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Avatar f tn how do you treat lie bumps? its been bothering me for the past 3 years and people say it is nothing but it is something it hurts alot and they come on the inside of my mouth my lip under and on top of my tongue.
Avatar f tn Hello, I've been getting white bumps on my tongue since I was a kid and I'm in my 20's now. My grandmother use to tell me they were lie bumps and sure enough when I told a big lie one would appear on my tongue the next day or But the explanation for this is that when you lie about something that ur nervouse about something happens to your body.
Avatar n tn My daughter got a two bumps on the bottom of her foot that we attributed to ant bites while wearing sandals. She got a pimple near the corner of her mouth that resembled the bumps on her foot. A couple of days later, after I got out of the shower and took my second day of zithromax for a sore throat, I started to notice immediately 2 bumps on my hand, three bumps on my other hand, two on my foot and two in my mouth on my tongue.
Avatar f tn It may be a reaction to the mediation you took. I was on an antibiotic that burned my tongue and tongues heal very fast--but this took 3 weeks! For relief I rinsed my mouth with organic coconut oil (may or may not be wise-I have no idea) but it took the pain away for a bit.
Avatar f tn The next day woke up fine except throat still hurt and I have white lie bump type things all over my tongue.
Avatar n tn I have had a sore throat for about 2 weeks, just the last 7 days little pimple on my tounge have appeared (lie bumps) and my uvula looks like it has burst blood vessles and is swollen.
Avatar n tn First hubby had multiple girlfriends that I later found out about. I think this one may have had one too. I have a two year old that has been diagnosed with herpetic gingivostomatitis. The pediatrician said it was NOT cold sores but everything I have read says otherwise. AND I have had a very stressful time the last two months...divorcing again..and I got a "lie bump" on my tongue in December, about a month ago I guess, and then it was two lie bumps right together.
Avatar n tn i have a small lump inside my tongue n.
Avatar f tn This all started cause a couple months back I had these white bumps on tip of tongue which I got before I know they’re called lie bumps but eventually these white bumps turned sorta yellow and seems like it was filled with clear liquid , since I’ve never been exposed to hsv could this be a primary intraoral outbreak ? If it was what are the possibilities of only having bumps on tongue and no where else in mouth nor outside ? Is that possible??
Avatar m tn OK, I have kissed and performed oral sex on about 3 women in the past 2 months. I now have a bunch of small bumps on my lingual frenulum (the part under my tongue where the spit glands are). They look like a bunch of spider eyes. They are painless and most of them are the color of my mouth. They were a bit red yesterday, but not firetruck red. They haven't secreted anything, yet. I'm not sure if they ever will secrete anything.
Avatar m tn Also, just now, I have these red bumps under my tongue, which hurt when my tongue touches it. This happened after taking a lot of lozenges because of my sore throat. Now I'm really scared. Do these red bumps mean something?
Avatar m tn On the same day evening i got some small bumps on my tip of the tongue . On the next day i got white tongue with fever of 99degree .I went to general doctor and got treatment . I was prescribed some medicine and mouth wash for 1 week. My fever was there for 4days with same 99degree on my undergoing treatment.My tongue also didnt get better . After closely to 2 weeks my white tongue increased .I have sore throat from day 15 to till date.After three weeks i went to STD SPECIALIST .
Avatar f tn Yes, I did. It was swollen and sore and had small bumps, I went to doc but she was not concerned, I was worried about Thrush. Be sure to talk to your doctor. I ate lots of ice pops and used Biotene. Within a week or two it was gone.
Avatar m tn A few hours after making out bumps on back of tongue, sore throat, and tingling lips. (She was wearing a lot of perfume, and I tasted it, could that be the cause of later symptoms as well) June 24: Achy, no appetite, sore throat, dizzy. Two red spots on neck. (Doctor later said red spots were nothing). June 25: Went to doctor. Told him symptoms. Said red spots were nothing and swollen bumps on tongue were inflamed papillae. He gave me a strep throat culture and came back negative.
Avatar m tn Today I my throat started feeling rather sore and tight, my tongue appears to look like a one undergoing geographic tongue and I experienced some headaches along with some nausea. Also there are some red markings around my penis but I think that they could be friction burns as they are not bumps or sores. I was wondering if 2 days is long enough for oral gonorrhea to show up without any other symptoms? Or could it be an indication of a possible herpes infection this soon?
Avatar f tn The roof of my mouth near the back of my front teeth and then near a molar of mine has been feeling a little sore lately (and I keep rubbing it with my tongue so my tongue somewhat feels weird but I think its just the friction). There are no raised bumps or anything I can feel that I don't think is just my regular mouth structure. It's similar to the feeling you get when you burn the roof of your mouth.
Avatar m tn sir, could the red bumps at my tongue could possibly caused by HPV? can it be oral cancer? the oral sex happened 2 yrs. ago. is it possible for me to develop this cancer in 2 years? the red bumps at the back of my tongue are little bit bigger together with white tongue.
Avatar m tn The red bumps may or may not be related to your chest pain and sore throat. I would monitor the red bumps and see if they stay or go after your chest pain and sore throat heal. If they're still there, then i would recommend a biopsy of the area.
Avatar f tn no youwould not have a cold sore if you have thrush anyone can get thrush more common in babies but adults get it too can travel through your body to your mini
Avatar f tn Let me preface this by saying that I realise how low the risk is and read the countless responses of it. I had oral sex, both gave and received from a new partner recently. 5 days later and I started getting mouth ulcers on my tongue, clusters of them and they're painful. Googling them, they're called 'lie bumps' sometimes and can go with stress, dietary changes etc.
Avatar m tn i cant determine if its a papilae or thrush. anyway. i had sore throat a week ago then yesterday i saw this little red bumps in my tongue.
Avatar f tn However, over three weeks later, I still have the sore throat and can now see white-ish bumps in the back of my throat. They're difficult to see because they're located along the sides of my pharynx and the lower back part of my tongue, but they're white bumps with red borders, most often in clusters. I also have some on the back sides of my tongue, one cluster on each side, right where the tongue meets the back molars.
Avatar n tn normal... I have bumps on the back of my tongue to...
Avatar n tn it is now 38 days since i had sex last time, i have little sore in my throat and today i noticed small bumps deep on my tongue almost near to my throat, some how it looks symmetric bumps, also i feel like there is white sticky liquid on my tongue unless i drink something , it started to bother me and i keep checking it in the mirror, i have tested HIV Antibody two times now , one after 17 days and one after 34 days and both are negative and my CRP was 3 which is in the normal range.
Avatar n tn I have lost my sense of taste, with small sore bumps on th top and side of my tongue. I had it checked out but my results haven't got my results back yet. I would like some kind of idea of what it might be.
Avatar f tn I tested clear of Chlymdia and Gonarreah (excuse the spelling) I also have a few very very thin skin bumps that look like skin tags under my tongue. could this be HPV in the mouth? I have an appointment to go to the STD clinic in a week and also have an appointment with a Care Station Doctor. I have had no symptoms in the genital area other than itching that the Gyno said was due to yeast or fungal infection.