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Avatar m tn Right at the bottom.
Avatar n tn t cause a fever and sore throat. You probably have a fever from the sore throat and it should pass within a few days. It's not HIV, so try to stop worrying about this because fear feeds anxiety, and you don't want to make your anxiety worse. Take care...
Avatar f tn So I tried the five day course and I noticed that some of the ulcers have shrunk a lot in size to tiny, but I have a new one that has popped up in another place in my throat, can anyone shed any light? My appointment with the ENT isnt until September, I feel absolutely fine in myself and the ulcers/blisters don't bother me that much apart from sometimes making me wake up with a dry sore throat on a morning. I am a 37 year old female. I am beginning to worry about the dreaded Cancer word.
Avatar f tn The roof of my mouth is red and super sore when I swallow. It feels like I have a sore throat but on the roof of my mouth. It's towards my throat but not my throat. It hurts when I swallow or put pressure on it with my tongue. I haven't ate or drank anything hot and it didn't get cut or anything. It has little indents when it's sore. I brush my teeth at least twice a day too. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Did your doc even bother to do a strep test or anything? Strep throat can also cause ulcers in the throat and mouth and strep is definitely something that neeeds to be treated with antibiotics.
Avatar f tn The next day she had white on her tonsils and then the next day everything started to clear up. Needless to say I (mom ) now have the worse sore throat in my life! It started out with very swollen tonsils and white on them as well. Day 4 and the white spots are now ulcer like sores and I have sores on the back of my tounge and roof of my mouth. What could it be? Hand foot and mouth is going through town but my daughter didn't get any spots on her hands or feet.
Avatar f tn This time I went to the doctor because the back of my throat also had ulcers. The doctor swabbed one of the ulcers and said she was gonna send it to be tested for herpes and for shingles. She said if they didnt call then the tests were negative. So I didn't get a call, the ulcers slowly went away, and I was relieved. However, in the past week and a bit the ulcers have been reappearing, and the glands in my neck are swollen and painful.
Avatar m tn The spoon like equipment might have contacted the sore throat and throat ulcers of the HIV patient and it could have contacted me too. Please help with your suggestions.
Avatar n tn had unprotected oral sex verginal e sex was always protected with a condom Following a lipoma surgery ( sucusussful ) operation i have got a white cort in my mouth a slight Sore throat thought since last months. also two ulcers bothe sides of the toungh( no change in ulcer ). doctors has done a Physical examination of the testical & have diognised that there is no symptom of STD , nither worry aboout a test ;& one have priscirbed doxycycline. 100 mg for 7 days.
Avatar n tn Five weeks after a possible exposure with a female, I developed 3 sores in my mouth - on my lip, cheek and soft palate. Here is a photo of one of them: I've never had a canker sore before and I was not really overly stressed or anxious (until I noticed these sores). They appeared first as little dark red spots and then turned into these white sores with a red ring around them the next day.
Avatar f tn copegus - i have some of the normal sx but all of a sudden i have a very sore throat, roof of mouth and sore, raw tongue. my tongue seems to be very dry and it burns. i still have my tonsils and think i have gotten tonsilitis (sore throat & hard to swallow) this has been going on for a week now - any suggestions? anyone experience this before?
Avatar f tn A week or two later, I left for several months on training and kept in touch with my boyfriend. I started getting severe mouth ulcers all over my mouth, and over the next month or so they became unbearable. I would have at least 5 in my mouth at any given time - under the tongue, below and on the tongue, all over the soft palate and inside the cheeks. I would get a new one every day or so. Eventually (few months later) I would have them on my throat as well.
Avatar f tn Drink or eat half hour after application. Take OTC multivitamins rich in riboflavin to counter the mouth ulcers. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn My son is 20 years old and for years he has suffered with constant mouth ulcers. His dental hygiene is top in his priorities and always has been. Lately over the last 6 months, maybe more they are getting more frequent. He must has them all the time now maybe a week reprieve. He has one now that is on the thing at the back of your throat that hangs down and its huge, he is always in pain, he could have 2,3, maybe more at one time. but this is first time on that part of the throat..
Avatar m tn these days i can see some ulcers on both sides of the base of my tongue. my mouth is stinking even after brushing several times, some stinking substance is coming from my throat and i am having a sore throat these days. i had sex with a prostitute 6 weeks before i doubt it to be the symptom of hiv. so please help me by telling possible cause for this.
1637775 tn?1300841064 I'm curious if anyone can help me. Here's the scenario.... Last Saturday I went to a Halloween party...drank and drank and drank...didn't get much sleep because my wife and I had to get up with our 4 kids bright and early Sunday. Went to work Monday and dealt with a nice and stressful day. Came home, was playing with my kids and had my dog slam her head into my chin from beneath which caused me to violently bite my tounge. A gash on either side.
Avatar n tn It could be a traumatic mouth ulcer. For this take OTC multivitamins rich in riboflavin to counter the mouth ulcers. Apply chlorhexidine gel or any other oral anti septic gel you can find twice daily on your mouth ulcers and leave it on for 2 mins and then do warm salt water gargles. Drink or eat half hour after application. You can also try warm salt water gargles and betadine mouth washes. However, if it still persists consult your doctor. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn After a few days and more pain and difficulty swallowing, I looked at my throat. I had about 10 ulcers on the back part of the roof of my mouth. They looked like canker sores to me and went away after about 7-10 days of using magic pink mouth wash. At this time I noticed a bump in the center of the top of my tounge. This bump initially looked like a blood blister. It is red with purple in it. It is a little smaller than the top part of a pencil eraser (width)and does not stick up very high.
Avatar m tn t need to test despite the symptoms/mouth ulcers, follicultis sore throat ? I should be fine. What if there was blood in the oil that she poured into my anus?
Avatar m tn I took 2 ELISA HIV tests recently and both came back non-reactive. However, I am suffering from chronic sore throat, mouth ulcers (I have Herpes type one) and dizziness-fatigue. I have chronic sinusitis but I do not know why my throat continues to be sore. I had blood work done 2 months ago. My White blood cell count and my CBC counts are all in range. I solely have a Vitamin D deficiency. Otherwise, everything else normal.