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Avatar f tn i don't have a headache or had. i just have a problem with my throat being sore and the loss of my voice but according to my PCP it's just a viral virus and i have to "ride it out." any suggestions on what i may have? i have hypothyroid and my PCP knows that. she didn't mention anything about that being a problem. i just want to get better and go back to work! what could i possibly have? please help!
Avatar n tn This is the right forum. FNA does not commonly cause loss of voice -- the larger the needle (ie, less fine) the greater the risk. Many of us use very small needles for most FNAs (ie 27 gauge), while I have seen others use fairly large needles (22g or even 18g). The best way to figure out if the thyroid swelling/goiter is causing the voice loss is to look at the vocal cords -- this is done by the ENT in his/her office.
Avatar m tn Has anyone else ever suffered sore throat/loss of voice due to stress? I really don't know what to do now Sorry for the incredibly long post!
Avatar m tn I note that “irritation” (presumably of your larynx or vocal cords) was observed by the ENT. The most common cause of sore throat on awakening would be acid reflux, from your stomach into your throat, while you sleep. That too could cause inflammation of the vocal cords and result in a change-in or loss of your voice. I suggest that you discuss this possibility with your primary care doctor or the ENT and that you consider getting a 2nd opinion from another Voice Specialist.
Avatar f tn Hello, The few common causes of loss of voice and hoarseness are laryngitis, laryngopharyngeal reflux disease, benign vocal cord lesions, vocal cord paralysis etc.Serious but rare causes are laryngeal cancers.If it is laryngitis caused by a viral infection humidified steam and adequate fluid intake will be helpful.Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination.
Avatar m tn I've been gargling with salt water and taking half a multivitamin everyday while also getting lots of rest. After my sore throat started to ease up, I noticed that when I i blow my nose there usually fresh blood. I don't get nose bleeds however though, its just sitting in my nose. I started having ear aches at about day 6 and have gone almost deaf in one ear. This has happened before when I've gotten colds, my doc said it was just water building up in my ear and it eventually goes away.
Avatar n tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Loss of voice along with sore throat can be due to laryngitis (inflammation of the voice box), acidity with GERD causing inflammation of the voice box, viral infection or bacterial one. Hence it is important to find the cause. Consult an ENT. Meanwhile do warm saline gargles, drink warm lemonade, herbal tea and clear soups. See if this helps. Hope this helps. Do let me know if there is any thing else and keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Sore throat started on 19-Jan-2013, sensation of tickle in throat but was very persistent. Loss of voice a day later and neck felt swollen on right side but was not noticeable. Thyroid???
1939607 tn?1324292900 I wake up feeling okay and around early evening I get a unilateral sore throat. To be more precise, from the 25th of March until the 1st of April, I kept on getting pain on my left tonsil that radiated on my left ear and the left side of my tongue around the evening. It hurt to swallow, it hurt to talk, it hurt to retract my tongue. Oddly enough, my tonsil did not look swollen and my lymph nodes did not feel "lump-y", even though they are tender to touch.
Avatar n tn A day later I started to lose my voice and could not get rid of the sore throat. I have always had bouts of pharyngitis, though never with voice loss. That is what it feels like, pharyngitis. Could the badly decayed tooth be causing the pharyngitis + the voice loss.?
Avatar m tn BUT, you have to be very careful of reading the symptoms of something and then diagnosing yourself. My sore throat has caused my weight loss because I couldn't eat solid food. It just hurt too much. My lymph glands were only swollen in my throat. My fatigue is very obvious because of being on a liquid diet for so long. Just be careful with looking at only symptoms.
Avatar m tn By chance, I had the same problem as you, once again, last week, after a bout of flu, including the loss of voice. For research purposes, I got a neti pot to see if it would work as well as The Sinus Flush. It provided some relief, but seemed to do a half-a*sed job, or more precisely, a half-sinus job, not reaching the upper part of my sinuses where my infection was. Of course, results may vary.
Avatar f tn Sore throat, voice loss, neck swelling - assumed it was a strain of common cold???
Avatar m tn I have had a Sore Throat for 5 weeks now.the Tonsils and back of throat are really sore!! Dr seems to think its nothing to worry about.Also my arms feel really week.Has anyone else suffered with a sore throat for this long??
Avatar n tn But still have throat pain, and sore throat since more than 13 months. If u get any more info about throat pain and sore throat, from any once let me know Please.
Avatar f tn I now feel about 100 percent of pre-surgery voice. Now if I could just have 100 percent of pre-surgery lack of tiredness! :) Don't give up - go to voice therapy if you need to. They do voice therapy for patients with vocal nodules, not just for strokes. The lessons you learn there help you to use your voice more carefully and how to prevent any damage to the vocal chords. Just take your time easing in to different ranges - a little at a time each day and you'll seen improvement.
Avatar f tn I have the same symptoms of hoarse voice and loss of vocal range and for me who has been a singer and voice teacher all my life this is devastating. Did you get advice? What happened?
Avatar n tn I am at a loss, and need help. I constantly clear my throat of phlem. I sing in the choir and have for years, but I am getting frustrated, because when I try to hit notes that I used to have no problem hitting, I strain or crack, and I feel that it is related to a throat problem. I don't know if it is allergies or some other problem. Do you have any suggestions?
Avatar n tn However, 2 months later I barely have a voice and the sore throat is still there, I also have sensations running up my head from my ear to the top of my skull, nobody has given me a definitive reason for this. My family doctor believes the laryngeal nerve was damaged and has put me on neurontin, helps every now and then, the voice will strenghten fo 2 or 3 hours and then "poof" it's gone again.
Avatar m tn I had a sore throat for 2 weeks,now my voice is very weak, only whisper,and some flem at back of throat at times.If i talk normal cracky and difficult for 2 weeks now.Sometimes i feel inhaler is causing my voice problems or both? i seem to have had this voice problem,but much less for years but not this bad,especially when i could feel sinus dripping down back of throat.
686059 tn?1293837427 A sore throat that does not go away cough pain or difficulty swallowing hoarseness,advanced tumors invade the voice box,causing this symptom and the difficulty breathing weight loss for no known reason ear pain lumps in the mouth,back of the neck,or throat bleeding from the throat or blood-tinged sputum
Avatar n tn I have had smae symptoms since 1 yr ago. It started with a core throat, sore under tongue area; redness on right side of throat and my tongue tingles; my ears ring constantly. I went to my PCP andhe said I have chronic alergies and treated me with sincus medications including augmentin. I did get much better adn the symptoms went away and then a few mobths ago they cameback andit was much worse; I actually thought I was about to expire; I was sleepy, sluggish, tired from the am to the pm.
Avatar n tn Is it possible for a hiatial hernia to cause problems with my throat and voice. My symptoms are loss of voice when I talk for a little while---I can no longer sing---I can't get any range at all----my voice has grown so low that when I answer the phone people think its my husband answering. If you have any ideas I'd certainly appreciate it. Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn I have a constant feeling of a lump in the right side of my throat. The doctor diagnosed it as post nasal drip but it hasn't seemed to helped. The problem went away for a few weeks but it's back strong. I'm thinking either acid reflux or anxiety. I don't have a burning sensation after eating but I don't know what else it could be. I can also seem to control mine. It only gets worse when I think about it. I'm a non-smoker so I'm really confused. Any help?
Avatar f tn Dear all, My father, aged 65, is suffering from a loss of voice and hoarseness on and off, since 5 years. He takes snuff regularly but has no other habits like smoking or drinking alcohol. He has had his tonsils removed in childhood. And we all have hereditary tonsillitis, sore throat, cold and cough. He has no difficulty swallowing but has to strain a lot to talk and raise his voice. He is not at all ready to go to an ENT specialist fearing operation and permanent loss of voice.
Avatar n tn I saw an ENT for chronic throat and sinus pain - she felt a swolllen gland on the right side of my neck. I was negative for Mono. The CT and MRI scans showed no problems except mild sinusitis. I had also had hives for 3 months - the ENT and Allergist said possibly Acid Reflux. I also am constantly clearing my throat and lose my voice often. I did have chest pains for a few weeks (on the rt side - where Acid Reflux would strike). Anyway...