became super sore and started bleeding...OMG!! well I looked it up and the same enzyme tht helps you go into labor is the same enzyme tht is makin my tongue burn. WTH! Does anyone have any other ideas to help me go into labor?? I am gettin very desperate!!
Avatar n tn it wasnt that at all was a sore that formed on my tongue from the pineapple i recently found out that the pineapple cooked my tongue and created a blister that lift dead skin on my tongue but thanks anyway.
Avatar f tn I tried both w my first it didnt work for me i got a sore tongue from to much pineapple and the poops from the castor oil lol i know alota ppl they did work for though ..
4141598 tn?1353918254 All it did for me so far is give me a sore tongue lol. I still have some time though to see if it actually does anything.
Avatar f tn I wanted to try to do this. Has it worked for anyone? How much pineapple do you have to eat? I've been eating some since this morning and my younger stings a bit, how can I stop that? Is this a safe method to use?
Avatar f tn 39 weeks and 5 days along! Just ate a whole fresh pineapple! (My tongue feels funny lol) my mom flew in from another state today, really hoping I don't go to over my due date. I read some success stories online, any success stories for you ladies?
Avatar f tn I had bad sores in the corners of my lips at the beginning of tx and for a few weeks after finishing tx. Believe it or not, Vagisil dabbed onto it did wonders. I also had really sore gums and tongue. It killed me to brush my teeth but never found a solution for that.
Avatar f tn Probably. Maybe spread the pineapple out throughout the day. What is EPO?
Avatar n tn It is likely oral allergy syndrome (OAS). I have had this terrible affliction since childhood and it is ugly, indeed. I have it right now, a horribly itchy and painful tip of my tongue that tingles for days. I think it's from eating pineapple for the last couple of days, while getting over a virus. There is a connection between protein in certain fruits and vegetables, allergies and other immune system issues.
Avatar f tn I craved pineapple a few days a go so ate a whole fresh one..other than causing tongue burn and tummy pains as it irritated my bowl it did nothing.
Avatar f tn has anyone experienced painful sores in mouth looks kinda white with a slit or sore? i have not started tx yet, but have been experiencing all of the joint and muscle pains, and have noticed that i am bruising everywhere very easily. has anyone with hep c not on treatment experienced this? thanks for all your help.
Avatar f tn Anyone try pineapple to induce labor? I'm 39 weeks and had contractions this morning for about 3 hours. I just want to know of it worked for anyone?
Avatar f tn I just ate half pineapple, two kiwi and a bite of is gross lol also walked now bouncing on the edge of my bed lol hoping something happens.
Avatar f tn So I am 40 weeks today and started doing natural ways to induce labor as I am fed up !! I just ate almost a whole fresh pineapple and am now having contractions. Has anybody had luck with eating pineapple and labor !?
Avatar f tn For a sore throat I recommend eating cold pineapple. The acidity in it kills bacteria and the coldness helps the sore part in my opinion. Also if u dont like that idea try gargling with salt water... make it as hot as you can stand it. The salt kills the bacteria. I have done both but personally prefer the pineapple method because its yummy and ur using it to help with the pain. I get strep throat very often and thIs really works for me.
Avatar n tn Note: any juice with an acid kick can or will cause some 'bubble' on tongue & also can pop up at gum--as a place that stings--as in an ulcer or little bump that really hurts. *especially if with sensitive issues. Apple juice might be a better bet; oj, pineapple, grapefruit as fresh fruit juices...are good for you but not if sickly--and many pills do not do well or are told to not use w/grapefruit with--Lipitor, is a biggy no no!
Avatar f tn Does pineapple really put you in labor? I'm 38 weeks and my bf works in Utah, he's coming tonight and will be leaving Monday afternoon I really want him to be here when I go into labor. Afraid he's be so far , when I go in I'm trying to do everything possible to go into labor tonight or tomorrow , any suggestions?
8856671 tn?1404143983 pineapple, citrus, kiwi, mangoes, etc!
577132 tn?1314266526 Finger-like projections on the surface of the tongue (papillae) may be lost, causing the tongue to appear smooth. Tongue color changes (usually dark "beefy" red). Some Causes: Poor hydration and low saliva in the mouth may allow bacteria to grow more readily. Disorders such as iron deficiency anemia, pernicious anemia and other B-vitamin deficiencies. Here's a few links: http://dermnetnz.
Avatar f tn I developed a citrus allergy. Whenever I drank lemonade, orange or pineapple juice, my tongue would be in pain, but the affect from the acid is much worse now. I can't eat or drink anything with citric acids, it blisters my tongue and burns the skin from inside of my mouth. I hope this helps.