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Avatar n tn When i had my sore throat i had honey and tea. Also had honey, lemon ginger drinks. I took a fisherman friend as directed on pkg. And if u have a fever too, my dr said i can take normal strengh tylenol as directed on the box. I think its every 4-6hours cant remember. But always call ur dr before taking any of those. Thats what my dr recommend for me though. Not much else you really can do unless u have a natural store near you.
Avatar f tn i had the same thing. though i got really weak and went to the doc. he gave me some.penicillin. if you have some it is safe to take that. i took 4/day until it was gone.
Avatar n tn For the past year i have constantly been getting recurrent sore throats. I feel over the last 4 months, my sore throats have been more and more frequent. This sore throat is followed by a runny nose and nasal congestion, which is not too bad, but unfortunately this has been occuring way to frequent. I feel that lack of sleep and any form of excercise immeaditely contributes to an itch in the throat and eventually a sore throat.
Avatar n tn the next morning i woke up and had all these bumps on my back and arms and legs that seemed to be mosquito bites. my throat was very sore but i figured that was from throwing up stomach fluids. then later that day my symptoms got worse. I felt weak, had a stuffy nose and began to get more little tiny bumps all over my arms legs back and stomach. these bumps are much smaller than the ones i got in the beginning but they itch just as much.
Avatar n tn She started out with sore throat, fever, then the red bumps on the fingers and toes as well as throat and mouth. Lasted for about 5 days. 5-7 days after her bout with what her doctor described as FHAM, I (45yr old male) came down with body aches, pains, soar throat and fever for the first 24 hours. The sore throat is still present with the exact same looking throat as my 6 year old but WORSE !! I also have the red sores on the inside and tops of my fingers.
Avatar f tn Hi mums i am 38 weeks with a really bad flu and throat is soo sore .. What can i have for relief as i already have 2 kids to watch around n i also feel weak but scared to have anything ..
Avatar m tn By night felt really weak and tired, woke up every couple of hours last night sweating sometimes. Feel weak and body aches and sore throat until I take tylenol, the sore throat shifted to the right side today. What gives? Still feel pretty damn tired.
Avatar f tn Hi Iam 12 wks and have a sore throat and congestion I'm starting to feel real weak question it okay to take mucinex fast max ? Of course its the weekend and I can't call my doctor...but I need something to help me get through the pain ....what do you think???
450130 tn?1219432899 i had a herniated disc and had an epidural injection done. A few days later i develped a sore throat and eventually weakness in my legs. This was a month ago. Ive tried all the traditional remedies and treated my symptoms as a cold or flu. My pain management Dr. told me my symptoms are not anything that may happen from the injection. When i wake in the morning, my legs feel so weak it hard to walk. Can anyone tell me waht this may be?
12563078 tn?1427508556 if a person catches cold and sore throat along with a fever more than 2 times a year can they be said to have weak immune system? i searched for this all over but could not find a answer.
Avatar f tn Maybe you should be tested for hand, foot, and mouth. This can cause sore throat and also peeling of skin on hands and feet. You should return to your dr. as he or she may need to give you another round of antibiotics for the strep. Hope you get well soon.
Avatar f tn The sore throat was gone in about 5 days, but the cough continues. My voice is very weak and is not getting better. What could it be?
1203145 tn?1265551010 It began as just a soar throat, then a running nose with the throat, then a cough, and all with no fever. I had the sore throat, cough, and running nose for one week, then I had chest pains with. The throat, chest pains, cough, and nose stayed for the second week, and into the begining of the third week. Mid-way through the third week the simptoms began to go away until I had a light cough and slightly stuffy/runny nose. Then I had a sudden clean out of my entire digestive system.
Avatar f tn i think im prego not sure! lately i been so sick running nose, sneezing, sore throat and lately i just havent felt the same im tired more, my back hurts, nausea, weak, my stomich hurts at times, always wakin up early thing is i dont have a period, i havent had 1 since october when i lost my baby and jan when i lost the 2nd baby and then got on depo in feb and havent went to get the second shot, so i had unprotected sex can i really be prego? and is being sick part of being pregnant or no?
Avatar f tn I continued taking lithium and all of my medication until I talked to my therapist and he said to stop taking it and wait a few days. A day after I stopped taking lithium and my sore throat only got worse and I nearly lost my voice. I also got a fever that night which went away quickly but I had no pain in my throat. My pupils were still dilated. A day after my dilated pupils were much smaller and seemed normal, the sore throat was still there.
Avatar f tn Sore throat &' body is super weak :( I am 38+4 weeks now &' can't take this pain at all :( what's this mean?what should I take for the pain?
1183190 tn?1326108934 Symptoms - Feb 2010 i have had rashes on palm and Chest ,Fever,Chest Pain,Muscle and joint pain and sore throat was back Testing- tested negative for HIV on April 2010 (4 months after condom break incident) 3rd exposure- I still dont know why i did it. Visited a another CSW in india on May 2010 ,had protected oral and vaginal sex,same condom was used for both oral and vaginal,I checked and the Condom was intact .
Avatar n tn i had unprotected sex with a girl 4 weeks ago and 3 days later i developed sore throat and diarrhea and did the stool test and found out i had cyst of E hystolitica. i took antibiotics to treat the sore throat which subsided the following day and metronidazole for the diarrhea.while taking the metronidazole i was feeling weak and tired and had night sweats. i was feeling feverish but my body temperature has never exceeded 37 C up to date.
5780797 tn?1374128448 About a year ago I got a sore throat out of nowhere and about 3 hours later I started feeling sick so I went to sleep. When my mother woke me up about 5 hours later I was extremely sore, could barely move, I was really weak, throat hurt to the point I couldn't swallow without tears instantly coming to my eye and I was running a fever. My mother took me to the doctors the next day and the doctor said my throat was almost closed off.
Avatar m tn 2 weeks later, i now have a very sore throat, feel very weak and my lymoh nodes have swelled in my neck. I know that oral is low risk but am i at any risk for this exposure?
Avatar f tn Okay, so I'm a 17 year old female about to be 18 in a few weeks and for the past couple of days, anytime I eat, I feel sick. I feel like weak and I don't necessarily feel nauseous, my stomach just feels weird. I get really gassy. I burp and fart a lot lol. It could just be a piece of candy and I get the same reaction. I've been really tired or exhausted lately with a cough and stuffy nose and sore throat that comes and goes. I had a nose bleed yesterday that fell from the sky.
2085202 tn?1373199740 s effecting my whole upper body even up to my throat. My gut up to my throat feels weak and weird. I also am feeling very short of breath, swallowing alot of gunk and it seems as if my lungs might actually stop functioning as if my body is forgetting how to breath as my lungs will spasm as if I missed a breath. I just recently had blood work done and so far no news on the results. Could this be pancreatic CA? Pancreatitus? An ulcer? IBS? Can my anxiety/panic problems cause this?
Avatar f tn I woke up weak with a cough, chest pain, head aches and my throat is sore !! Im 14weeks pregnant any ideas I hate feeling this way PLEASE help any tips ?
Avatar m tn During the treatment my pain during urinating almost disappeared, appearing only rarely, but my throat stayed sore. Now 6 and 1/2 weeks post exposure I still have this weak pain while urinating and still sore throat for like now 3-4 weeks. I tested for HIV yesterday and it was negative. Please give me some reasonable advice and I don't want to destroy my liver and kindeys with any more useless antibiotics. Thank you.
Avatar m tn About 48-72 hours later, I came down rapidly with a sore throat, aches, and fatigue, but no real cough or nasal problems to speak of. I also noticed one small canker sore inside my mouth (not outside on the lips). Anyway, I don't know if these symptoms are from the flu, strep, some other virus, or HSV 1 or 2. The canker sore was quite small and unproblematic. I don't know if it is related to this encounter.