Sore throat gargle salt water

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Avatar f tn honey water with lemon and. Cinnamon..
Avatar f tn Gargle with warm maybe a little hot salt water it's better and doctor recommended like a lot of salt stir it and gargle do it every hour.
1891853 tn?1344648442 gargle warm salt water, or you can get some honey and propelis drops, or normal strepsils etc
9634886 tn?1405819605 Chloraseptic spray and warm salt water gargles are pretty much the only things u can do
Avatar n tn Okk thank you i will try doing that
Avatar f tn Gargle with warm salt water to help reduce swelling and relieve discomfort.
Avatar m tn I would say put some salt in a cup of hot water and gargle. tastes nasty but relieves throat pain. other thing is to put honey and fresh squeezed lemon into a cup of hot water and drink it. make sure you drink lots of liquids to keep your throat moist and yourself hydrated. if this continues for a few days, see your doctor as you may have strep. good luck and hope you're feeling better soon!
Avatar f tn Gargle with warm salt water....
Avatar f tn Cough drops, gargle warm water and salt , lemon and honey tea, and I suggest start up on some vitamin c tablets to get your immune system up.
Avatar n tn Your first step is to go to your family physician and have him/her check it out, including a strep test for strep throat. Any sore throat lasting a week or more should definitely be checked out. Strep throat is very common (especially in children and young adults) and very treatable, but can lead to serious complications if not treated. So please get your parents or a trusted adult to take you to the doctor and get checked.
Avatar f tn Suck on garlic cloves in between gargles. Also gargle with sea salt in water every couple of hours. Drink fluids high in vitamin c, like lemon in water with raw honey. Mix 1/2 raw honey with 1/2 powdered tumeric and place in mouth, allow it to melt slowly. The tuneric, garlic and apple cider vinegar are all natural antibiotics/ anti-inflammatories. Eat simple soups of vegetables in chicken broth with some real whole chicken with bones slowly simmered in it.
Avatar f tn Tylenol is better for aches and pain that come with being sick. You can take it while pregnant but if you just have a sore throat try sucrets and gargle with warm salt water to kill the bacteria in your throat.
338963 tn?1253660822 warm salt water gargle to soothe the throat and tylenol. i hope its justa sore throat and not something else/ get yourself to your doctor to be checked out.
Avatar f tn Try warm jello and honey it worked for me with a sore throat and my morning sickness
Avatar f tn I sipped hot water, lemon and honey. Also gargle salt water about 5-6 times. It will kill the bacteria causing your sore throat. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Tylenol, throat lozenges, hot tea auth honey and lemon , salt water gargle.
Avatar f tn Sip on your favorite hot tea, gargle salt water (this has a 100% success rate for me)
Avatar f tn Gargle with warm salt water and drink warm tea with lemon and honey and lots of water
Avatar n tn throat lozenges, ibuprofen, hot tea, chloraseptic spray, salt water gargle. All thease provide seconds of relief, short-lived. WHAT is causing these sores, both on throat and vaginally, and this severe throat pain?! I'm in agony!!