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Avatar n tn My 23 yr old son has an orange tongue as well lately. His tongue first turned white and bumpy during a bad sore throat that lasted 3 days. Then his tongue turned yellow-now it's full blown orange. It doesn't hurt. I have noticed a common theme of the orange tongue in previous posts by people having a sore throat. He also uses Crest Pro Health mouthwash, but has stopped in the last 2 days using it. He doesn't use a teeth whitening toothpaste.
Avatar m tn its been weeks/months that ive had a on and off sore throat. Doesnt hurt when eating etc just somtimes notices it. stuffy nose aswell. and then yellow tongue...
Avatar m tn H Nathan, sounds like your have either Gonorrehea or chlamydia. You have the classic symptoms. Better go have it checked out asap.
Avatar n tn she got a sore throat although not as bad as mine was. over the next three weeks we both had a reoccuring sore throat. the tongue sores i had came once and then healed up. i returned home after three weeks and now the tongue sores are back and worse, and the girl i was seeing now is complaining of the sore tongue and still has a sore throat. i'm guess whatever is on our tongues is the same as what is/was making our throats sore because its thicker on the back of the tongue.
Avatar f tn After getting a root canal and crown on one of my front teeth , I started to get a yellow coated tongue days later along with a sore throat. My doctor diagnosed me with thrush and an upper respiratory infection. The coating got better with anti fungal mouth wash but did not go away. I continued to occasionally have a hoarse throat but three months later I started to occasionally get earaches along with my throat issues.
Avatar f tn The reason why I am mentioning this is because the following day I felt a bit of sore throat and I had some yellow pus in my throat as well. My mouth felt a bit sore, but I thought that was from the friction, and also I was feeling a burning sensation on the tip of my tongue and also on both sides of my tongue all the way up where the wisdom teeth are. On the second day, the same feelings were persisting.
Avatar f tn - My boyfriend told me he HAD gonorrhea, and I realized that i been had this sore throat for a week now, and it doesnt seem like its getting better. TO BE HONEST. and. Its little red bumps on the back of my tongue, and i believe going down my throat.They hurt mainly at night. I went to the docter to check out my throat and he said that my immune system is healthy and that its a regular sore throat. So i feel confused.
Avatar m tn Hey, 3 weeks ago I gave and received oral sex with someone and about 2 days after I came down with a cold and noticed a light yellow-grey coating on my tongue. About a week and a half ago the cold had completely gone away but the coating on my tongue has stayed. And now, I've just noticed that there are bumps near the back of my tongue (and seemingly moving up towards the front) that look like they might be sores.
Avatar m tn ( Week 1 fill fine, week 2 the same,week 3 same but throat hurts a lit week4 the worst sore throat of my life with tongue/month ulcers no appetite, dry cough like crazy and yellow mucus with diarrhea off and on tired went to the er dr said viral pharyngitis.....
Avatar m tn A day or two before Christmas I have casual sex with a female. I did use a condom but I'm not sure if it was on properly or all the way. The day after, I have really bad pain while swallowing (which only lasted two hours after waking up, then disappeared), swollen lymph nodes, a lot of mucous, stuffed nosed and a cough. The pain was more around the back of my mouth/tonsils and not my throat going down into my stomach.
Avatar n tn To all, Did anyone find out the cause of these symtoms? My systems are exactly the same as Yaccaplant's, furry yellow tongue with white coating also on the tongue towards the back of my throat. Also, I've been very thirsty lastly. This condition starts about 5 days after I've been to the dentist for deep root cleaning. I've been using an oral mouth wash prescribe by the hygeinist but stop using it since the symtoms occur.
Avatar f tn I have a very sore throat. I can feel this bony protrusion at the back of my tongue and when I follow it it goes all the way to my Cervical spine. The more I swallow it becomes worse. Ever hear of this before?
Avatar f tn She is rather promiscuous, but that was my first time. Anyways, about a month or so after I developed a sore throat. Thought it could be something else then I started reading about oral HPV. So I took some pictures of the very back of my tongue and stuff. Dropbox link: My neck nodes have also been swollen for awhile.
Avatar m tn After 5 days my problem has almost gone away but still very mild irritation and sore throat is there. Also my tongue is whitish but can be easily cleaned with tongue cleaner. Am continuously doing warm salty water goggling. Can any one tell what could be the problem?
Avatar m tn At the end of January, I had a one night stand with an ex girlfriend. A few days later, I came down with the worst sinus infection and sore throat Ive ever experienced. I went to the Dr right away, was proscribed antibiotics, and the problem seemed to resolve itself. Then, a month later, I was back at the Dr. with the same issue. Once again, 10 days worth of Keflex was proscribed, and I went on my way.
1519309 tn?1290956580 Here it is in a nut shell. 84 days ago I had sex with a woman, got a HIV test done on the 84th day, it was negative, and yet around the 75th day I got a sore throat that won't go away I am on amoxicillin now, day 94, and have been on it since day 87. Is it normal to have a sore throat the entire time your on antibotics, or is this just a symptom of HIV and it just wasn't soon enough to tell in a test if the antibodies were there yet?
Avatar n tn Three and a half weeks later everytime I wake up my tongue is a gross white and my throat is sort of sore, if you look at the first picture that is my tongue freshley scraped when i first woke up, when i spit what i scraped off it was a yellow mucus color that you would cough up. The second picture is after i drank some water and have a cough drop, noticed it dyed my tongue?
Avatar m tn Burning tongue, white/ yellow discoloration, tongue blisters on tongue and on tip as well (looked like raised taste buds)...have you seen anything like this before? Was this potentially thrush? I also forgot to mention that I have been very fatigued over the past month (since returning from my trip) a way that I have never experienced before. I really appreciate any further comment you might have.
Avatar f tn The left side of my throat and tongue have been somewhat sore when swallowing. Particularly when I swallow food. It comes and goes whenever I'm not eating. I get a random pain in my left ear too, but that doesn't happen too often. What could this be and what can I do too treat it.
Avatar n tn Hey, Just wondering what would be causing mouth sores and white bumps on the back of my tongue... a week ago i had a brief sexual encounter with a sex worker. My tongue is now yellow and i haven't been sleeping well, keep waking up every 3-4 hours. I have a sore throat as well and it looks a little inflamed.