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Avatar n tn So, I performed oral sex on a male and a week later I developed a sore throat. I had two white spots on my left tonsil, and I went to a doctor. I had HIV test, strep tests, for three types of strep, performed, and the doctor sent me on my way without any clue to as of what was wrong. I had no cuts in my mouth or anything, and the male did not ejaculate in my mouth.
Avatar m tn I am wondering if any of these actions could have led to an HIV infection. I am worried because i understand that throwing up can cause cuts and bleeding in the throat and/or stomach, which seems like a possible infection route. I looked at my mouth and face in the morning, and did not see any visible blood. If there was blood in the bowl with vodka in it, or blood on/in the glass of water I drank, would I be at risk? Would I be at risk if toilet water/vomit got into my eye or mouth?
Avatar f tn Once avOn I deep throated it. I keep loosing my voice and my throat was hurting . This morning I wake up and my throat dosent hurt but my tonsils are all bloodshot.
Avatar m tn Everytime I drink alcohol wine vodka whiskey beer the day after I immediately have a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes and flu like symptoms the last time I was drinking was last week and when I woke up two days after with a inflamed throat and that turned into me have a bad cold Idk if its drinking ir the weather this time but every other time if I drink or get drunk this happens to me am I allergic to alcohol
Avatar n tn The last couple time i have drank alcohol, particularily vodka I experience extreme sore throat and loss of voice the next day. I dont feel any irritation during consumption but I wake up the next day with no voice and my throat feels swollen. This usually last up to three days. Could my vocal chords possibly be having a reaction to the alchohol?
Avatar f tn I touched them and they were warm. And got a sore throat within the same day i am wondering that they could be hives. But the question is why are they still there. Im not yet diagnosed planning to go to a doctor or to dermatologist but to my home country maybe coz im currently in the other country.
Avatar n tn I also have this problem when drinking red wine and to a lesser degree white wine. I noticed that vodka does not affect me in this way and have read that it is low in tyramine. What other alcoholic beverages are low in tyramine? Is Cider low in tyramine?
Avatar m tn Alcohol allergy and a variety of alcohol reactions including flushing, nausea, and discomfort are important considerations. Try to avoid the trigger/ vodka tonic and have this checked by your doctor also if it persists. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Is drinking vodka like about small peg bottle make me gain weight.. I drink may be once or twice a week..
Avatar f tn If you continue to drink the hard stuff vodka and whiskey, you will ruin your kidneys and can end up in the hospital with dialysis!! They tell me it is a slow and painful process. If you can't pee, it sits inside you and stagnates and you can get a very bad infection from it. On the other hand, some beer is good for the kidneys. You must, however, drink water!!!
Avatar m tn Does impetigo feel like a burn kinda? Also can you get impetigo so soon after hiv exposure and would it present itself as just one sore? I think I was anal raped at a youth hostel after 5 shots of vodka and 1 beer. I did not wake up or remember it though....but had a very sore anus the next few days after this. Would I be experiencing impetigo so soon after exposure?
Avatar f tn I tried going cold turkey yesterday after many years of drinking and recently I'm up to four pints of vodka a day. I hung in until I started puking profusely then went to the hospital but the nausea and vomiting was to much for me to handle and I thought if I had a drink I'd feel better so I left. However after trying to drink the vomiting wouldn't stop and I think I threw up around 20 times. I've finally.
Avatar m tn No, HIV takes years to progress to AIDS. See number 3 above about your sore throat. Further, I would add that anxiety and reflux ("heartburn") can cause residual sore throat. 5. Miniscule. In part because your risk of infection is so low. 6. Virtually zero. 7. No. Your fear of the result is no reason not to test. Testing does not give a person HIV but it does give them the power to know what is going on and whether or not they have the infection.
Avatar n tn I drank from a bottle of Vodka the other day, only a little sip. I don't know why I did it without knowing who drank out of it, but is there any possible way for me to contract HIV by doing this? I had a little sore on the inside my cheek, but I drank such a small amount out of the bottle it didn't even touch the sore.
Avatar m tn Have you had your ears checked by your family doctor?Too much vodka can make the head,and the ears buzz!
Avatar n tn Hello Doctor, Actually i did sex with escort and i use full protection means with condom,31st Dec i smoke & drunk a lot vodka. Next day in morning 5.30 am i woke up and felt i have too much dry cough and couldn't breath well and i went to doctor after next days i feel soar throat. i took allergy medicines not antibiotic for 15 days but didn't get better. i forget to tell you that i started smoke on 22 Dec and quit on 31st Dec. Still i have soar throat and dry cough has gone.
1534173 tn?1292348129 I currently have a sore throat, and whenever I go to clear my throat of mucous it burns my throat. So I have mucous and a sore throat. I have something that gives some momentarily relief its called Cepacol. It numbs the throat, but does not help my mucous. Will Lemon Tea help? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/283893'>Too much mucous in the throat</a>.
Avatar f tn I have the same problem! Only Vodka and tequila!!! And to the commenter, it's not a contradiction, and she's not an alcoholic in need of sobriety... I stick to Rum only... Maybe Whisky is your thing... I've tried looking into this and it has something to do with the processing of the plants used to make the alcohol..
Avatar f tn Hi! My name is Marina and I'm 21 years old. I have never drink a lot of alcohol but I've tried many alcoholic drinks. What I notice is that it seems to me I have vodka and tequila intolerance. I can drink whiskey for example 100 - 200 ml and I don't get drunk or sick but whenever I drink vodka or tequila (I mean like 50 ml) I still don't get drunk but I get trembling sick with nausea. I have to throw up everything in my stomach.I have tachycardia and breathing difficulty..
Avatar f tn he drinks 3-4 gallons of vodka a month..... and has for years. Im actually breaking up with him this weekend after a 6 yr relationship. just cant handle his behavior and my kids come 1st. he does not get along with my 11 yr old son. what does this much drinking do to someone just wondering....
Avatar f tn He now has very little appetite, has little muscle strength, and is beginning to have issues with vomiting. What would be a possible result if his vodka were watered down reducing the vodka strength in half?
Avatar n tn I've been getting dr I've been getting terrible headaches after drinking one or two vodka tonic drinks. Tho I seldom drink, whenever I do the headache comes on within an hour. It's almost crippling, as I rarely have headaches I'm not sure I'm using the right words. Wondering if this could be caused by an allergy....
Avatar m tn The thing is that my throat first started giving me this burning sensation in the back of throat, and little cough while I was in a hotel room with A/C on and smoking cigarretes. Later during the night the sore throat came back, drank and smoked quite a lot that night. On sunday, had no particular sore thraot nor cough, but on monday my sore throat came back, it was pretty mild, nothing painful, it subsided on tuesday evening, leaving only dry cough till sunday.
Avatar n tn I have had an on and off sore throat for the past three months now, Along with the sore throat i have thick, sticky, and a yellowish (sometimes looks a bit grreen) mucus that is in my throat. two weeks ago I had strep throat and was on antibiotics however, i still have the on and off sore throat and mucus. Does any one know what this could be? I have been practically living at the doctors office and it's not a sinus condition and my doctor doesn't seem to know what it is!
Avatar f tn I alternate between red wine and vodka because I believe vodka has fewer toxins. However I find the attendant hangover harder to handle-- we're talking 1-2 70cl bottles a day. I am presently doing 1-1.5 bottles of red wine a day. I exercise for about 30 mins every morning and do some meditation too. I have a doctor in Germany, where I work, who has prescribed antabuse. The one in the UK, where live (at weekends) prefers diazepam.
Avatar f tn I woke up st 4am violently vomiting acid my throat and nose still hurts today. I did vomit what looked like blood, it also burned very basket when it came up.. also went through my nose. I took zofran an anti nausea pill to calm it down. I'm belching a lot which also burns. Clearly this must be from excessive drinking but I'm not sure what's wrong. Even on the days I don't drink I'm having abdominal pains and still more heartburn.