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Avatar f tn I am currently battling with a sore throat for about a week and half. It started off like any normal sore throat or irritation and progressively got worse to a point that it is fine during the day, from about 3/4pm it starts to get sore and progressively gets so bad that I stop talking as it is so sore to talk and feels like I am swallowing a metal spikey ball. There is one spot in specific like a lump there on my left side. Throughout the night it is sore and the morning.
Avatar f tn So are any of you pregnant ladies suffering at night by getting a little sore throat while u sleep? What do I do about this?
Avatar n tn I have been waking up every morning for a couple of months now with a sore throat and when I clear my throat there is some blood in my saliva. If I get up in the middle of the night it happens as well. In fact anytime I have been asleep and wake up there is some blood in my saliva. I know that I snore. My brother says he thinks it's a nasal infection but why would it last this long? I was laid off for two months and just recently started working again.
Avatar n tn Can I take Tylenol cold and flu? I have a sore throat, and would normally ask my doctor however it is midnight and they are closed. Some advise would be greatly appreciated.
1399033 tn?1449591379 We left and started talking to DF's mom and she's a smoker. Along with his dad and brother.. But it was just his mom up last night. Well were sitting at the table talking and she lights a cigarette. I thought oh no here we go again. It started making my throat itchy again. Df and I were getting ready for bed and my nose started to bleed a little. After going to bed and waking up, my throat is sore. I can feel some discomfort when I swallow. I'm 6w 3d pregnant.
Avatar f tn My tonsils had pus but it wasn't a lot just a dot on each tonsil. At night I loose my voice or easily sometimes during the day. It makes me very desperate because I already went once to the doctor and she told me to do a blood test that I don't know how to read but it seemed all wacky. My doctor had suggested many things but when she gave me the antibiotics nothing changed. I'm going to the doctor again, hopefully soon but I really just wanted some help for meanwhile.
Avatar f tn And him being clean has nothing to do with him going out and having unprotected sex and bringing a disease home to his pregnant wife. Sometimes a sore throat is just a sore throat.
Avatar n tn Now, for about four days, I have had a sore throat. It veries in severity but at night it is worse. I also have a feeling of a ball of mucus in the back of my throat. When I attempt to clear nothing moves. The past few days I have had a taste of blood in the back of my throat. Now when I try to clear that feeling of having mucus in my throat I bring up a ball of dark blood, to which my throat becomes sorer after doing that.
Avatar f tn i am on week 13 of tx and I am going on my 6th week of having a sore throat and can not get rid of it. I took antibiotics for 7 days and didnt help at all. My Lymph Nodes located behind the ears and my throat are so enlarged that they are very sore. My nose is congested and is constantly bleeding. Is anyone having this problem? and is their any releif? Thank you for helping.
146191 tn?1236881412 com Salt in warm water has helped me with my sore throat. Every night last thing before bed, is my gargling routine.If I miss it for a few days the sore throat comes back.I did not actually take antibiotic, but heard that Amoxyciline does not pause any problems during pregnency.(Ok, I did take Amoxiciline a month back for sinusitis) Your third trimester starts from the 27th week. I am going to be 24 weeks this friday too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sooo excited......
Avatar f tn I got loft insulation in my mouth 2 days ago when i was putting some boxes up into the loft. Now the back of my mouth and throat are sore worse at night. Do i need to this check out or is any problems to keep a eye out for and is anything i need to know. i have asthma just thought you need to know this.
Avatar n tn How likely is it that the only symptom would be a very slight sore throat - no fever, no tiredness, no night sweats. And if I test negative from the 3 week test can I relax or is it really much to early? Am I going to live with this anxiety until at least 3 months? I really want to know, one way or the other, if I am infected I will deal with it and move on, but this time of not knowing is difficult. It may be that I am OK but will make myself ill with worry.
564775 tn?1243392302 for the last 2 weeks i have had really bad pain in my throat . it is sore and it swells up. it kills me to drink or at times even talk . but it is only happening in the evening hours and over night. wel for the most part i put it off cause i thought it was cause of the severe heartburn i was having . bad acid issues at night . and when i mentioned it to a dr they didnt look at it or anything just suggested that it had something to do with the acid issues i was having.
Avatar f tn I get a bad sore throat every night and it lasts through the morning until I have my water/coffee then I am fine the rest of the day. Should I be concerned or is this just due to the extra phlegm pregnancy produces? I have a doc appt tomorrow so I will ask then, just curious if anyone else has this daily (annoying) sore throat.
Avatar f tn So, I have had a sore throat for a week now. It started with a tickling throat and then developed, so I find it very hard to swallow because it really hurts, and also have trouble talking. Yesterday I started coughing and it has gotten really bad, to the point where I am coughing until I'm gagging. However, the unusual thing is it only seriously affects me in the mornings and at night. During the day it is bearable. Please help!!
Avatar f tn Two nights ago, I had a night of insomnia and anxiety but I've been find since then except for a feeling of sore throat/throat tightness. Anyone know what's going on? Is this just a symptom of having my dose increased? Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Hi, so two nights ago i gave oral to this guy, and i woke up the next mornign with a little pain in my throat. Last Night i looked at my throat and i saw a pus pocket on my throat, it was kinda big but it was only on my left side. This morning i woke up and the pain was gone, and the pocket went down a bit but there are two little ones around it.
Avatar n tn This spurred my paranoia and have been very worried about the possibility of having herpes, especially since mid-day yesterday when I began to get a vert bad sore throat, which I still have. I looked up the symptoms of herpes and and found that sore throat is sometimes included so I just wanted to see whether that is true or not. I have no other symptoms, but I figured I'd still ask.
Avatar f tn I'm 8 weeks pregnant and just got over a cold.
Avatar n tn I'm on my 10th day with a sore throat. It started as a severly sore throat, could hardly swallow, swollen and sore glands in the neck accompanied with some mild flu like symptoms (fatigue, slight fever, nasal congestion & diareaha). The flu symptoms faded after 72 hours. However, the sore throat remained. It did seem to get better for a day. But returned the following day accompanied with a dry cough.
154927 tn?1205246451 Lady, when I was on tx,,,I also had lots of sore throats. The meds will dry you out so that is why the sore throat. It helped at night when I went to bed to have a humidfier in my room. Also,,drinking as much water as you can helps and if my throat was hurting really bad,,,I would rub vicks on my throat also at night and would feel better in the morning. Hope it gets better soon!
Avatar n tn I've had a sore throat for about a month now, it eases with food intake and gets worse at night (sometimes stops me from sleeping as I can't swallow without pain) the pain seems to be on the left side of my throat and sometimes I have to force myself to caugh to clear it.. when the pain started I had several canker sores in my mouth, my doctor gave me anitibiotics and medicines to clear congestions, didn't do much... I'd like to have your thoughts on this.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor about ten weeks ago with a very sore throat and was given a course of antibiotics, Ranclav 1g once a day for five days. By the time the meds were finished (friday) my throat was better, but I'd developed diarhoea (bright yellow) my stomach was swollen, all my intestines felt bruised, I was deathly tired, couldn't keep my head up or stay awake and I had cold shivers.
Avatar m tn A sore throat can be a symptom of an STD, but from all I have learned (much of it on this site) the sore throat would not manifest as quickly as you have described. It would take at least 2 or 3 days for a sore throat from an STD to manifest, so your sore throat was almost certainly not related to this encounter.
Avatar f tn I was wondering wat kind of medicines would ya use for a sore throat. Also is a little nyquil safe to drink at night for sleep.
Avatar m tn I hope I am asking in the right forum if not let me know. I had fun with two girls after meeting them at a bar that night. Everything was unprotected, and there was a lot of oral and penetration sex. But absolutely no anal. This was done on April 23rd. I have felt descent since then, but have had a few bouts of fatique, and pains in my joints. I do not believe I have had any limp node sweeling or rashes of any kind.
Avatar m tn but I had a sore throat for 2 years and saw 2 hospitals and 3 doctors til the Ear Nose and Throat doc. Turns out he slid a little tube w/ camera down my throat (took just 2 min)and it was a burned up vocal chord from reflux! Now take med and it's GONE!
Avatar f tn I'll be 23 weeks tuesday and have been congested mostly at night for about a month now. I sleep with humidifier on and have been using saline nose spray... this week started having a sore throat about 3-4 days now and seems to be getting worse. Any suggestions what to do/take? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hi, last night I began having a strange type of pain under my tongue on the right side at the base of the mouth - the pain feels similar to a sore throat, but my throat isn't sore. I don't have a fever or swollen lymph glands. Also the pain hasn't gotten worse. I can only feel the pain if I move the tongue up or if I swallow a large amount of food. My throat doesn't have any swelling or redness or whiteness, my voice is still the same, ears are fine and gums are fine.