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Avatar n tn i was ok after taking the antibiotics for the abdominal pains but the sore throat became very severe. this sore throat is quite different from all sore throats i have experienced and has lasted for a longer period of time. i don't feel pains when i swallow but it itches and become very dry. swallowing keeps it better.
712487 tn?1231011066 then two weeks later, i kissed a girl with a cold sore, and 4 days later i get contracted with herpes, and my full got like a lot of sores, and of course sore throat, a week later, i felt fine. then a week passed, and the sore throat came back, but not that aggressive, i can eat, drink, and talk with no difficulties. but the sore throat dont go away, doctor say that im a nervous person, my birthday was a month and a half ago, im 20.
Avatar m tn Problem is 11 days after contact I came down with a sore throat for two days that turned into a runny nose and cough for another few days.Right after that my throat was sore for Almost a week, I went to the doctors very concerned, but he did a strep test and it came back positive.How much am I still at risk, if at all?????????
Avatar n tn I did after two weeks get a swollen throat and still have it after two weeks but feels like it is going away. Other than that I have had so much anxiety that I'm so scared to get another test since I had the swollen throat. When I think about it it is hard to sleep. Although when I got the tests back I slept so much better but now I'm reading that the hiv test really could not pick up the hiv after two weeks. What are my chances of having hiv? Isn't the throat problem a sign?
Avatar m tn And you will read symptoms and then magically have them its a mind sure your sore throat is a normal sore throat and being nauseated is a huge part of anxiety.
Avatar m tn i meant mouth sore and not sore throat (white spot into mouth) during ARS should be painful? coz till now i'm having this color in my cheeks (interior parts) in addition to mild headache, and muscle pain in left leg''upper part'',feeling generally unwell, sleepy, believe me if it's anxiety i wouln't be sleepy!!! i would appreciate any one who can share with me similar experiance.
Avatar m tn She prescribed Nasonex 2x2, Ipratropium bromide inhalation and Levocetirizine for 10 days. A follow up 10 days later, i was still coughing and she then prescribed Narivent which was so disgusting that i almost puked from it and Prospan (Hedera helix syrup). This did not help, yet again, and i was still coughing. Third follow up after 10 days was prescribed Nasonex again, salt water and a seretide inhaler.
938921 tn?1257296256 2 doctors took a look inside my throat and could not see anything (no redness no swollen glands) my quastion is can a sore throat that goes on more than 2-4 weeks be a symptom of HIV? if it was, can doctors see anything? had no fever... please help i promise i wont post again.
Avatar n tn I did oral sex(no vagina fluids were involved) with a sex worker , 4 days after the exposure I started suffering from sore throat and one week after the exposure I got tested and all the STD were negative. Its been 10 days I still have the sore throat its not severe at all and I don't have fever and no other symptoms.
Avatar m tn Intially i had noticed a brown mark/crack when it started,disappeared now and the burning sensation remains.last 3 days, i do have sore throat and sudden burning sensation around my groin. thanks.
Avatar n tn The fever started a month back, and then after 2 weeks when it still persisted with sore throat, I went to doctor who described it as bacterial infection, gave antibiotics for a week but it didn't help. All blood tests came up normal too. I am not able to understand the reason as it's been so long and fever again starts..paracetamol does give relief but I want to know and cure my condition..anyone have similar issues..And solutions, please share..
Avatar m tn t be so freaked. Also, FYI, sore throat with white patches in back of throat with fever did not come until around 10-25-2010. Would that not be an initial sign or is it possible to come later? In February of 2011, 4 months later I had another sore throat with burning sensation in anus. Lasted about 2-3 days? Since then I have had red bumps but they never blister and seem to be not always in same area. Last usually couple days.
Avatar n tn I did not have any penetrative sex with the masseuse in the massage parlour but she did fingered me in the anus to stimulate me with handjobs. It sounds like very little risk but after 9 or 10 days after exposure i felt fatigue, nausea, some headaches, muscle and joint pains, and my sore throat which has already been present before the thailand trip sort of worsen. On the 13th day I start to feel uncomfortable on the left side of the neck and it seem to be a bit swollen.
Avatar n tn As I said earlier, when I got the throat infection after 2 days I had a sore throat which lasted for 6 days (no medications taken) and second time which is exactly 2 weeks after the intercourse, it was severely inflated and had some pus in it and I took antibiotics and it went away in 4 days..
Avatar f tn t sick yet. I had started to just get a sore throat and then I was full blown ill with a runny nose and achey lymph nodes last night. I'm not sure if getting sick resulted in my ob in combination with the stress of my breakup and my irregular periods... or if my ob caused my symptoms of being sick. All in all I wish to know if it's common that sometimes some ob's could be worse than others?
Avatar f tn Hi people..i have body temp. of 99 F from more than a month now...first Dr. thought it could be Tuberculosis but it came negative after several tests & x rays..i dont feel much apetite is fine...feel hunger at right time...haemoglobin is around 11...just a problem of sore throat maybe coz i am allergic to dust & pollen..but no sneezing just lil achy throat & lil swollen node..doc says swollen node on neck is due to sore throat....
Avatar n tn m currently on be helping the sore throat? Such that without the med, the sore throat could have been worse than now? 2. Based on the exposures description earlier, how risky were they? 3. Should antibody blood test be done again at 8 weeks and also again at 12 weeks? 4. What are other HIV symptoms that I should be watched out for? 5. What might be your educated guess on the inflamed urine track and prostate and should I continue the antibolic as directed for the whole 4 weeks?
Avatar m tn After four month means in February 2013 I felt sore throat and cough in my neck. The cough was not dry. And again after four month I got swollen lymph node on my neck and armpit, fever for 2 days, fatigue and abdominal pain. Cough ,swollen lymph node, fatigue and abdominal pain persistent until now. Is this due to hiv.
Avatar f tn It's been 6 months and my throat is still hurting and tonsils also. It goes away for a day or so then comes back. I had my HIV tests at 10-11 weeks come back negative and I have been tested for everything but herpes and it also came back negative, this was back in April. My armpits gets itchy and sometimes hurt there are no swollen nodes though but sometimes my groin nodes get bigger but dont hurt. I also noticed I started to get like a rash with a few tiny red sores on my shaft.
Avatar m tn t seem to be blister and they are there for more than 10 days ever since I start to closely examine my lips everyday. Are they also mild symptoms of oral herpes? I'm so confused, as I'm afraid I might get a nasty outbreak later.
Avatar m tn I posted a question about this last night and received some helpful information, but I wanted to try again. I developed a pretty bad sore throat 2-3 days after having unprotected oral sex (in both directions) and kissing a woman I met at a bar. There was no vaginal sex. What is the likelihood that my sore throat is related to this encounter or an STI? I see a lot of people on this forum mention having a sore throat and its relation to HSV 1-2, so I'm pretty anxious about it. Thank you!!
Avatar f tn What is safe to take for a sore throat? I need some relief fast.. this is awful. 27 weeks.
Avatar n tn Read article earlier this week that just came out about the increase in throat cancers from oral sex, that pointed out sore throat for more than two weeks was a sign along with unexpected weight loss which I have had recently. I am also becoming more alarmed about HIV, when sore throat is searched HIV is often listed and sinus infections are common. I understand risk is extremely low for oral sex transmission but the ongoing sore throat has been tough on the nerves.