Sore tongue hurts to swallow

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Avatar m tn s fine and all besides the back of the right side of my tongue hurts so bad still, it hurts to swallow anything. I can't chew, and like under my jaw line hurts and I can just feel how swollen it is like it's kinda closed up a bit. I don't know why it's like this or if it'll go away. Should I go see a doctor?
Avatar n tn Bottom lest side of tongue hurts only if when I swallow and eat, i can stretch my jaw and nothing happens. If i press the left side of my neck near the mouth it hurts alot. Im male and 14. Ive had braces and wear a retainer.
Avatar f tn The roof of my mouth is red and super sore when I swallow. It feels like I have a sore throat but on the roof of my mouth. It's towards my throat but not my throat. It hurts when I swallow or put pressure on it with my tongue. I haven't ate or drank anything hot and it didn't get cut or anything. It has little indents when it's sore. I brush my teeth at least twice a day too. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn But i notice there may be another starting right next to it. It hurts but is not unbearable. Feels like a sore, and resembles a whitehead on my tongue. There is also a dark sore on my bottom lip. I can't tell what it is, it is almost black but looks like it could be dried blood. It hurts slightly more than the spot on my tongue. My gums are also infected/inflamed. i keep brushing and using floss. I also rinse with mouthwash afterwards. They hurt mostly on the upper portion of my mouth.
Avatar m tn I have neck pain on the right and it hurts more when I swallow and pain goes down to my collar bone; also pain behind the right ear which runs down the back of my neck into my right shoulder. Sometimes ( rarely though) I feel the pain has moved or is also being experienced in the left lower jaw. It feels sometimes like my teeth are hurting.
Avatar f tn m having trouble speaking because my tongue hurts as well now. My throat is slightly sore and it is slightly painful to swallow. I don't feel any swollen lymph nodes. I took a picture but I'm not sure what is normal.
Avatar f tn t want to bite myself with a numb tongue. It takes a few days for them to start to clear.
Avatar f tn Not necessarily oozing. Your tonsils are located posterior to your tongue, on either side of the throat. They generally look a little irregular, a little lumpy; about the size of a walnut.
Avatar m tn When I tough it my full back area of tongue fills with pain. Its like sore yet hurts all the time.
Avatar n tn Hi, last night I began having a strange type of pain under my tongue on the right side at the base of the mouth - the pain feels similar to a sore throat, but my throat isn't sore. I don't have a fever or swollen lymph glands. Also the pain hasn't gotten worse. I can only feel the pain if I move the tongue up or if I swallow a large amount of food. My throat doesn't have any swelling or redness or whiteness, my voice is still the same, ears are fine and gums are fine.
Avatar n tn I have bumps on the back of my tongue that get inflamed and a red spot on the roof of my mouth. It hurts to swallow sometimes and I seem to get a little better, but everything comes back within days. No insurance so cannot afford to go to doc. Any thoughts on what it might be?
1442846 tn?1284654177 I am a 19 year old female. The past couple of days, it hurts to swallow and on both sides of my neck, the glands are achy. I have no clue why my body is doing this but, i really hate it. And i kind of think it has something to do with me getting my tongue pierced. One day after i got this done, is when i started to feel this way. I would very much appreciate it if you can reply to me. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Des anyone know what it means when your tongue aches? It feels like my tongue has been pierced. When I move it is sore at the base of it.
Avatar f tn I have a very sore throat. I can feel this bony protrusion at the back of my tongue and when I follow it it goes all the way to my Cervical spine. The more I swallow it becomes worse. Ever hear of this before?
Avatar m tn 2 days ago i woke up from a nap (with the fan on high) and noticed the left side of my throat was very sore. if had a bad cough the past 2 weeks from alergies. it still hurts when i swallow. it feels like a bumb on the uper back left side of my throat. right above my wizdom tooth. the other side has a bumb but doesnt hurt and feels like it is supposed to be there. i can feel it with my tongue. the bumb kinda feels hard like a bone is sticking out. it is also.
Avatar n tn Or it could be signs of a cold if your breath smells and when you swallow is burns but not hurts also it could be a cold if the back of your throat itches and you just wish you could put something down your throat to scratch it. To get the itch out all I do is hock. Those are some reasons.
Avatar n tn I had a bad case of viral broncitis, my sore has been very sore, I am getting betterm it has been 10 days but my thorat and the back of my tongue remains very sore when I swallow, I have been gargling with salt water and drinking water and hot decaf tea, what else can I try, after 10 days it is very uncomfortable.
Avatar m tn In addition, why do I have a layer of white coating on my tongue. There is also a sore feeling in my tongue and it hurts a little when I consume food. I did a comprehensive std test which comprises on syphillis, hiv, herpes 1/2, chalmida etc on the 2nd week after the exposure and the results were all negative.
Avatar n tn into the soft tissue I had a barium swallow, soft tissue x-ray of throat, upper endoscopy and one through the nose, I still have no relief, I feel like I ate glass it rips up my throat and hurts my ears and every once in awhile something comes up catches my throat and I gag, it feels like it's way back on my tongue too, my GI dr. said I had a small puncture hole and thrush but that was it.
Avatar f tn A little confused by the post because you say you have not begun treatment, but then go on to say that you don't recall a sore tongue, which to me means, during treatment. Anyhow, research Geographic Tongue (Benign Migratory Glossitis) just to see if that is it. I have that and it hurts when I get flareups. They occur when I'm under stress, or if I eat spicy or very acidic foods. However, mine does not swell up.
Avatar n tn I had a nasty infection last month that resulted in two perforated eardrums. Also had a very sore throat. Took antibiotics and all was well. However, this week my sore throat came back. It was there for about a day and then vanished. Then last night it came back again. I went to the doctor Monday. Rapid strep test was negative, she said it was probably viral and would likely go away in a few days. Why would it keep flaring up like this? It's really painful.
6514595 tn?1382067585 thought I had a sore throat because it hurts to swallow i have what looks like inflamed/ swollen bumps/taste buds in the very back of my tongue. Also running fever and my gums feel funny like a tickling sensation in my gums/Chun. Any ideas? I'm pregnant and I can barely eat or drink because the pain is so bad.