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3142113 tn?1343379632 A throat infection is not caused by hypothyroidism. Throat infections can be streptococcal or a viral infection. Strep sore throat needs to be treated with an antibiotic as strep is a bacteria. Viral sore throat is best treated with rest, warm oral fluids and (OTC) tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen for pain.
Avatar f tn The sore throat could be due to an infection, most probably streptococcal or a viral infection. Strep sore throat needs to be treated with an antibiotic as strep is a bacteria. Viral sore throat is best treated with rest, warm oral fluids and (OTC) Tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen for pain.
Avatar n tn If do you it could be a strep throat. IF no fever and no pus but just a red throat it maybe a virus. It should pass in a couple of days if it is a virus. If it dosen't get better then see a doctor and be honest about the oral sex. They can easily do a throat swab for GC and also a culture for strep throat or a rapid strep test and culture. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Monday I got a severe burning sore throat with no other symptoms. Tuesday sore throat was worse I could barely swallow. Went to MD and had a strep throat test- negative. Also swollen lymph nodes in neck and slight fever 101. No other cold or flu symptoms. I can only swallow ice water or ice chips. After 3 days I now have a blistery rash on my hands also. Could this be mono or something else- should I see Dr again?
Avatar n tn Your persistent symptoms of sore throat, ear pain and lymph node swelling could be due to a throat infection, most probably streptococcal or a viral infection. Strep sore throat needs to be treated with an antibiotic as strep is a bacteria. Viral sore throat is best treated with rest, warm oral fluids and (OTC) Tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen for pain.
5609044 tn?1383514943 If you think it might be strep throat, go to the hospital. Strep throat can harm your baby so you'll need meds for it. But if you think its just something small , then drink tea and suck on halls.
Avatar f tn I seem to have gotten sick while out of town. Not sure if its strep throat or not. What can I take? Cough drops? throat spray?
Avatar f tn I have a really bad sore throat? It is not strep but hurts when I swallow. I'm 30 weeks pregnant is there anything I can take?
Avatar n tn Almost certainly your sore throat was a garden variety respiratory virus -- or maybe a strep throat. The azithromycin Z-pack would not help a virus, so your doctor must have thought a bacterial infection like strep was possible. However, with the symptoms continuing, a virus is much more likely. As for the "ironic" timing with your sexual exposure, maybe the two events in fact were related; i.e.
Avatar f tn You would have to get a throat culture to be sure if it is or isn't. It could be strep, tonsilitis, or irritation from post nasal drip (allergies). We can't tell you if it is or isn't. You have to see a doctor for that. Your sore throat could be purely coincidental.
Avatar m tn Is it normal to have this sore or strep throat for more than 9 days from the early diagnose (no fever or any other symptom), I used the antibiotics just 3 days ago. But I read on the internet that strep throat should last between 3 to 7 days with or without treatment. I’m just feeling that this sore throat is last longer than usual (it is not painful but I can see it red)?
Avatar n tn Your first step is to go to your family physician and have him/her check it out, including a strep test for strep throat. Any sore throat lasting a week or more should definitely be checked out. Strep throat is very common (especially in children and young adults) and very treatable, but can lead to serious complications if not treated. So please get your parents or a trusted adult to take you to the doctor and get checked.
Avatar n tn i a woman who performed unprotected oral sex on a man, and exactly two days later i woke up with a cold sore on my lip and a small blister right below my bottom lip and a sore throat that feel like a mild case of strep throat. and exactly two days after receiving the blister it bust, but i still have the cold sore and sore throat four days after the encounter. should i go to the doctor or emergency room? and what do it sound like i could have?
Avatar f tn I believe it is you may be leading up to a sinus infection. I have started with a sore throat a few times and had signs of strep. But I wait to get treated the pain isn't there anymore and then I find out I have a sinus infection and strep. You may should get your tonsils out if you get strep to often. My brother had to have his out. Just to be safe get to a doctor. May god bless you.
Avatar f tn Most streps are still sensitive to penicillin though, but some strains have become resistant or not as sensitive anymore. But if you had strep throat you would have a high fever and usually pus in the throat (but not always). If you have reflux it is possible that there is some erosion going on. Do you know you have GERD? If so you can take Zantac or one of the other meds to try to control it and see if that helps.
Avatar f tn she said there was no way she had a sore throat so shortly after the antibiotics she had given her but i told her it was not a long time at all... she has some infection in her ear and throat still so she put her on Clarithromycin for 10 days... her throat seems to burn now when it hurts and her ear aches, she has been taking it for 3 days...
Avatar f tn t have all the other symptoms except pain fever and pus and possible rash (in scarlet fever) with strep throat (not the cough, sneezing and other cold or flu like symptoms, but since your throat is so painful I thought of writing again to maybe have you check.
Avatar m tn 4 weeks ago i woke up one day feeling very sore and fatigued with a very bad sore throat. The sore throat got worse after few days although the body pain disappeared and it got to bad that i couldn't swallow food or liquids. I went to a doctor and was put on an antibiotic for 7 days. I took the antibiotics and it kind of got better but on the 5th day of my treatment the sore throat got worse again.
Avatar m tn Yesterday afternoon, I suddenly got a sore throat- it got worse as the day progressed and I woke up with my throat hurting even worse. It hurt so bad that it actuallly woke me up at 4am and prevented me from going back to sleep. Today, my throat is killing me. It feels like I am swallowing knives & the pain is really bad if I drink, eat, breathe through my mouth and it especially hurts if I talk. I have actually held my throat with my hand while talking to prevent it from moving much.
Avatar n tn I do not snore or sleep under a ceiling fan. It seems really weird to have a sore throat this long.
Avatar m tn My symptoms include swollen lymph node on my right side, very horrible sore throat, puffy eye lids, and also my ears clog up like when I'm up in an airplane, and I can't really hear anything. Ive already been to the doctor's and I tested negative for strep, but would you think I have mono? Someone please help me, I can't really talk or eat that much because my sore throat hurts so badly.
Avatar f tn Thanks but its weird I haven't gotten a sore throat or anything throat related since i got my tonsils removed my senior year of high school I was 17 I use to get strep 7 or more times a year it would be so bad I would have white patches and swelling to the point I couldn't breath
Avatar f tn Also went to the docters and he gave me z-pack finished the antibotics did nothing for my throat. The doc gave me a throat swab for strep came back negitive. My throat is still filled with puss and my gland on my right side is a bit swollin I have had some stomach pain and have felt run down (this could be caused by stress?) I have bin very stressed out this past month.
Avatar m tn Hey. I'm an 18 year old male. Two weeks ago, Monday the 7th I went to the doctor with a sever sore throat and was giving Augmentin to take for 10 days (twice a day). My throat was really sore, I had a 103 degree fever, and thyroid glands were swollen. Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen didn't do much to relieve the pain. The rapid strep test said I did not have strep throat, but after looking at my throat a few times the doctor believed the test was wrong and gave me Augmentin.
1873691 tn?1320350220 So, it can be possible to have a strep throat not group A or not large colony group C or G and not have an invasive strain or a strain that may not go beyond the throat and become a more serious infection. There is another bacteria called Arcanobacterium haemolyticum, that causes pharyngitis (sore throat) and also can become endocarditis. However, you haven't had a culture done. So, I am giving you what I know and it is up to you to decide here.