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1891853 tn?1344652042 Im starting to get a sore throat, im almost 9 weeks pregnant. Anything I can take to help, or prevent it from getting worse? cough drops maybe?
Avatar f tn I found when I was sick it was much worse in the morning when my throat was so dry. Maybe that will help, too. Make sure you are getting plenty of fluid to stay hydrated, too. Feel better soon. Being sick is worse when you're pregnant... I hate nit being able to take medicine that actually works.
Avatar f tn I still have the occasional throat soreness. Before I knew I had hypo, I kept wondering why I was always getting sick with a sore throat, but no fever. Little did I know... If your sore throat gets worse, you could go to immediate care for a throat culture to be on the safe side. Sometimes my sore throats were so bad, it felt exactly like strep but it wasn't. It's whatever will give you peace of mind that matters. I hope your sore throat feels better soon.
Avatar n tn I finished the prescription completely, however a couple days after the last dosage, JUST the sore throat came back. It's been consistent (not getting better or worse) for the past few days, regardless of it being morning or night. I went to our campus health center and the nurse preformed a second strep test which turned out negative. She seemed to believe that it is post nasal drip which absolutely could be a possibility.
1609501 tn?1299205202 Ok, I know I am being silly with all my fears but seriously I am sick of this sore throat. Almost a month ago I found out I have high and low risk HPV, mild dyplasia and vag warts. I have had all other STD testing and all neg. I know oral issues from HPV are rare but my throat looks fine yet is burning and I have one of those, you need to clear your throat but nothing comes out or one in a while a tiny bit of phlem comes out.
Avatar m tn It only kept getting worse. The most frustrating part was that since my throat was obviously inflamed it made it really hard to sleep because it made it feel like my neck was hurting badly and I could hardly sleep for very long before waking up. On Sunday, the day before I saw my Doctor on Monday, I started to have earaches in both my ears.
1474611 tn?1416636558 Woke up with a sore throat that got worse the day went on. PM: Took nap--2 hours. Woke up with stuffy nose. I hope I'm not getting sick. I don't want a sort of bad cold or any kind of the flu.
Avatar f tn I am also very exhausted in the evenings. I started having a sore throat about 2 months ago and had an ultrasound which revealed nothing. The sore throat continues, but now when I eat I feel like I can not breath and I start to panic. These are probably symptoms to different things. Do I need to schedule an apt with my Oncologist or just let it go? I do not have any heart palps yet so maybe I need a higher dose of Synthroid (currently 225 mcg).
667049 tn?1225378752 I don't have a flu, I believe I have a mild fever. I have no sore throat, It started as a light cough with no mucus or flem. Just a dry cough. It has now progressed to a strong cough with some flem. Still no fever but gaining slight headache when coughing. I have been drinking tea, I have been trying to rest more, I am taking Vicks Cold/Flu Relief. It helps with the headaches but it doesn't seem to supress my cough in the slightest. Cough drops down seem to lessen my cough either.
Avatar f tn Anyway I'm scared because now I have a sore throat, headaches, pain in my groin, and a mouth sore. And I feel like my body is weak and I'm getting these weird bumps on my feet and under my armpits.
Avatar m tn But now my partner, 3 weeks and 4 days from the last time we slept together has devolped a cough, sore throat, and a 101 degree fever! our dr. told us she prolly caught a bug, due to the stress weve been under emotionally (came clean with her) but the symptoms seem like they are getting more and more coincidental! how likley is it between my low risk exposure, and a 4 week negative that i have contracted hiv and passed it to my partner? or should i accept the coincidence.
Avatar n tn Hi Teak and all that may be able to help: My exposure was last year in August when i was starting a new relationship with a co-worker. I kissed him and only 3 dyas after that incident I got really sick and eventually learned he had given me Mono. I freaked out totally and went on an HIV testing binge while in the meantime my symptoms persisted for months after that incident.
Avatar f tn They put me on 20mg a day of Opermerzole (may have spelled wrong). Diet changes and the medicine helped for awhile but it started getting worse since I was having sore throats accompanied by aciditic taste. My doctor said he seen some burns in the back of my throat and bumped my prescription to 40mg at night and suggested raising the head of my bed.
Avatar f tn On March 25th I had all of my 14 lower teeth extracted and then received an immediate full denture and while it's been a chore in of itself trying to get used to these things what's even worse is that for the past 2 weeks I've had a constant sore throat, but only in the mornings and at night...??? Naturally, I think I probably have tonsillitis or something because it's definitly NOT strep. Could someone get tonsillitis after getting new dentures?
Avatar n tn I gave a girl oral sex 5 days ago and have a horrible sore throat, where i have a hard time swallowing. Over the past 2 days i developed little red dots on the front of my tongue and it has a white coat over it and seems to be getting worse. Is this an indication of Herpes?
Avatar n tn I am usually a very healthy person of average weight. I was sick for two weeks with sore throat/acid reflux? taking tums and pepto bismo, then I made an appointment with my family physician having the complaints of constant burning in my throat regardless of position or type of food I ingested. she looked at my throat and said she seen "red streaks". she prescribed protonix and carafate. I took these for two weeks with no relief.
Avatar n tn Hi My husband has been sick and so has our baby (4 weeks old) tonight our baby is sticking out his tongue alot and fussy, I believe he has a sore throat. I feel helpless the poor guy has been fussy all day, his congestion hasn't been bad but I fear it is getting worse. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I have developed an intermittent sore throat after having oral sex with different women. There isn't any redness or visible signs of bumps. The irritation is not painful, just annoying and it isn't persistent. The soreness started about 2 weeks after. It has now been 4 weeks. Does this sound like I may have an oral STD?
1654177 tn?1319842094 I have had dry sinuses since I started and a sore throat off and on on my left side only. for the past month, the sore throat has been constant on just the left side, but mild. During the past week, the pain is about a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1-10, and I have an ear ache on the left too. I use a humidifier, saline nasal spray, sometimes neti pot and chloroseptic throat spray when needed.
Avatar f tn I'm but much for taking medicine generally speaking. When I have headaches, I sit butterfly style and breathe deeply, as I exhale, I lean forward as far as I can and remain in that position for about 5 breaths. And come back up as I inhale.
Avatar f tn My cough seems to be getting worse :/ about 7 wks anybody know some natural remedies? Also for indegestion tums didn't work so most likely have to get a prescription from my OBGYN. Anybody else having all these health probs during their first trimester???
Avatar f tn I feel like I may be trying to get sick. My throat started getting mildly sore and my nose is a little stuffy.. I can I stop this before getting terribly sick?
Avatar f tn I have had a really bad throat since wednesday also runny nose and ear ache but just seems to be getting worse i have some linctus medicine and throat sweets but nothing seems to take the edge off. Its now affecting my sleep i am due to be induced tomorrow and im so exhausted any ideas to help sleep through the pain of something that might ease it. Im a ftm and nervous enough about delivery let alone with no energy!
Avatar m tn Earlier this week I started having a terrible stuffed up nose.. Worse than I've had in quite a while. Next came a sore throat. No fever all week but constant nose and throat pain. I think a week ago I wiped a couple times and there was a mucus blood type thing but that has been it. I normally start the 2nd-7th of the month. I have been peeing so much (but I also drink a lot of water) I also get bad acne before a period and my face has been clearer than normal.
Avatar f tn this week started having a sore throat about 3-4 days now and seems to be getting worse. Any suggestions what to do/take? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Now its evolved in a stuffed nose so can't breath. Breath with open mouth so my sore throat is getting worse again. I stay inside and try not to be in the cold. I keep something on my throat, a scarf or anything that keeps it warm.
Avatar n tn It started with a cold which has gone away but the sore throat remains and is getting worse, my tongue is also a yellow/white color. I have called the doctor and via the phone she told me it was probably viral and to not worry about it but I'm concerned because it's not getting any better.
Avatar n tn I dont know if this has anything to do with sinusitis, but I couldn't find a more applicable topic. I had a bad cold/ sore throat thing about a month ago- lost my voice, ran a fever the whole thing. Never went to the doctor but it eventually went away though the cough persisted for a week or so. but since the rest of the symptoms went away I have been having a strange sore throat. Most of the time it feels okay, but a little weird when I swallow.