Sore throat while pregnant

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2075786 tn?1342908758 Im 9 weeks and have had a slight sore throat/dry throat and stuffy nose but dont think ive had a fever....i was wondering if there are any risks of having a cold with no fever in the first trimester??
Avatar f tn Does anyone know what sore throat medications are safe to take while pregnant
Avatar n tn Anyone have any suggestions on what OTC medications are safe to take while pregnant? Waiting to see if I can get an appointment with my doctor. But realized almost all medicines say to ask your doctor. Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn See if you can get a prescription called omperazole it's for heart burn and acid reflux. I just got on it because of sore throats and it's amazing. Haven't had sore throat since. Worth a shot. It's safe to take.
Avatar f tn So are any of you pregnant ladies suffering at night by getting a little sore throat while u sleep? What do I do about this?
Avatar f tn What medicine can I take thats safe during pregnancy? For sore throat and stuffed up nose...
Avatar f tn Several friends said they got sore throat early on, I was just curious if that was a common thing.
Avatar f tn t much I could take aside from regular strength Tylenol for aches and fever, over the counter saline sprays for nasal congestion and throat lozenges for my sore throat. Once I was a bit farther along, I was told I could take over the counter sinus medication, too. I know how unpleasant it is being sick when you're pregnant....I hope you feel better soon!
Avatar f tn Im 8 weeks 6 days along and have been dealing with a sore throat for 2 days. Any suggestions on what to take?
Avatar f tn Has anybody else been diagnosed with arrhythmia while being pregnant?? Im currently sick with a minor cold/sore throat,went to urgent care for a regular check up and to get a step test done and ended up having to get an EKG done bcuz we found my heart is skipping a beat every 10 seconds. They say it can b just bcuz I'm in my third trimester of pregnancy (29 weeks) just a little concerned.
Avatar f tn So I'm 38weeks 2days pregnant and today I got cold symptoms outta nowhere. My head hurts, my throat is sore, and my nose is runny. It's so frustrating, it's hard to breath. What can I do to make this go away?
Avatar f tn Anyone had strep throat while preg. I think I might have it and I'm going to call the Dr. I'll have to call my OB as I don't have a primary. I was wondering if anyone had been in the same boat though and what the Dr. did or perscribed.
Avatar f tn Sore throat remedies while pregnant? Has anyone taken theraflu for sore throats?
Avatar f tn terrible sore throat today live in Indianapolis Indiana - 1 current temperature what can I take being 4 months pregnant
6689979 tn?1397669278 I'm getting a sore throat anybody recommend something that won't hurt my baby ?
Avatar f tn Can u take cough drops when your pregnant?
Avatar f tn i Need Something To Help With My Sore Throat??? I've Tried The Lemon Hot Water With Honey That Doesn't Help Me Nor Does The Gargling Salt Water... Help Me Please I'm 34 Weeks Pregnant!!!
Avatar f tn Someone said it could kill during child birth to take too much tylenol while pregnant, but,my throat has been sore for two days and throat drops just wont cut it, can i take childrens Tylenol ? Is it safe ?
Avatar f tn Hey ladies I'm almost 9 weeks pregnant and I have a HORRIBLE sore throat ...does anyone know what I can take to help??
Avatar f tn Yes! Ive been with a sore throat for a week, now finally getting better but yes cough drops are fine and warm things.Tea with lemon and soups.
Avatar f tn It eventually turned into a sharp pain in the bottom of my throat, and eventually into a sore throat then went away without knowing what it was. This lasted about a month and i forgot about it. Today i noticed a sharp pain while i was breathing. It hurts my whole chest but starts in the sternum. I thought it was a continuation of pain through the knots in my back (minor scoliosis) but i noticed by the end of the day that this is exactly how that strange sore throat felt like last time!
Avatar f tn I have a really bad sore throat? It is not strep but hurts when I swallow. I'm 30 weeks pregnant is there anything I can take?