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Avatar m tn About 3 weeks ago I had Bronchitis. I was prescribed Penicilin for 5 days. After taking the medication I was still ill so went back to the Dr who prescribed a strong antibiotic (1/day for 6 days) The bronchitis cleared up but I still have a post-nasal drip and mucous in throat I'm constantly having to "clear my throat". Last night my tongue was sore and when I looked in the mirror I was horrified to see a thick yellow coating and red spots.
Avatar f tn as per my username and previous questions you can tell I'm a worrier so apologies in advance. I'll keep this as short as possible. 6 weeks ago I had a terrible sore throat which was treated with antibiotics and all was fine. 2 weeks later my sore throat came back and I went to the GP who said my tonsils looked fine, however I have a white tongue with yellow patches...she suggested that I should do an std test.
Avatar n tn It has been quite a battle trying to deal with the yellow /white tongue coating, sore throat, etc, since then. Here is some advice to anyone else who may need these amphetamines to deal with their focus issues. I've borrowed some information from previous posters, random online sources and personal experience. I am not a physician or health care worker, so please, use any of the following information at your own risk. 1.
628151 tn?1224805243 I ruled that. I have also started to develop a light yellow film on top of my tongue that is hard to scrape off with a toothbrush. Soon after the taste bud incident I noticed 3 spots on the roof of my mouth began to hurt, it is more of light burning/sore feeling. These spots are not raised and they are not bumps, just part of the roof of my mouth and are about the size dime. What I find very strange about all this is I went to the Dentist and he said it all looked normal.
Avatar n tn It started with a cold which has gone away but the sore throat remains and is getting worse, my tongue is also a yellow/white color. I have called the doctor and via the phone she told me it was probably viral and to not worry about it but I'm concerned because it's not getting any better.
1939607 tn?1324292900 No swollen tonsil, no lump in neck, just the tender neck and the sore throat. To sum up, I have unilateral intermittent sore throat that tends to occur around evening and reaches its peak before i fall to sleep. No chills, no fever, no weakness, my appetite is the same, my energy levels are okay. Also, note that I had allergic rhinitis as a kid and it's the pollen season right now, even though I don't really know if that's anyway related.
Avatar n tn My systems are exactly the same as Yaccaplant's, furry yellow tongue with white coating also on the tongue towards the back of my throat. Also, I've been very thirsty lastly. This condition starts about 5 days after I've been to the dentist for deep root cleaning. I've been using an oral mouth wash prescribe by the hygeinist but stop using it since the symtoms occur. I will make an appointment tomorrow and hpefully get to the bottom of this.
Avatar m tn I finished my last antibiotic last Thursday and on Saturday I woke up with another sore throat. This time, its more of a sore back tongue. My tongue is stiff and in pain, when I move it, it hurts. My ears are also hurting as well. I have to note, on Tuesday I went to see an ENT who used this small mirror type tool they usually use at the dentist to look at teeth.
Avatar n tn His tongue first turned white and bumpy during a bad sore throat that lasted 3 days. Then his tongue turned yellow-now it's full blown orange. It doesn't hurt. I have noticed a common theme of the orange tongue in previous posts by people having a sore throat. He also uses Crest Pro Health mouthwash, but has stopped in the last 2 days using it. He doesn't use a teeth whitening toothpaste. Has anybody gotten any answers from a doctor or dentist regarding this orange tongue stuff???
Avatar f tn By the way, I also can swallow fine, eat fine, there is no tongue pain and I don't have a sore throat and I have no red patches on my tongue.
Avatar n tn I never get coldsores, yet, my tongue is always a mess...yellow like lesions are all over the places..(the strands surround my tastebuds) (See photo below)...they're not painful, but are not appealing to look at, clearly....but yea, they never go away, so how can this be just HSV-1 My question is.... What should I be doing.....
Avatar n tn Hi Dr's, I've posted previously regarding protected vaginal sex and cunninlingus event that took place July 30th. Unfortunately I have had a sore throat that started two days later and has continued to this day. The pain is mild with swolleness near lymph nodes in neck. Following an article that I read this evening that is titled "Cervical cancer virus fuels oral cancer type, too" and the subsequent descriptions have escalated my concerns.
Avatar n tn I noticed my orange tongue about a month ago after being sick with a sore throat and cough for about 3-4 weeks. No more sore throat but the orange tongue still remains. Same as everyone else, I can brush most of it off but it always returns. I live in the suburbs of Chicago. Pretty clean air.
Avatar f tn OK - I know this is weird, but for the last couple of days my tongue feels like it's all cut up and it's sore!! It's Day 10.. has anyone had a symptom like this? Or am I just weird? OK - don't answer the second part...
Avatar n tn For a few weeks, I have felt like there is some sort of coating on the back of my throat. My throat isn't sore and I haven't been sick, but it just feels like something is on the surface of my throat. What could cause this type of symptom?
Avatar m tn Some medications can cause this as can a throat infection, but you would have a sore throat too. Drink plenty of fluids. It looks like a food/gastric related problem. Would you know if the swab was checking for fungal problems (thrush) if not it may be worth having that done. For a home remedy against thrush in the mouth - eat plain natural yogurt.
Avatar m tn the problem seemed to start 3 years ago when i got the worst throat infection ive ever had and it lasted about 8 weeks and things have never been right since.
Avatar f tn Yeah, I don't get the yellow on my tongue so wasn't sure it was thrush? The yellow on my roof top doesn't seem to be a "coating" per se, more like the actual color instead of pink? But I've been brushing with baking soda only and that helps my tongue. I'll check into what you said and I may try to go to urgent care or something over the weekend and check it out.
Avatar m tn H Nathan, sounds like your have either Gonorrehea or chlamydia. You have the classic symptoms. Better go have it checked out asap.
Avatar n tn After getting over a pretty bad cold last week, I've noticed that my throat is now midly sore and when I stick my tongue out, the back of the tongue is partially covered with yellow-ish sludge. The sludge can be scraped off. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Then I have been suffering from sore throat for 5 months now. Also my tongue becomes yellow after I have some food. At first I took 4 courses of Antibiotic and I've been using Dactarine gel for 3 months now. I have a problem in talking from the throat, but this problem is much less than 3 months ago but I still have a problem. This is the only problem I have. A CBC test was done and the result was normal. Also alergy tests were done and the results were normal.
Avatar n tn From my understanding, the ENT doctor used a tongue gag or something of that sort to hold my tongue down. When I woke up from surgery, my tongue was so sore and swollen. It looked like I had cuts on each side of my tongue and the cuts looked real white. The next day, underneath my tongue it looked like I had 2 ulcers but they went away in about 2 or 3 days. Now one side of tongue feels fine but the other side still feels a little sore.
Avatar n tn Second, the white spots on my throat/tonsil are gone and I no longer have a sore throat. However, I went to a French doctor when I did still have the sore throat and he prescribed amoxicillin in powder form (despite me telling him about the biaxin xl I had previously been prescribed, which he wasn't familiar with because that is the commercial name), but also pointed out that i had a brown tongue due to a fungus and prescribed to me triflucan, an antifungal also in powder form.