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Avatar n tn Is the cold sore a sign of HIV - unfortunately whilst looking for info on cold sore treatment I read on the NHS direct web site that it may be! I am showing signs of OCD? Thanks Again and I look forward to hearing back from you shortly. Best regards..
Avatar f tn I have just rang but they are closed due to bank hols, I rang nhs direct as that's who they put me in touch with and someone ringing back within hour, the pain seems to be getting worse!
Avatar f tn Yes there needs to be direct contact from the virus to the skin and some rubbing.
Avatar n tn After the deed, i realised that the girl has poor hygiene and saw her tongue was green brown.- looks like a black hairy tongue or infection. I am so worried now that i mighr contract hiv due to her infected scary lookingg tongue. Please advice me. Am i at high risk?
Avatar m tn Dear Sir, 2 days ago, i had protected oral sex with a commercial sex worker. Unfortunately , I also had a fresh sore very near my anus. In the process, there was definite direct, and prolonged contact from her tongue on the sore,the rest of my anal region and slightly into the opening of the anus. I am unware if there had been any blood in her mouth during this time. I would apppreciate it very much if you could assess my risks of contracting HIV in this encounter.
Avatar m tn The National Poisons Information Service does not accept enquiries from the public but supports NHS Direct and NHS24 to answer such queries. - 0845 4647 www.nhs24.
Avatar f tn i had sex with protection but give oral with out it to dis one guy after to find out he have hpv or warts on his genital i soon went and took a std test came up clean but after a yr i am concerned about some bumps on my tongue (showed up few days ago) to d back but not 2 far back its small and red just like my tongue and hurts when i clean my tongue ,could i have gotten warts in my mouth?
Avatar m tn Welcome to the STD forum. Oral sex between men carries potential risk of syphilis. Although there are only about 20,000 cases of syphilis per year in the entire US, two thirds of those occur in gay men. Still, your risk is statistically very low. Oral exposure can occur but is uncommon. I'm a little puzzled by the location of your lesion. The tonsils are way in the back of the throat, and nobody can feel his tonsil with his tongue.
Avatar f tn t seemed to be raised or indented into the skin (canker sore). But it does hurt a little. There is also irritated red skin surrounding it. 1. Does this sound like any STD or HIV infection 2. Should I need testing because of this? 3. I saw a post that you responded to stating that anytime after 4 weeks of exposure would be proof against HIV infection. Is this true? So would my rapid oral 31 day test be good?
Avatar m tn During open mouth french kissing of about 10-15 seconds, I noticed that her top front tongue felt as if it had warts or blisters or possibly a small hard cancre on it. I did not ask her to show me her tongue, but in the heat of the moment, I just remember thinking it was odd she would have something like that on her tongue. I did not see any blood in her mouth, (saw poor teeth hygienne), and I have no open cuts or sores in my mouth.
Avatar m tn I have read on article syphilis sore can occur on mouth and tip of tongue ..possibilities are more she can have sore on tip on tongue and which causes sore direct contact with skin and bacteria can penerate ..
Avatar m tn I then developed a white coating on my tongue. I attended an NHS clinic in London and had the 4th generation duo test six weeks after exposure, it was negative. I have had no other sexual activity since this incident and have returned to the NHS clinic for a further 4th generation duo test after three months from exposure, this test was again negative. My sporadic prickly heat (intense burning) and rash to parts of my body and white tongue still persist.
475973 tn?1207792046 See your doctor zoeb18, or at least phone NHS Direct and take their advice.
Avatar m tn Thanks for your response, i knew that the syphilis can be transmitted in direct contact with the syphilis sore (chancre). I remember she does not have any visible sore in here vagina area, which mean i will not get transmitted if she has syphilis?
Avatar m tn I just labs back with the same stuff on them. Neutrophils are white blood cells. They can indicate infection or some some cases inflamation. So, neutrophils can increase with a strep infection. I don't thing strep would cause your tongue to burn though. If you have been on strong antibiotics, especially if it has been a long course, you could have a thrush infection starting. I would recommend that you gargle with a warm salt water solution to kill the thrush yeast. Feel better.
Avatar f tn For the past 6 months I have suffered from indegstion, acid reflux, pain in the right side of my tum, a very sore tongue which appears to get red spots / marks on it, a hoarse voice, a change in my voice pitch, tum bloating, food repeating, I could go on..... I have been to the GP a few times but he is not very good.
Avatar f tn I have a bony protrusion which I can feel at back of my tongue. I can follow it to my Cervical Spine. I have a very sore throat. This protrusion feels like it is stuck in my jaw. Will this show up on MRI ?
Avatar f tn G at home with FULL time Care the last 10 years, recently due to wound his Diabetic condition has worsened and now needs injections rather than pills, Of course his sugar levels have risen shapely and his local NHS dietician says she cannot supply (diabetes-specific formulas) through the NHS, so please can you direct me to where I can purchase such Formulas High in M.U.F.
Avatar f tn I have not started treatment yet, but my tongue is swollen and feels like it is cracked. This will be my 3rd time to do treatment in the last 20 years, but I don't recall the sore tongue. Any input will be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Why is my tongue so sore? I have dry mouth from taking prescriptions and my tongue over a period of time has become very sore and sensitive to salt or pepper or spicy food.
Avatar m tn I have sore tongue for 2 months, tongue looks normal (no white or red patches). Parts of the tongue feels asif you just burnt your tongue drinking not coffee. Months also feels dry. I have seen doctors & Dentists and they have no answer . all the blood tests are normal.