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Avatar n tn Have anyone tried kava kava and how long is the reaction time for helping with sleep at night?
Avatar m tn Kava Kava is absolutely safe, If its dosage should be taken in proper amount. kava has been prescribed as an effective folk remedy for anxiety, insomnia and stress because of its good results.
Avatar n tn I'm trying to come off citalapram 40mg and want to try kava kava as a replacement but can I take them together? I have the same problem with my sex drive, nearly non existent, seems to be the norm on these tablets. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Has anyone used kava-kava (Piper methysticum) as a sleep aid and/or to help qwell anxiety symptoms? Thanks in advance.
652671 tn?1353712165 I actually have kava pills ordered through amazon already :) I tried valerian first because it was pretty much the only one I could get at a store around here. I CAN tell a difference with Valerian root, so maybe the Kava will work even better. I have been on benzos, so i guess i know what to compare it to. thanks for your input! do you know about using kava oil in the bath? i read that can also help but the oil is like 25 bucks an ounce.
1203675 tn?1285875434 I tried Benadryl last night, and just like the Great Greebo said: It made the creepy crawlies waaaay worse. I'm now working with Kava Kava, Multi-vite, Aleve, Chamomile tea, hot showers, walking, and B-Complex. I ******* wish I could get my hands on some Clonidine. I haven't seen that **** since I was in prison. Anyways. Tell me what you think. I have been takin 10-50 mgs a day for the past few months. How long do you think this horror will last?
1316708 tn?1310916182 You take the Liquid and put it in a drink or under your tongue. Under the Tongue is the best. I have been having allot of Pain Flue like feelings the past few days and I just realized that I had forgotten to take my Calcium mag and zinc and the potassium....So I got so into looking for the Emotional stuff I forgot to keep up the others. And back to what we were saying...Sorry having a hard like Laurel said its Essences and its it Rescue Remedy that helps a Large Range of Emotions..
Avatar f tn HI. Has anyone tried Kava Tea or Kava capsules to help with anxiety? I have heard it helps to calm and alleviate some symptoms. If you have tried it, did it help and what form did you use---tea, capsules, etc. Where do you buy it? Thank you.
Avatar m tn There is no specific comment on the actual information I presented, namely that my skin reaction occurred after drinking kava, that the active compounds in kava are lipophilic, and that these likely infiltrated my sebaceous glands. My specific question was how long might it take for sebaceous glands to begin functioning normally again? I do not need to take steroids nor antihistamines as I do not have symptoms after about a day or two after drinking a kava infusion.
Avatar f tn I tool Kava a few times and it seems to work but have not taken the Xanax yet? I am still worry about the potential side effect on liver for Kava but also the side effect on Xanax? Will both Kava and Xanax help to ease my dizziness and headache casue by anxiety and which one works better on those? Any suggestion is helpful. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I am just worried what the dr told me and think if it is worth it to even take a chance by taking Kava. I heard passionflower also works well for anxiety but no side effects like Kava. Any comment?
Avatar m tn Passionflower is considered a systemic anti-anxiety herb, meaning regular use over a period of time helps the nervous system calm down. Quicker and stronger natural remedies would be kava and holy basil -- the first works on GABA, probably, and the second works on cortisol production, which creates the physiological symptoms of anxiety. Herbs that balance the adrenals, such as ashwagandha, might help as well. Valerian also helps some people.
Avatar m tn valerian is one of the 2 most powerful natural herbs for anxiety,however I it can make you a little drowsey. another herb better suited for daytime is kava kava root.make sure you get agood standardized extract.(gaia herbs) are agood is said it may even increase concentration! look up more information on it yourself ......
Avatar m tn im tellin' ya go to your health food store and get you some kava. kava tea. kava extract. what ever form they have. works for me.........
Avatar f tn Depends on how severe the anxiety is. Kava is the closest herb probably to a benzo in effect. It comes in different forms. The traditional way to take it is a drink, which is how they use it in the islands where it's native. You can take it in a tea or alcohol tincture, but it tastes pretty awful. You can take the plain herb in a capsule. You can take the juice in a capsule. And you can take a standardized extract in a capsule, which is how most Americans use it.
701713 tn?1228363498 It the rash persists, then he recommends discontinuing kava kava. In rare cases, liver problems have occurred in patients who use kava kava. Melatonin St. John's Wort Fatigued to Fantastic Revisalizing Sleep Formula --- Dr. Teitelbaum's formula A nasal spray that combines itraconzole (Sporanox), xylitol, mupirocin (Bactroban), and dexamathasone. It is available by prescription from a compounding pharmacy.
Avatar f tn d go with passionflower and hops, and the best would be kava, but it tastes horrible. Yuck. But I also want to add that the all-around treatment would involve a lot of herbs, amino acids, diet, meditation, and exercise if one wasn't taking the pure homeopathic route, to work on the whole body. Homeopathy is a completely different modality.
393165 tn?1420760445 sunset - i have struggled with anxiety for years. if you don't have xanax, then i suggest kava kava. you get it in bottle with droppers at the health food store. it is a cns depressant and really helps me to relax and sleep very well. give it a try. good luck.
Avatar f tn Yes, there are meds that can help you sleep. Talk to your dr about them. But you might want to try natural sleep remedies first. As well as making some adjustments in your sleeping habits. For instance, the bedroom should only be used for sleeping and sex. Nothing else. And make sure your room is as dark as possible when you go to sleep. Also, don't drink any coffee, or anything with caffeine in it, after 3:00pm. And if you don't exercise, you might want to start.
518798 tn?1295212279 Passion Flower, GABA, Valerian Root, KAVA KAVA, Nican, and a full specturm b complex for absorbtion.
Avatar n tn What i suggest first before you go on any type of medication, is to try some kava kava (health food store), low dose, like 45mg, and see how you feel on that. That may calm you down and make you feel at ease and is not a proscription, but you cannot stay on it forever. Also try excercising or meditation. Let me know how you are doing.
Avatar m tn I plan to take my last heroin dose tomorrow at 12pm cent timeTo make the withdrawl easier I have about 10 1mg alprazolams,15 klonopins,L-tyrosine 500 mg tabs as well as 5 htp and kava kava and a 8mg strip of suboxone shouls I be able to detox fairly painlessly?
Avatar m tn can we take valerian root/kava kava/st john wort/5-htp etc.
Avatar n tn just dont take as much during the day. Theanine, like in real green tea, also helps. Kava Kava helps but isnt always so easy to find these days. Benadryl in a small dose can also help. Exercise helped me the most..helps anxiety and depression. And it helped me look better too!