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Avatar n tn I've had a sore tongue for quite a while now and it has been worrying me. I have whitish spots in my tongue and they burn a little bit. It's very uncomfortable. I thought I could have thrush and when I went to the doctor, she didn't think I have thrush and it looks ok, with just a few irritated spots. She gave me a mouth rinse to make it better, but it actually makes it hurt even more, and it usually bothers me more on the side and tip of my tongue.
Avatar f tn As far as the mouth, canker sores, sore throat, and a sore tongue do not suggest HPV.I would recommend seeing a doctor about your sore throat, I doubt it is sexually realted. Try to relax a bit. If you look for irritation or discomfort, you will find it, but it doesn't mean it is related to HPV.
Avatar f tn I recently had oral sex with a woman and about 2 weeks later I started to have this feeling like my tongue was burned. Looks like my taste buds are raised and red. I can't see anything in my throat, only on my tongue. I looked at the pictures of herpes and it seems really red and close together which isn't what I have. They seem like irritated taste buds. I can`t really find a picture that looks like what I have but i still have that burned feeling on my tongue after 3 and half day.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have just had 2 wisdom teeth removed 4 days ago. One of them had been infected requiring 2 courses of antibiotics and I'm on my third course now after the extraction. My concern now is with my tongue, today I noticed a red circle near the tip where the "buds" look slightly inflamed and a whitish ring around it. I was given some medicated mouthwash to use. It isn't painful I'm just concerned why it would suddenly appear.
1644331 tn?1372333656 Now i have a decent sized area of my tongue that has what seem to me to be inflamed taste buds? They dont hurt alot but they do cause irritation it feels like i burnt the back of my tongue on something really hot..And when i swallow i "flex" my tongue a bit and it makes the area hurt. Im considering going to my dentist but wanted to post to see if someone might be able to say what it definitely is and if it might just go away by itself. Thanks for any help.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your answer. So you are saying that because hpv and herpes carry such a small percentage of bump causation, it is improbable that I have either? These bumps are so scary looking. They look like the eyes of a spider... just a bunch of little raised bumps... they almost look like enlarged taste buds, but since it is on the lingual frenulum they can't be taste buds. Plus i've never had taste buds there.
Avatar f tn t had any noticeable sumptoms . Until a couple of days ago my tongue got really sore. It looked as though my taste buds were swollen. And when I brushed my tongue one even bled. However , I think they went down. But I have one small white bump causing me pain ( it's very tiny) and 2 small red spots on my tongue . Both the bump and the red spots are barely noticeable . However , my tongue is a little sore .
Avatar m tn I have problems in my tongue for the last SIX MONTHS (white tongue, raised taste buds, hypersalivation, teeath marks in borders, sore taste buds sometimes) and my WBC is on the low side of the scale (just 4500). I don't think that's something to be happy about.
Avatar f tn no youwould not have a cold sore if you have thrush anyone can get thrush more common in babies but adults get it too can travel through your body to your mini
Avatar n tn i dont know if it was later that night or the next morning but i woke up with a sore tongue, like the little flap of skin at the under it has a lil whiteish bump ab the size of the tip of a pen or so, and its a little sore, like a canker sore. she's 14 and deff isnt the kind of girl to go far, she's even told me she doesn't want to, i think she just got horny, but who hoping this sore or from making out and just using my tongue too much, like a blister..any ideas?
Avatar f tn I had a terribly sore tongue. The dentist showed concern. He encouraged warm salt water gargles 3 times a day. That did the trick though still have painless evidence of ulcers remaining. I am not letting this condition remain if I can help it. Seeing DDS again today. Please update us on your status.
Avatar m tn Those red bumps may be inflamed taste buds. Go see your dentist for oral issues.
Avatar m tn The things on the back of your tongue are indeed taste buds. If you ask everyone you know to stick out their tongue and look at the back, you will see them on everyone. And putting her vibrator in your mouth is just incredibly low risk for transmission of anything, especially if she hadn't used it recently. The virus dies quickly when off the human body. Your sore throat could be viral or bacterial but so unlikely to be herpes.
628151 tn?1224801643 About 2 months ago I noticed a few taste buds near the back of my tongue had grown in size and began to hurt. These taste buds are located in the middle of my tongue right in front of the row of my Circumvallate papillae taste buds and are raised and very hard. At first I thought it might be due to allergies but after a visit to the Dr. I ruled that. I have also started to develop a light yellow film on top of my tongue that is hard to scrape off with a toothbrush.
Avatar n tn ve had these abnormal spots at the back of my tongue in little clusters that look like inflamed taste buds. They are raised and they are the same color as the rest of my tongue. They are larger than the rest of the taste buds that are at the back of my tongue. Some of them are larger than others, but they do not affect the taste buds towards the center.They aren't itchy or smelly or anything.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone. After some opinions. I have a dentist appointment in 5 days time. I've had suspected Labryinthitus for about 5 weeks, which has given me mild vertigo and Tinnitus. Last week I've had a sick bug and what now feels like a sore throat; all three of my children have had the sick bug and cold/sort throat. I still have the sore throat and generally feeling unwell at the feels like a cold/flu.
Avatar m tn A week later, I woke up with a sore throat, and a painful white spot on the very tip of my tongue. There are also red spots all over my tongue, and its incredibly sensitive. Most of the taste buds along the front are swollen, and large. So far on day 3, there is only two spots, one of which was from over 4 days ago, and has already healed. The spot on the tip of my tongue has been there for two days, and is still quite painful. Its bright white, not yellowish like the pictures Ive seen online.
Avatar f tn Hey Tangg, The bumps you may be seeing in the back (posterior) part of the tongue may just be tongue papillae (taste buds). The ones which are in the back of the tongue are called circumvallate papillae. If you are still unsure and worried I would suggest contacting your dentist.
Avatar n tn The tip of my tongue taste buds seem to be swollen, itches to the touch and hurts a little if I scrape my teeth on the tongue. Prior to that I used a tongue scraper multiple times to clean my tongue. It has been over 2 weeks now and there are no signs of healing. The tongue feels the same though the rest of the mouth is not that bad like it was before.
Avatar m tn I smoked quite a bit of marijuana and over the next two days I experienced a burning tongue (my taste buds looked to be raised off my tongue) with white/ yellow discoloration in the back of the tongue. My mouth was very dry and I developed a few sores on my inner cheeks (I have braces and they could have caused the sores). Can't remember if I had a fever, but pretty sure I didnt have a rash. Also had general feeling of not being well. Returned home on Day 16 and tongue returned to normal.
Avatar m tn Hi dr I have had a lot of symptoms it staryed 3 days after a high risk it burn when I pee, frequently peeing rashes on my chest and back blurred vision tired all the time back achs, contipation, anal itching, anal soreness, dirriea, sore throat, white tongue, bad tast buds mouth ulcers tingling limbs rapid heart beat overactive thiroid cold mild night sweats purple spots under skin all over body.
Avatar m tn I got a slightly white tongue about one week after finishing my anibiotics. However, my white tongue got much worse after 4 weeks of finishing the antibiotics and my tongue isn't just white, it is also swollen with scalloped edges and the tip of my tongue is red and it hurts, the tasting buds are the back are also red and swollen. I was given fluconazol for 4 days and probiotics but they did nothing to it. Now, 2 months and a half later I am still suffering with this problem.
Avatar m tn I Know the risk of oral sex is almost equal to 0. For my situation, I had brush my tooth and tongue after half hour 。 For brush my tongue, it really hurt my tastebuds, because I almost lost my taste next day. And After 4 days, I got symptoms which more like pharyngitis,and got mild sore throat and diarrhea after 2 weeks. And I still have sore throat now. Do I have risk of HIV based on the hurt of my tastebuds ?