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Avatar f tn I am currently battling with a sore throat for about a week and half. It started off like any normal sore throat or irritation and progressively got worse to a point that it is fine during the day, from about 3/4pm it starts to get sore and progressively gets so bad that I stop talking as it is so sore to talk and feels like I am swallowing a metal spikey ball. There is one spot in specific like a lump there on my left side. Throughout the night it is sore and the morning.
798555 tn?1292787551 It took about 30 seconds for the pain to settle down to just sore and tight. I had night reflux in the past and this is different (plus no liquid sloshing up my throat). Throat tightness and the lump feeling I have had before and I tried to just ignore it, was bothersome but not painful. I am new on Armour, was liking it, but between this and feeling my heart at night, I lowered the amount on my own. Doc wont do labs till 6th week on Armour.
Avatar f tn So getting a sputum sample for culture to see if have an infection would be a good idea. Did you or do you have a sore throat too or just the lung symptoms? Did you ever see white spots or pus in the back of your throat? It doesn't sound like you had strep throat when they tested you for it. But they may have done it due to the high fever symptom and red throat. To test for TB the best test is called the Quantiferon gold test.
Avatar f tn So are any of you pregnant ladies suffering at night by getting a little sore throat while u sleep? What do I do about this?
Avatar n tn I have been waking up every morning for a couple of months now with a sore throat and when I clear my throat there is some blood in my saliva. If I get up in the middle of the night it happens as well. In fact anytime I have been asleep and wake up there is some blood in my saliva. I know that I snore. My brother says he thinks it's a nasal infection but why would it last this long? I was laid off for two months and just recently started working again.
Avatar f tn I have had a sore throat now for about a week. The sore throat comes on about 8:00 p.m. It is very sore and makes it hard to swallow. It keeps me up most of the night. I finally get out of bed around 5 ish, drink a cup of hot coffee and within about an hour my sore throat is gone until around 8:00 at night again. Also in the morning then I am very hot and sweaty. Any suggestions.
1399033 tn?1449587779 Yesterday I went visiting family and their smokers. I used to smoke but quit nearly a year ago. The cigarette smoke I noticed would get around my face and start burning my throat or making it a little itchy. I was around it for a few hours and couldn't take it anymore and went to a different room. There were also people over for dinner/visiting as well..... We left and started talking to DF's mom and she's a smoker. Along with his dad and brother..
Avatar n tn Can I take Tylenol cold and flu? I have a sore throat, and would normally ask my doctor however it is midnight and they are closed. Some advise would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn Hey Flycaster, thanks for the input! I am taking the medicine as prescribed. I take the Prevacid and hour before I eat and the biotics right before I eat. I have drastically reduced spicy food and have one coffee in the morning. However pre-meds I never had acid reflux this bad, I mean last night I woke up in incredible pain and felt like there had been something in my throat all day and worse at night. I can't even lie down for 5mins without having it pour out of me.
3182438 tn?1359489871 I'm 33w 2d I have a sore throat, stuffy/runny noise, stomach ache, headache, and a 19 month old who doesn't understand mommy feels like crap...
Avatar f tn t a lot just a dot on each tonsil. At night I loose my voice or easily sometimes during the day. It makes me very desperate because I already went once to the doctor and she told me to do a blood test that I don't know how to read but it seemed all wacky. My doctor had suggested many things but when she gave me the antibiotics nothing changed. I'm going to the doctor again, hopefully soon but I really just wanted some help for meanwhile.
Avatar m tn Symptoms for std donot happen 2 even 3 days for things like gono and chlamydia but take at least a week. Sore throat, aches and fatigue are not associated with any std but a fever and body aches would be associated with a recent infection for herpes.
Avatar n tn no swollen glands (yet) just a lttle sore throat and back of neck little sore, chill ??? fever but could this be early signs of ARS...I know your going to prob. say well if there is no risk of HIV then no this isn't ARS. Both girls were under the weather. The girl that gave me oral (sore throat same day prior...then told me 5 days later throat was hurting voice slightly gone...and girl I kissed on lip sore throat/resp.
4484425 tn?1384228334 I started getting a sore throat yesterday. Thinking its just from my sinuses draining but the pain kept me up most of the night. Ive taken acetaminophen and it helps some but I'm wondering is I can suck on cough drops or use the numbing throat spray. I can't find my list of approved medicines and being the weekend its hard to get ahold of Dr. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I took one benedryl last night and then today I woke up with a sore throat. I am pretty sure it is from drainage because one of my ears hurts too! Anyone know anything I can take over the counter for it? Any help would be great! Don't want to get on antibotics again because just got off some a couple of weeks ago and then got a yeast infection!! I have been sick off and on with this pregnancy and really don't know why!
8593574 tn?1398970803 Does anybody have any suggestions for a sore throat? I know I can't take any medicine so just wondering?
Avatar n tn We used a condom for the two times we had sex that night. two weeks later i developed a sore throat. I have had that sore throat all the way up until now. I am a hypochondriac and I have a feeling that I am worried to much about this. I didnt really start feeling symptoms until I read about it online and saw sore throat as one of them. I cant sleep at night because everytime I relax I think I have hiv and that im doomed.
Avatar f tn i am on week 13 of tx and I am going on my 6th week of having a sore throat and can not get rid of it. I took antibiotics for 7 days and didnt help at all. My Lymph Nodes located behind the ears and my throat are so enlarged that they are very sore. My nose is congested and is constantly bleeding. Is anyone having this problem? and is their any releif? Thank you for helping.
5609044 tn?1383514943 Okay ladies what can I do about a sore throat. I'm Scared to take any kind of meds.
Avatar n tn How likely is it that the only symptom would be a very slight sore throat - no fever, no tiredness, no night sweats. And if I test negative from the 3 week test can I relax or is it really much to early? Am I going to live with this anxiety until at least 3 months? I really want to know, one way or the other, if I am infected I will deal with it and move on, but this time of not knowing is difficult. It may be that I am OK but will make myself ill with worry.
Avatar m tn Could any one shed some light on my situation? Sore throat just a little too coincidental? And small rash could it be related? Does it warrant testing? Should I be worried?
Avatar f tn I get a bad sore throat every night and it lasts through the morning until I have my water/coffee then I am fine the rest of the day. Should I be concerned or is this just due to the extra phlegm pregnancy produces? I have a doc appt tomorrow so I will ask then, just curious if anyone else has this daily (annoying) sore throat.
Avatar m tn m experiencing a scratchy sensation in my throat for last two weeks. There is no severe pain but just a scratchy sensation. It usually appear during the afternoon or in the evening and will be there till the night. It appears in the alternate days, one day after the other. I had a sore throat for the first time in the recent times on 13th of last month and it was there for 4-5 days and it cured without any treatment. Now it again started appearing from 26th of last month.
Avatar m tn On monday I came home and took a nap and woke up about 5 pm. I woke up and my throat was sore and i didnt feel to get at first but i got over it within an hour. I still have the soar throat. I was looking up signs of STD's in the mouth and white spots and patches is a sign. However, it is also a sign of sore throat, strep, etc. I am 21 and the girl was 37. I am probably going to get tested but was maybe hoping for some relief here. But want honesty. I also was unprotected the whole time.
Avatar f tn This went on for about a week and then I got a TERRIBLE sore throat. I do not have tonsils so I knew the sore throat had to be bad. I went in and the strep and mono test was negative and I was running a 98.2 fever. My usual temp is around 97.2. They put me on 1600 mg of Augmentin and I took that for a week and nothing changed. My neck became worse. My throat wasnt as sore though. So I went back and had a recheck and my fever was at 98.
5154295 tn?1372284196 Is there anything I'm allowed to take during pregnancy for a sore throat? Got it over night and really wanting it to go away...
Avatar n tn Couls this be the start of an ars related illness, is a sore throat at 5 1/2 weeks too late? I was so confident until I started reading all kinds of crazy posts.
Avatar n tn This spurred my paranoia and have been very worried about the possibility of having herpes, especially since mid-day yesterday when I began to get a vert bad sore throat, which I still have. I looked up the symptoms of herpes and and found that sore throat is sometimes included so I just wanted to see whether that is true or not. I have no other symptoms, but I figured I'd still ask.