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Avatar m tn I m having ear pain and sore throat and also have sore mouth, my tounge, upper area of mouth and also hav pain behind the ears...been like this for a week now. I m worried as I had a pap smear wich came back with hpv and ascus and I also hav large fibroids wich I m getting treatment for. My great worry now is that is this sore throat related to hpv as hpv can also cause head and neck cancer. I will be glad if someone can help me on it.
Avatar f tn About 8 days ago she went to the doctor with strep-throat. Now today I noticed she has a lump behind her right ear, should I be concerned? I read it could just be her body fighting the infection. Should I get her to the doctor or should I just keep an eye on the lump for a few days? She is 8 years old.
2133874 tn?1335812339 The swelling and pain could also be due to mastoiditis, which is infection of the bone behind the ear. This happens when there is a middle ear infection, which spreads to involve the mastoid bone. But as your symptoms are resolving, you could wait and watch. However, if you develop fever, increase in the size of the swelling or pain; please consult your primary care physician. In the meantime you can use OTC Acetaminophen for relief from pain. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
2112219 tn?1334286044 I get similar, I have had a dry cough for months now , my eyes are sore and itchy, scratchy throat, ear pain in and behind the ear and other aches and pains , fatigue.I have now come to the conclusion doing some research its allergies caused by environmental factors .They are doing a lot and by a lot I mean every day aerial spraying you can see the trails up there, if you do some research you will see what it is they are spraying .
Avatar f tn Hiya, I've had a lump behind my left ear for a about 3-4 weeks now.. It's small & hard & it isn't sore or tender at all.. I had a cold about 3 weeks ago so I presumed it was something to do with that, & my Dr. said it was when I went to see him, however, my cold has been & gone & all that's left is a sore throat.. But it isn't sore all the time, just at night when I'm sleeping?
Avatar f tn e 3 i got sore lyumph node on the left side of my neck , behind the ear and it goes down to the neck . Then i got sore throat on the left side . These symptoms comes and goes. In the morning when i get up sysmptoms n soreness is not there and then comes during the day.... i went to the ENT specialist he said i dont hAve sore throat i have sinus problem . He gave me some antibiotics, nasal spray, sinus medicine .
Avatar f tn I have a painful lump behind my ear. Once in a while I will get a throbbing pain that feels like someone is pushing on my pressure point. That hurts so bad, it makes my vision blurry. Its only on my left side though. I also can hear something in my ear. It sounds like the beating of my heart. Its very annoying when everything is quiet, because that is all I can hear. I was recently running a fever and had a sore throat. Please someone help me find answers.
Avatar f tn Hi there....I'm new to this post and was wondering...I found a lump behind my 4-year old son's ear....last week he had a sore throat in addition to him saying that a bug bit him in that same spot. It was red and swollen a week ago, now it's just a pea-sized bump. Since then he's had no symptoms of being sick, but the bump is still that a lymph node and are they reactive? I keep touching it to see if it's getting bigger.
Avatar m tn Hi. I've had what appears to be a boil behind my right ear lobe. It sore, warm and slightly itchy. What worries me is right below it is sore, my right side neck area. The last few days that area also feels like it is getting a hard lump under my skin, but this lump is not sore,warm like the boil behind my ear. My right side upper shoulder/neck is also sore. When I turn my head right it is sore. I'm not really sure what this all means. Do you think I should go to the doctor?
Avatar n tn I suffered for a few years with pain behind the left ear. A CT scan showed I had a cholestaetoma (benign growth) in and behind the ear space. This gave me a lot of pain but can be removed. There are other things that may cause pain in the area you describe but it is worthwhile having this option looked at also.
Avatar n tn Hi, A lump behind the ear in children could be due to throat infection, insect bite, accidental trauma to the site, ear infection , etc. Lymph nodes in the region are known as post auricular lymph nodes and can enlarge secondary to infection, inflammation, etc. You could try some warm compresses at the site, warm saline gargles for his sore throat and some oral antihistamine medications for the swelling. Does he have any other symptoms of fever, etc?
Avatar n tn my right tonsil has been real sore and swollen and so has my right ear (my ear has only been sore). it feel's like it's going to pop. i do have a bump behind my left ear. i do have plans to go to the doctor but i'm worried they are going to come back and tell me i have an std...
Avatar n tn Hello, I don’t think your symptoms are related to fibromyalgia. From your symptoms of ear pain and sore throat on one side of throat it can be due to Eustachian tube dysfunction. For each ear, a eustachian tube runs from the middle ear to the back of the throat and when this tube is blocked then it may cause fluid build up in ear and infections. You can get an examination done from an ENT specialist for these possibilities.
Avatar n tn I've been suffering from a sore throat for approx. 3 days and i have very swollen glads and lumps behind my ears and at the back of my head which are sore to touch. Any ideas what it could be??
Avatar f tn I have a sore throat only on right side, my whole right side of my neck is swollen all the way behind my right ear causing pain and ear pain. I am scheduled to do the uptake and scan in 2 weeks. Just not sure if this is normal for symptoms to increase as rapidly as they are. I am having more dizzy spells, more headaches, heart is racing, chest pains. Only medication given is propranolol, aderal and steroids for the sore throat and swelling.
Avatar m tn Hi, A lump behind the ear could be due to throat infection, insect bite, accidental trauma to the site, ear infection , etc. Lymph nodes in the region are known as post auricular lymph nodes and can enlarge secondary to infection, inflammation, etc. You could try some warm compresses at the site, warm saline gargles for his sore throat and some oral antihistamine medications for the swelling. This could be mastoiditis, cervical lymphadenopathy or parotitis.
Avatar f tn i am on week 13 of tx and I am going on my 6th week of having a sore throat and can not get rid of it. I took antibiotics for 7 days and didnt help at all. My Lymph Nodes located behind the ears and my throat are so enlarged that they are very sore. My nose is congested and is constantly bleeding. Is anyone having this problem? and is their any releif? Thank you for helping.
Avatar f tn it looks like honeycombs in the back of her throat. Some background info 2 months ago we noticed a cyst behind the bone behind her right ear also one under her right arm. Her psoriasis has kicked up & she's getting headaches. We have seen a dr for those now & lately she's been really tired & moody. Also we are waiting to go to a female dr bc they found 4 golf ball size masses in her breast. I'm kinda freaked out bc she's never even had an ear infection before.
Avatar f tn For the past year I have had a sore, inflammed throat only on my right side of my face. A couple of years ago I had strep. I cannot get this sore throat and ear pain to go away and have been on every kind of antbiotics. Last april I got a yellowish lump on the tonsil. Dr said it is tonsil tissure, Just recently I got on at the back of my throat and now another higher on the tonsil. I had a tonsil stone come out about a week ago. My face is sore from behind my ear to under my chin.
Avatar m tn What could cause a knot/cyst behind my ear? I went to the doctor and she told my a lymthnode, but it has got bigger and more sore to touch. I have had an extreme increase in the amount of severe headaches I have been having. I do not know if that is related. I plan on making an appointment with an ear,nose, and throat doctor tomorrow. But I am becoming more concerned with the sheer size and pain it is causing.
Avatar n tn did was feel it and told me by feeling it see was sure ( either by it not moving or moving ) that is was not cancer but everyone is different. it has been two years i still get pain in my ear and sore throat. but i take some ibuprofen and it helps. Also i would put a heating pad behind my ear. but i was told some people just have them for life but u should really only do what your doc.
Avatar n tn I assume this was my lymph node behind my ear reacting to my sore throat. Anyway, what was my risk and should I get tested? She was insistent on using a condom and got very upset when I came on her chest so I assume if she knew she was infected then she perhaps would not have been bothered about this?