Sore throat and yellow snot

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Avatar m tn Does nasty yellow and green mucous sound like an ars symptom. And how long does fever usually last from ars.
Avatar m tn I've been ill for over a month, it started as an ENT infection and is now a cough and cold type of thing. My left sinus had started hurting a few days ago (the pain originated under my eye, above my teeth); it worsened when i breathed in through it. It was completely blocked and no snot could get through. When i blew it earlier, i felt a large mass (probably snot) go out of my nose and into my throat and my nose was unblocked, i could smell again.
Avatar f tn ve tried everything! But just as recently as this week I noticed that my snot was a greenish yellow color and my snot seemed to be a lot thicker(tmi sorry) I kind of ignored it and went on about my day. Later in the week I noticed that my right nostril has white bumps in side that are very sore and that nostril keeps bleeding, mind you it's only the right nostril! I'll blow & sometimes it will be bloody or when I wake up it will be all crusted in my nose. So confused!
Avatar n tn 2) Considering my symptom with congestions chest, thick yellow snot, runny nose and high temperature, do you think if they are ARS symptoms? 3) How long does the symptom occur after exposure? 4) What is stat/pak versus generic HIV test? Thank you!
Avatar m tn Two days later, 9/26 my tongue was coated white/yellow and the sides of my tonue seemed to be curved and red. I was a little tired and achey but also out walking in the rain. 9/27 my throat is no longer sore. Tongue coloring is still off but not painful. Top and tip of my tongue is tingling a little still colored. 9/28 Top and tip of my tongue is tingling a little still colored. Bottom inside lip feels a little numb and maybe a bit swollen.
Avatar m tn I had one or two days fever, then few days was ok, then yellow/green snot, coughing and maybe slight temp. raise Week 4 : yellow/green snot, coughing and maybe slight temp.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am 10 weeks today and have a horrible sore throat. It's red and inflamed but no white spots indicating strep. I think it's from post nasal drip, I am also choking up phlegm mostly clear and light yellow. I used the netti pot twice today so far and it's helped my nose but not throat. Also tried a shot of apple cider vinegar and failed spectacularly at getting it down. I do not want to take over the counter medicine but I know you ladies will have more natural ideas.
Avatar n tn 2) Considering my symptom with high temperature after 8 days coughing, thick yellow snot and runny nose, do you think if they are ARS symptoms? 3) How long does the symptom occur after exposure? I am confused by the number of 1~4 weeks and 2~6 weeks. 4) What is stat/pak HIV test? How does it compare to ELISA?
Avatar f tn So, I have had a sore throat for a week now. It started with a tickling throat and then developed, so I find it very hard to swallow because it really hurts, and also have trouble talking. Yesterday I started coughing and it has gotten really bad, to the point where I am coughing until I'm gagging. However, the unusual thing is it only seriously affects me in the mornings and at night. During the day it is bearable. Please help!!
Avatar f tn hi, 4 days ago i got my sore throat and suddenly not feeling well, fever, chills, and very light headache. i was taking a paracetamol , the fever down and ups again after several hours. the day after realized there was an yellow spots on the back of my tonsils. i was searching through the internet it probably a strep throat. on the 3rd day morning the sore throat was getrting a lot better but the fever is still the same and the yellow spots was there.
290018 tn?1240365868 hope he feels better but all of those sign and symptoms tell me strep and or the flu with little kids they get the nasuea and fever runny nose and very scratchy sore throat try to give him a warm salt water gargle to soothe the throat. hope that will make the little one feel better. this darn flu.
4479005 tn?1359263183 its A LOT of snot like stuff that comes out, but it can regrow if your body isnt ready for labor....and usually theres blood...sometimes no blood... but it doesnt mean labor..i lost my mucus plug last week, ive been bleeding for 2 days and still...NOTHING.
Avatar f tn Every winter I lose my voice. My throat doesn't get sore anything but it gets real dry. It almost feels like, and this is gonna sound gross but I don't know how else to describe it, there is hardened snot in my throat. When I eat something or drink something warm it kind of breaks up a little and I can cough some of it up but it's not phlegm. It's like a real hardened snot kind if like the consistency of a just moistened corn flake.
Avatar f tn I wash pillow cases and bed covers etc more often, and take a shower before I sleep to remove all the pollen, dust etc.
5975291 tn?1430718287 It's looks like snot . It can be bloody or brown or just cloudy or yellow. Go online a look it up and look at pictures if your still not sure.
Avatar f tn my back just aches so bad and my sides are so sore and just hit me im actually hoping its a good sign although it hurts.
Avatar f tn I lost my plug few weeks ago and it was huge and pink. I've been loosing more the last few days and its like chunks of clear/yellow snot. Definatly can tell the difference.
Avatar f tn Afterwards however, I coughed and I realised that there was blood in the back of my throat. This only happened once and I am sure that I did not swallow any blood. Also I have not told anyone, what shall I do?
Avatar f tn Umm go on Google. And I'm 37 weeks and I'm now starting to lose my mucus plug and it's like snot gross lol. But I don't think that's a normal discharge.
Avatar m tn If so, what you do with the sore throat? Actually, I had the same sore throat after taking Prevacid on 12th day. However, the sore throat is still here. Please help me!
Avatar m tn Couple hours later very sever red and sore throat all over.. I have very bad panic disorder and freak out easy so plz think before u reply lol.. I am a heavy smoker and my mom died of lungcancer in 2006. I dont know of anyone else in my family that may have had any type cancer. Sence moms death i have ran to hospitals to be scanned and tested for cancers mainly lung ca. I guess my question is is how likey is my tonsil problem to be cancer??
Avatar f tn I just went pee and when I wiped, I had some discharge, it was kinda yellow...normal or no?!?