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Avatar f tn Recently I found a small soft lump in my throat under my chin at my jaw line. I have had a sore throat and then I notice the lump. My sore throat went away but the lump is still there. Sometimes I have pain in my throat near the lump but it only lasts a second and then goes away. It's on the right side of my face, nothing on the left. Should I be alarms or does it just sound like swollen lymph node?? Help!!
Avatar f tn well its going to be a week already and i been having a horrible sore throat and earache... My question is could this be of the fine needle biospy? Im so scared that the lump is causing all this... By the way i been having this lump for atleast 10 years... Should i be concern about the sore throat and earache?
Avatar n tn If you have allergies, alot of times the post nasal drip/sinus drainage can cause a chronic sore throat. It can also give you that lump in the throat feeling too. That happens to me during allergy season sometimes. On the other hand, you could have a bacterial infection like tonsillitis or Strep. You can actually look at yourself in the mirror and say "ahhhh" and see your tonsils. If they look really red or if you see bumps on them then it may be your tonsils that are hurting.
Avatar n tn On a side note, the past few weeks (starting a 2 weeks before noticing this back lump) I have had a sore area in my throat (not a sore throat!, no pain swallowing, but an irregular feeling like a lump or abrasion) WITH what seemed to be salivary gland pain, two (first tender, then hard) lymph glands in neck, and pain/throb in armpit, groin, and femoral region (no noticed lumps except swollen pain in groin while on Augmentin) and ear pain.
Avatar f tn First it started with a little throat irratation, and that turned into swelling (hurts a little when i swallow) and i feel that my throat is swollen on both sides but on the outside i feel pain and a swollen little lump on the right side, which is more sore than the left. It hurts to turn my head and sometimes when i walk the pain from my neck goes into my right ear and right temple. I have not been dizzy, nor feeling nausea, but i have had regular diarrhea.
Avatar m tn I starting having this ticking feeling in my chest and sometimes I would get a sensation of a lump in chest/throat. I find myslef coughing and clearing my throat a lot. I already saw a doctor but at the time my only symptom was shortness of breath and they checked my lungs witch was fine. I tried taking tums but didn't really help much. Does this sound like GERD?? Please help.
Avatar f tn I dont have pain when i swallow but i do feel like i have to cough due to the fact that i have a lump in my throat. I also developed a sore on the same place were i have the lump that hasnt heal in over a walk but i didnt pay much attention to it due to the fact that i have acne but when i read throat cancer symptoms that really concerned me.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am a 26 year old male and have been experiencing a lump like feeling in my throat for about 3 weeks. I have had trouble breathing through my mouth. I get sore throats on and off and also have woken with a nose bleed about a week ago which has never happened. I have had headaches for 4 months straight. The lump feels like my throat is about halfway open right behind my adams apple. I am worried that it may be throat cancer. Does anyone have any ideas?
Avatar f tn Hi, Cancers that involve the throat, base of the tongue, tonsil, or pharynx usually present with a sore throat that does not go away, cough, difficulty swallowing, weight loss, ear pain, blood-tinge sputum or a lump in the back of the mouth, throat or neck. Are there other symptoms present? You have an increased risk of developing throat cancer if you smoke tobacco and drink alcohol, chew betel quid, or being infected with human papillomavirus (HPV).
Avatar m tn Last week I was ok but developed a sore throat and headaches late last week and by the weekend I had a sore throat, vomited once and developed a sore neck and this lump all in the space of a day. I dunno what it is but if I turn my neck now it's not that painful but before it felt like I had strained a muscle in my neck and the lump itself is quite tender to touch.
696569 tn?1276535119 In August and July, I got strep throat and then mononucleosis (my doctors think...), which kicked my butt pretty bad - exhaustion, fevers, and my throat so swollen and sore I could not speak for 2 weeks. My throat is healing, very slowly, but now I have noticed a lump in the back of my throat. When I open my mouth, you can see, on the left side back wall of my throat, a walnut-sized lump pressing against the skin. Some times the lump seems smaller, other times it seems bigger.
Avatar f tn I do have a few other silent reflux symptoms like clearing throat, dry cough and recently light sore or scratchy throat, but from what I've read the "lump" from silent reflux doesn't go away after swallowing. It does seem to get a little better after taking omeprazole 20, but it is still happening. I read a lot of people with a lump but mine isn't a lump. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn About 8 days ago she went to the doctor with strep-throat. Now today I noticed she has a lump behind her right ear, should I be concerned? I read it could just be her body fighting the infection. Should I get her to the doctor or should I just keep an eye on the lump for a few days? She is 8 years old.
Avatar n tn I have been having a lump in my throat for several months. After thinking I was getting food caught in my throat and even getting an endoscopy I've begun to think it may be food allergies. I do not find it hard to breath though. Can a food allergy symptom be a lump in the throat or chest without feeling hard to breath? I usually feel this just after eating and I feel very nauseous some of the time. I have a bit of a feeling of pins and needles in my throat sometimes.
Avatar f tn I do not have any rash or fever or any lump yet on day 16. Do fever, rash and sore throat all need to be there as symptoms between week 2 and week 4 and do they need to be simultaneous for any test for hiv?
Avatar n tn i have had a viral cold for three weeks four days ago i had a really sore throat when i woke up the next day i felt light headed and notice a lump under my adam's apple it moves up and down as i swallow
Avatar f tn Nancy, you get a lump under your chin when you have a sore throat because you have a lymph node there, which swells due to your immune system fighting an infection. You also have lymph nodes under your arms and near your groin. Though I do not believe there are any in the area Mommy2B is describing. I think she is referring to her pubic synthesis. It could be inflamed due to strained ligaments, but I am not very familiar with the attachments in the area.
Avatar m tn Hello, last week I had a sore throat (burning sensation) for 2 days, then I developed a dry cough. The thing is that around the fourth day or so, I starte having discomfort when swallowing. It felt like I had a lump on the back of my throat that did not make it difficult to swallow, but uncomfortable. I am terrifed this could be soemthing serious, please somebod help me with this.
Avatar f tn i havehad a prolonged stress period from March 19 - April 3st has i was stressing myself that i have gotten HIV or Diabetes both turned out to be not true and during tis period i have almost got every symptom from the book ( lump in your throat feel , slight pressure in spots of the body , horrible sleeping and feeling nauseous in the morning and lucky me i have developed two mouth ulcer in my mouth ( 2 in the same spot just on different cheeks) but my pain is this sore throat feeling.
Avatar n tn With the combination of the lump and your sore, red throat, I'm presuming that it's probably an enlarged lymph node. Your lymp nodes will get enlarged when your body is fighting an infection or virus. How long has this been going on? Any fever? Any other symptoms such as coughing up colored sputum, body aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea? Difficulty breathing or swallowing?
Avatar m tn But from past 5 days i m feeling like a lump in my throat and it is paining also. What it can be? I m too much of scared this issue. Not able to do my daily routine daily. Please help me.
Avatar f tn I gave unprotected oral sex to another man 4 weeks ago and took semen in my mouth. I had very mild inflammation of the glands in my throat, but that seems to be passing and other friends have similar complaints of bugs causing a sore throat. . I've noticed a very small lump on my hard palate for the last day or so. It is just a small lump that is tender (maybe due to the fact that I keep pressing it), doesn't look ulcerated and is a similar colour to the rest of the palate (red/white).
Avatar m tn I have had a lump sensation in my throat for about two weeks now. Its to the side of my adams apple (letf) but internal feeling, in other words no lumps or bumps visible. What worries me is when I swallow I feel a dull pain or ache on this side and it seems to be consistent. I've had lump sensations before in the past and other throat issues, I seem to have a weak throat or something, always giving me issues eg. I cough a lot and get a lot of mucus or flem...
Avatar n tn I am curious to learn what you find out. I have a similar sensation of a lump or sore throat on only one side for a year. This is accompanied by intermittent pain in my lower jaw and ear pain. I had my submandibular gland removed but the feeling persists. Multiple dentist and ENT evaluations have been negative for abscess but I can't shake the feeling that there may be one below one of my two back molars.