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Avatar f tn ve had it. I went back to the doctor and he gave me levofloxacin for tonsillitis but my throat is still sore on the 8th day on levofloxacin. In september i had a lung infection which i used levofloxacin for and i was coughing up greenish phlegm and it worked for that. I did smoke blunts for that time in september but I've stopped smoking weed for about a month now, and everytime i would smoke weed i would get itchy.
Avatar m tn around october i started getting chronic sore throat for the first time where the pain varied from the lower to upper throat right to left and since then it has been recurrent. I had been to a specialist doctor and said that i was perfectly alright. I now fear that i may have throat cancer cause the sore just do not go away.What do you think?/or is it just smoking that irritates my throat cause i have not quit yet. Please help.
Avatar m tn IN past two days when I push out my adams apple it appears to be very hard and comes out to a much far distance,can this be due to my sore throat or can it be something else because my sore throat was not cured when I started to feel pain in the bottom left part of my abdomen below the chest,from tomorrow I would be starting the medicines prescribed by the Doctor who told me I was injured from inside.What do you suggest?
Avatar f tn Hi I'm a 36 yo female and prior to catching walking pnemonia 4-5 weeks ago I was very fit and active (gym 6 days a week and ran about 40km a week). I didn't realise I was that sick as I was still exercising during part of it (struggling though and quiet dumb in hindsight) and going to work (during the time crackling in lung was identified but I did not get diagnosed till a week later after doc said to come back for check up. As the crackling got worse I took an xray).
Avatar f tn My throat has been dry and sore for the past 6 days and it hurts to eat and swallow, but also ive been having headaches. I've been drinking along of water and orange juice to see if it will help my throat but it hasnt and i just looked in my mirror and my tonsils had white stuff on them. I gargled with warm salt water but it didnt help at all.
675329 tn?1297288378 i went to ent he placed a tube in my nose into my throat stated didnot see anything but will do a biopsy for peace of mind. i am scheduled for a laryngoscopy. i will be asleep. what do i do for the sore throat i will be having days later.
Avatar m tn Thank you very much. I actually went to a doctor, because i also had a fever, sore throat. he said I had pharynigitis, and neubolliced me to clear the nasal pasages, which made it feel much better. I have one question, due to my low grade fever (100.4 F) and sore throat, could this be related to an upper respiratoy unfection, even if I did not have runny nose nor cough?
Avatar m tn My symptoms include swollen lymph node on my right side, very horrible sore throat, puffy eye lids, and also my ears clog up like when I'm up in an airplane, and I can't really hear anything. Ive already been to the doctor's and I tested negative for strep, but would you think I have mono? Someone please help me, I can't really talk or eat that much because my sore throat hurts so badly.
Avatar f tn I had a horrible sore throat in the beginning of my pregnancy and I dranked a very warm Cinnamon tea and it worked :) try it
8593574 tn?1398970803 Does anybody have any suggestions for a sore throat? I know I can't take any medicine so just wondering?
Avatar f tn i Need Something To Help With My Sore Throat??? I've Tried The Lemon Hot Water With Honey That Doesn't Help Me Nor Does The Gargling Salt Water... Help Me Please I'm 34 Weeks Pregnant!!!
Avatar f tn I got sore throat, when I was around 28 weeks, and my dr told I could take Tylenol regular strength 325mg every 4 to 6 hours and those candys for sore throat only that, oh and LOTS of fluid. That's what I did and like 2 or 3 days I was way better.
Avatar f tn Benadryl.. the childrens liquid benadryl i took an adult dose like a table spoon and a half and it worked wonders!
Avatar f tn All of that but also an antihistamine would be good many times our sore throat is from mucus running from oyr sinuses down our throat. Dr.
Avatar f tn See if you can get a prescription called omperazole it's for heart burn and acid reflux. I just got on it because of sore throats and it's amazing. Haven't had sore throat since. Worth a shot. It's safe to take.
Avatar f tn I took one benedryl last night and then today I woke up with a sore throat. I am pretty sure it is from drainage because one of my ears hurts too! Anyone know anything I can take over the counter for it? Any help would be great! Don't want to get on antibotics again because just got off some a couple of weeks ago and then got a yeast infection!! I have been sick off and on with this pregnancy and really don't know why!
Avatar f tn I am starting to get a small cold. So far its just burning eyes, I've been sneezing, my nose is runny & my throat is so sore. The sore throat pain is the worse. Since I cant call my Dr right now, what can i take for the soreness? I read that honey, lemon & water works but that sounds nasty right now & i dont want an upset stomach on of it. I read cough drops are ok but then that they are not. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn my throat is extremely sore and I was wondering if anyone knew if I was aloud to take cepocol ( throat numbing cough drops ) I'm going to go to the ER later but it's only 5am and it's not open until 8 I just need something to hold me over
Avatar f tn When I had a sore throat I took halls. They helped a lot. And the doctor told me it was ok to take it.