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Avatar f tn I am starting to get a small cold. So far its just burning eyes, I've been sneezing, my nose is runny & my throat is so sore. The sore throat pain is the worse. Since I cant call my Dr right now, what can i take for the soreness? I read that honey, lemon & water works but that sounds nasty right now & i dont want an upset stomach on of it. I read cough drops are ok but then that they are not. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn I have noticed every so often I will have a sore throat. It looks raw and unpleasant. Is it common to get sore throats? I thought maybe this was caused by the acid reflux going back into the throat??? Also I am on 5days of doing the prevpac and am wondering how long it takes to heal?
Avatar n tn got really bad around 6 years ago. almost everyday i get a sore stomach at some point in the day. usually worst in the mornings i find. some days i will feel perfectly fine, some others im sick all day. tried to figure out if it was something im eating, but its always something different that will trigger my stomach, and also can be caused by eating nothing at all or eating something. any ideas or suggestions of what this could be be?
Avatar f tn As of today, I’ve been experiencing an upset stomach, sore throat, nasal congestion, and you can say diarrhea. Is it possible I have an std and which one exactly? Note: This was the only time I performed such a sexual act.
Avatar f tn Now i have a sore throat{which seems to have gotten alittle better since yesterday}, a low grade fever that seemed to go away, and an upset stomach with gas. I thought the sore throat was due to irritation from the oral sex, and the upset stomach was because i swallowed, not alot but still some. I know that an STD or STI has to be present in order for it to be passed to another person, but i am still worried. Is this just coincidence or could i have cought something?
Avatar f tn My throat has been dry and sore for the past 6 days and it hurts to eat and swallow, but also ive been having headaches. I've been drinking along of water and orange juice to see if it will help my throat but it hasnt and i just looked in my mirror and my tonsils had white stuff on them. I gargled with warm salt water but it didnt help at all.
Avatar f tn i have a sore throat stomach upset tired nose is stuffy i had my period last week and started not feeling good about friday i had stomach cramps and had what i call slight diarrhea and bubbly upper stomach then felt better for a few days now today i have stomach cramps on and off with the same slight diarrhea and sore throat and stuffy nose and tired feeling i freak out vary easily about stuff
Avatar f tn Around Tuesday or Wednesday, I noticed my throat was still a little sore and I had a slight upset stomach, but I still figured I just needed more food and water. It wasn't until today that I looked in the mirror and noticed that my left tonsil was swollen. My right tonsil seems fine and there's no pain or swelling. I'm just curious to know if maybe I got an STD or if it's just a virus or something.
Avatar f tn I do believe you can contract hiv through giving oral I've had and still have some very weird symptoms going on that I've never had before random brushing,groin pain,painful scalp,sore throat that comes and goes,low grade fevers that come and go,cold sore on lip white spots on tonsils, red bumps on throat,headaches,chills,color changes on my skin ,possible weight loss,body aches,weird brown spots underneath skin and more I also brushed my teeth before this and had bleeding gums ..
Avatar n tn I was sick with a cold 2 weeks ago. Never really got congested but sore throat hit me hard as well as fatigue ear pain just felt terrible . The doc said it was a virus with Eustachian tube dysfunction . Sge put me on Flonase The sore throat went awar but was left with a persistent cough for a week . I would wake up and it was so hard to swallow because the Mucus in my throat was so sick.
974371 tn?1424653129 Anyway, again having problems with night swears, wake up with an upset stomach, very dry mouth and throat and am now very bloated. He prescribed Pepcid twice a day but not helping. I now also have issues with a feeling of mucus down my throat. My tongue does not feel right, hard to explain. Also getting dull headaches. Just getting worse and no answers.
Avatar m tn My doctor told me it's most likely a yeast infection or something of that nature that I got from my partner. I'm still skeptical about my upset stomach and sudden sore throat which has moved from the right side of my throat to the left side as well as my headache that hasn't let up for a few days. I keep thinking HIV but I don't know much about that either so. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I am super sick today. I have a bad cough, sore throat, and my ears are starting to ache. What can I take to make myself feel better. Reminder I am 10 weeks pregnant?
Avatar f tn The nausea and stomach pain is not typical for thyroid cysts/nodules -- however trouble swallowing, neck pain, cough, and hoarseness may be due to the cyst. Would consider treating with an antacid (eg zantac or pepcid AC or prilosec OTC) - as acid reflux would potentially cause all your symptoms.
Avatar f tn Im 3 months and have a bad sore throat and my body aches with stomach pain what is good for what i have ...
Avatar m tn Then we are on to today, I still feel ill, my throat is still very painful and I have an upset stomach. I rarely ever get hangovers, never had one that has lasted 2 days, I m not sure if this is a hangover or an allergy because the symptoms I looked up are pretty similar (except I don t have diarrhea). Does this sound like an allergy??
Avatar m tn No fever, no swollen lymph node, No chills, No night sweats, No rashes, no sore throat, No Headaches, No cough, just a really bad upset stomach. My question is can ARS resemble a stomach virus. The girl said she was clean. I am having severe anxiety about this.
Avatar n tn Wow - 20 cups? No wonder you feel icky, and with strep on top of it. Some of your symptoms could be stomach upset from too much coffee or soda. If it was soda, that's very acidic and can really upset your stomach, too. Did he do any genital testing? My guess is that he probably just did a throat culture, and it came back as strep. You probably weren't tested for stds. Did you tell this doctor that you had the genital symptoms?
Avatar f tn It eventually turned into a sharp pain in the bottom of my throat, and eventually into a sore throat then went away without knowing what it was. This lasted about a month and i forgot about it. Today i noticed a sharp pain while i was breathing. It hurts my whole chest but starts in the sternum. I thought it was a continuation of pain through the knots in my back (minor scoliosis) but i noticed by the end of the day that this is exactly how that strange sore throat felt like last time!
Avatar n tn But, I am having sore throat/cough even before my GERD problem. I am not sure if my GERD is the reason for sore throat/cough. Then, I visited Gastro and explained this symtoms. She told I have GERD and prescribed PPI for 3 months. It has been 4 days I have been taking PPI and not much relief. I am confused whether I have GERD or Gastritis. All of a sudden, I developed GERD. What are the causes of GERD? Is this a symptom of some other disease? Can someone please explain me?
Avatar m tn Abdominal pain can be a symptom of any number of things, from the benign stomach upset to life-endangering conditions like bleeds. My husband is also stage 4 cirrhosis, and if he were experiencing pain around the belly button, I would not hesitate to insist on a visit to the doc immediately.
Avatar f tn Wow, I really think It's indigestion. Because I belch all the time and big belching. I used to eat before bed but I don't anymore. Thing is, today I got the results from my head X-rays and i have Chronic sinus so I think it's a combination of both these things. Thank you so much for your response.
Avatar m tn My son went through something (might be similar) but it was with his stomach. It only showed up when he was upset as well. I looked everywhere for something. ( prefer to do things homeopathic)At that time I couldn't find anything so I went the placebo route. I found Tic-tacs (the fruity kind) he never saw the package. I only gave it to him when he was complaining about his stomach. I kid you not it worked. I found out it was only stress.