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Avatar f tn for the last two days ive noticed the back of my tongue by my left tonsil is swollen i have an appointment at the doctors but thats 3 days away yet im 39 and a smoker
Avatar m tn Let me first say that I had a sore throat/stuffy nose about 2 weeks ago and took some Halls cough drops every 2 hours as directed for about a week. I had a mini canker sore on my lip but that went away and now i have another mini canker sore on my lip but that's not an issue. I believe these canker sores are from the cough drops. I'm pretty sure I read that these cough drops can cause the canker sores. My main issue is now I have this painful bump in the back of my throat/mouth/tongue.
Avatar f tn When I looked in the mirror this morning, I noticed there is a large, single purple spot near my swollen tonsil. This is where the sore-throat pain is coming from. It looks raw. It has a few white flecks on the spot itself, but no white spots anywhere else on the tongue or throat or anything. Other than this, I feel fine. But the painful swallowing is killing me. Any ideas on how long this will take to go away?
Avatar f tn Yesterday I started experiencing a sore throat. Today I noticed bumps on the back of my tongue near my throat/tonsil area, and a grey/white look to my tongue. Also, I've been having a runny/stuffy nose and watery eyes. Two days ago I performed unprotected oral sex, but he ejaculated on a towel and nowhere near me or my mouth. However, the weather has been below 30° and I work with closely with the public. I, also, have a history of seasonal allergies.
Avatar n tn I notice and can taste that my breath was not good more than a month ago. I just ignored it and kept on doing my oral hygiene until days ago, I saw in the mirror this gum-like stuff caught near the tonsil. I can't cough it out but I know that this is the source of the unusual taste in my saliva. I visited a local GP but can't get it out by a disposable forceps because my tongue react and will cover the hole where it is stucked everytime he tried to picked it up.
Avatar f tn I can feel the lump in my tonsil with my tongue and if i push with my tongue a bad taste will follow. I have had pain behind my tonsil, in my ear and also behind the glands in my neck. I also have a wisdom tooth which is partially exposed. I dont know if they all are related pains or if its a wisdom tooth causing bacteria to enter the tonsils and cause stones but the pressure of the pain is very annoying and painful.
Avatar n tn I'm recently waiting for results back fromSTI screening in the mean while I have a cancer on my tongue which Ive always gotten. but hear recently I've noticed that my left tonsil is enlarged and not hurting when I swallow I have no temp and my glands near my jaw are swollen ?????? I'mm trying not to FREAK OUT and hope that none of these symptoms are related and just a coincidence of occurances.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the STD forum. Oral sex between men carries potential risk of syphilis. Although there are only about 20,000 cases of syphilis per year in the entire US, two thirds of those occur in gay men. Still, your risk is statistically very low. Oral exposure can occur but is uncommon. I'm a little puzzled by the location of your lesion. The tonsils are way in the back of the throat, and nobody can feel his tonsil with his tongue.
Avatar f tn At the beginning of December I started running a fever one night and ran it into the next day. Ever since then I've had an on/off "sore" throat, not in terms of pain but just in terms of irritation. I noticed a white coating on the very back of my tongue. I saw a nurse practitioner who said I have some small tonsil stones. It made sense to me but she didn't explain anything about my tongue, and I can't find anything that associates a white tongue with tonsil stones.
20713259 tn?1504409053 I have a nasty cough, today I have a sore throat on one side that goes into my ear. I took a look and found that at the back if my throat where my tonsils used to be on the bottom I have new tonsil like thing close to my tongue. Could this be my tonsil growing back!?!... It's quite painful.
Avatar m tn I was also worried about it being herpes but I have never had a cold sore in my life. My tongue symptoms could be geographic tongue but would this cause other mouth symptoms? and is it just coincidence it happened at time of tonsillitis. Im really at a loss as to what it could be? Any ideas? My dr. doesnt seem to be concerned but its bothering me!
Avatar m tn You may try using chlorhexidine mouth wash it has antibacterial properties but prolonged use may cause temporary staining of the mouth and tongue. It is best to see an ENT surgeon and take treatment for tosillolith.If the tonsil stones are exceedingly large and symptomatic, it may be necessary for a surgeon to remove them. Consult an ENT specialist for correct diagnosis and treatment. Best luck and regards!
Avatar n tn 5 in diameter, just behind the right tonsil for nearly two weeks and today two small puss pimples appeared on the right tonsil, which is a little red. I don't have any fever and only have a very mild sore throat. I went to the GP today and he said he could not see the ulcer-like thing, only that my tonsil has a slight infection.
Avatar n tn I had a nasty infection last month that resulted in two perforated eardrums. Also had a very sore throat. Took antibiotics and all was well. However, this week my sore throat came back. It was there for about a day and then vanished. Then last night it came back again. I went to the doctor Monday. Rapid strep test was negative, she said it was probably viral and would likely go away in a few days. Why would it keep flaring up like this? It's really painful.
Avatar m tn I think, my RIGHT tonsil (green arrow) is swollen and I had long term sore throat before but now only happened in the morning(when i woke up) and there are some yellowish color in my throat and long swollen shape (blue arrow)... My tongue has a red dots on it, looks like strawberry and i have a bone ache, joint shooting, and tiredness. I have no loss weight, but actually gain weight. Could this be an infection or another problem?
Avatar n tn The white spots on tonsil could be pus due to infection, chronic pus pocket, chronic tonsillitis or it could be due to candida or fungal infection. Scraping from the tonsil should be cultured. If you also have sore throat, pain in throat and are running a temperature, then this needs to be treated with anti-inflammatory, anti fever and anti-histamine medications. Warm saline gargles help. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I have had an ulcer-like formation (whiteish) just behind the right tonsil for nearly two weeks and today two small puss pimples appeared on the right tonsil, which is a little red. I don't have any fever and only have a very mild sore throat. I went to the GP today and he said he could not see the ulcer-like thing, only that my tonsil has a slight infection.
Avatar n tn Previously two days ago dry cough started again along with headache and fever (up to 102 F) and for the last 2-3 days i was feeling drowsy and tired as well as had white coating on my tongue and blisters on the back of my tongue. Apart from tonsil i have no gland swollen and have no other symptom like the weight loss or rashes. I had unprotected sex with my girl friend 6 months ago who has multiple piercing (from piercing guns) but no other sexual relationship.
Avatar f tn so I was sexually active about 2-3 months ago oral sex only and lately I have had symptoms such as on and off sore throat, no fever, swollen glands, tonsil stones and small pus in tonsil pockets, i have a very small tongue pain on my middle tongue, I had a yeast infection before my cycle and it got worst then went away, also I have take cipro but it was for headaches and i was told it gives yeast infections so i stopped taking it, also I had anal itching but that went away as well around the ti
Avatar m tn I am currrently suffering with a sore tongue for about 2-3 months. It feels sometimes like after you've had a hot drink, a bit numb, and taste is affected. I am getting red tiny dots at the front right which are a bit sore. Also a couple of darker dots next to this spot. I have pain under my right jaw where the glands are and if I press there it feels like it's connected with the tongue.
Avatar m tn One day that week - I looked into my mouth to my tonsils (something I never really did before) and noticed a little half-soybean size white pimple above my left tonsil. It is situated in the arch right above the tonsil (not on the tonsil itself - I think..). I have kept an eye on it for all this time, and it hasnt changed in size or bothered that area. My tonsils never appear swollen or inflamed. I also don't think it's a tonsil stone, because it isn't on a tonsil.
Avatar m tn but not fully resolved ... noticed inflammed, swollen/irritated papillae under tongue (both sides of tongue and also under front of tongue also). Salivary glands swollen. Not resolving ... getting chills every so often ... feeling cold every so often also ... trying to see an ENT ..they are so busy in Canada ... approx 2 months to see one .... Help !!!
Avatar f tn Last week, I woke up with a spontaneously sore tonsil on my right side. My ear hurt pretty bad on the same side as well, gradually going away after waking up. I went back to bed an hour or two after waking up, and when I woke up, all pain was completely gone. It had just vanished. Yesterday, I noticed my throat was starting to hurt on my left side. When I had taken my pill without water, I had to give it a little extra effort to avoid gagging (I hate taking pills without a liquid).
Avatar n tn The fact that I have a spot on my tongue at the back right, with a swollen lumpy tonsil next to it, and a red mark next to my wisdom tooth is really beginning to frighten me. I'm making an appointment with the dentists hopefully for the coming week, im not registered but i think they might fit me in if i explain how worried i am. Would an infected wisdom tooth cause a swollen tonsil, especially if the tonsil is on the other side of the mouth?
Avatar f tn So 4 days ago I performed oral sex on a girl and she did the same to me. Unfortunately I know nothing about her history. I've had a little bit of a cold before, but the morning after I woke up with the bottom of my mouth being red and very sore and what looked and felt like a cut underneath my tongue. There is no possible way I cut my tongue between sex and waking up. Is it possible that I was so into it and rough that I gave myself some sort of inside-mouth hickey?
Avatar m tn Thanks for the input Grace. This was actually my first ever sexual experience. :( I won't ever have unprotected sex again, I swear it's not worth the worry. I just hope I didn't ruin sex forever with this first stupid choice. I was wondering though, do you have any idea what kind of std it could be? I've been looking across all the oral ones and can't seem to find any that relate to my symptoms. At the moment, the canker sores and irritation has completely healed.
Avatar f tn So i woke up the other morning with that feeling you get right before you get a sore throat, so i thaught i was coming down with something. however, last night, i noticed that the soreness was only in one specific area of my throat. the very back of my mouth on my right side. i checked in the mirror this morning and there is a large swollen lump that hurts when i poke it, swallow, eat, or anything. it doesn't hurt to breathe, or restrict air flow in any way.
Avatar f tn two days before today he was complaining of a sore head too... (even so far as saying he had two sore heads!) . Is a sore cheek symptomatic of tonsilitis?