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Avatar f tn In the last couple of days I have developed a sore throat and when looking at my tonsils there a pockets of white puss on them. I have started seeing a guy who is probably at high risk of having some kind of STD because of his sexual background and has never been tested for STDs before. Last week I gave him unprotected oral sex though I didn't get any sperm in my mouth.
Avatar f tn He has been vomiting for a week, has a persistant headache, has a sore throat with puss pockets on his tonsils. Last week he went to an urgent-care center because he does not have a regular doctor in the area he is in yet. They said he had an ear infection, gave him antibiotics and sent him home. His symptoms have continued, so he went to the ER yesterday. They said he was dehydrated and gave him 2 bags of iv fluids. They did a quick test for Mono and Strep, both were negative.
Avatar f tn 8 months ago I had unprotected oral. Up until now I've had a cornice sore throat, gi symptoms and loose stool. I've been tested for all the regular stds at 4 months and they are all negative. My main concern is the sore throat cause my wife is feeling the same way. What do u guys think. I am lost and don't know where to get answers anymore.
Avatar n tn I have had a persistent sore throat for the past two months and was prescribed an antibiotic a few weeks ago. The antibiotic corrected the sore throat and nasal pressure, so I assumed it is a sinus infection. My test results for strains of step came in negative and the doctor recommended I cease taking my antibiotic (5 days in out of 10) so I did. It has now come back and I expect it to stay if untreated (as the past two months have shown).
Avatar m tn Not saying you have this....but I had a sore throat for 2 years and saw 2 hospitals and 3 doctors til the Ear Nose and Throat doc. Turns out he slid a little tube w/ camera down my throat (took just 2 min)and it was a burned up vocal chord from reflux! Now take med and it's GONE!
Avatar m tn I get tested for STDs semi-regularly, and ask that they include herpes (I know it's not part of the standard testing for some reason). I've always come back negative on everything, so when I developed a rash recently I wasn't too worried. The rash in question is at the inside of my upper right thigh, right next to my genitals but not in a location that I would expect to have ever had sexual contact.
Avatar m tn around october i started getting chronic sore throat for the first time where the pain varied from the lower to upper throat right to left and since then it has been recurrent. I had been to a specialist doctor and said that i was perfectly alright. I now fear that i may have throat cancer cause the sore just do not go away.What do you think?/or is it just smoking that irritates my throat cause i have not quit yet. Please help.
Avatar f tn What should i do for confirm my diagnosis. Because i have sore throat and itchingso i think this is herpes. What chances are for herpes in this condition.
Avatar n tn gp diagnosed me with tonsilitis got tested same day at sex clinic and a week later tested positive for throat gonorrhea. symptoms were inflammed tonsil with ulcers, fever, night sweats and sore throat-hard to swallow. gp diagnosed antibiotics and throat specialist booked me in for tonsilectomy on oct 17th. sex clinic prescribed antibiotic injection and 2 pills to take orally. 4 days since that treatment and its all calmed down now.
Avatar f tn About 1 week ago, started developing rash like pimply mark on right side of forehead followed by 3 swollen lymph nodes in neck, right side. Went to the nurse, she told me to change my earrings- didn't help. Next few days, started getting right sided migraines, extreme fatigue, eye pain(right side) and a general lack of appetite, also it was like my eyes moved slowly & I was sometimes disoriented. Went to doctor they told me "your body is working" and gave me ibuprofen.
Avatar n tn First diagnosis was sore throat take antibiotics, went away for a while, came back with vengeance, and has not gone away for several months, ent said I have eagle syndrome, he then sent me to another ent and he said he doesn't agree he looked at both ct's he said no calasification. More antibiotics. Any help please.
Avatar m tn I have a 15 year old daughter who has dark circles under her eyes, dark pigmentation on her knuckles, elbows and knees, weight loss, diarrhea, constant sore throat, occasional chills, cold sores inside her cheeks, headaches and sensitivity to light, she has trouble sleeping and has nightmares. She cries easily, seems depressed at times, and is very snappy. Since the fall she has had bouts of low blood sugar.
Avatar m tn I felt like crap for a couple days and had sore throat, loss of apetite, weight loss, and it felt like my liver and spleen were enlarged. Then I was given a ceftriaxone shot and put on another antibiotic course. The secretions slowly went away and the most severe symptoms such as loss of apetite went away after a few days. I was tested for HIV anti-bodies about a week after contact and of course I didn't realize that they wouldn't show up that fast.
Avatar n tn I gave oral sex to my boyfriend 5 days ago (Monday night), I woke up the next day (Tuesday morning) with a sore throat. My throat has gotten progressively worse and my tonsils are now swollen and exhibiting white pus spots, and my throat is extremely painful and red. My glands on my neck are also very swollen and I have had a fever for the last day and a half. Is it possible that these symptoms are a result of the oral sex, or just a coincidence?
Avatar f tn i have had the WORST sore throat for the last three months, part of what led to the fibro diagnosis. it is def worse when i don't get enough sleep. i had been using over the counter melatonin to help me fall asleep which worked ok for a while. hope you feel better!
Avatar n tn Even if this pain occurs daily (which is the only symptom that continues to occur) and I had other STD symptoms earlier which have since vanished? (Sore throat, burning sensation in the urethra, abdominal pain, red bumps, ect.) What else could cause this within a few days of a sexual encounter?
Avatar m tn This started of at the same time that i had a sore throat and now the sore throat is healed but the rash is still there.
Avatar m tn 4 weeks ago i woke up one day feeling very sore and fatigued with a very bad sore throat. The sore throat got worse after few days although the body pain disappeared and it got to bad that i couldn't swallow food or liquids. I went to a doctor and was put on an antibiotic for 7 days. I took the antibiotics and it kind of got better but on the 5th day of my treatment the sore throat got worse again.
Avatar m tn Now on the 9th day with 37c temp, pain in left neck that is getting stronger below the ear and abit of sore throat and extreme tiredeness and diziness (all symtomps keep coming& going but mostly there ) & the pink spot is fading leaving 3 small dots of healed wounds.Im so worried and i want to know if these could be possible HIV symptoms? Or later onthey will bemore severe to indicate hiv? If not hiv then whatis it ?opinions were that HIV symptoms don't appear that early!
Avatar f tn I have sore throat and right swollen under jaw near tonsils since 18 days. No pain. And uncomfortable Doc gave me azitromicin 250. History I have tonsils issue Why it’s taking time for cure ?
Avatar f tn I asked about the sore throat as I was thinking Strep , what diagnosis did the doctor have after the blood test did he say why the ASO titre was high ?
Avatar f tn // Let us know if you see a doctor and what they say. Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar m tn 25 YO male, 130 lbs, 178cm, presenting with sore throat for 27 days. As of today experiencing sore throat more painful than usual accompanied by dull chest pain and very slightly labored breathing. Believes condition was maybe contracted through prolonged kissing of female likely at high risk of STD contraction. Diagnosis?
Avatar n tn There are reports that people who have oral gonorrhea have a sore throat, but a lot of time people say what they think someone wants to hear so that is not 100% reliable. My guess is that it is a common infection and you are just associating a STD with it. I often see people post about this or that and symptoms the next day or a couple of days later and it turns out not being connected at all.
Avatar m tn It is important to consult your doctor for a proper assessment of your throat and diagnosis. Treatment will depend on the cause and severity of the cause.Bodyache could be due to fever. In case of bacterial infections you may need antibiotics and antihistamines for allergies. Do write to me again on how you are doing. Best luck and regards!
Avatar m tn Well the first time was unprotected, the second time the condom broke. The last time we had sex was Saturday night, Monday morning I woke up with a sore throat and felt kinda fatigued. No fever, no headaches but is a sore throat a prondrone symptom? She said she had been tested and is clean however I have a feeling she never had bloodwork done. What are the odds that me having a sore throat and feeling a little rundown a symptom of herpes? Thanks everyone.
Avatar f tn The next week I noticed small sores on arms, hands and face. Also, was sick with cold/sore throat and had blisters in throat. Saw a dermatologist and she thought the sores were eczema. A month and a half later, still itching, no pain, tested positive for yeast infection. Here are questions How likely is it that hsv 1 could show up this many years after oral sex Doc said it could be latent and just show up from stress and the running?