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Avatar m tn they gave me amoxicillin 500 mg for 7 days...1 day after starting the antibiotic I developed urinary discomfort and sore penis and internal burning when urinating..can throat infection spread to urinary tract? I have had sexual health tests done and no gonorrhoea or chlamydia were present no penis discharge, waiting for urine and blood tests. It's been 7 day since first throat and urinary pain and I have only have 2 days of tablets left to complete the course and no improvement..
Avatar m tn If so, what you do with the sore throat? Actually, I had the same sore throat after taking Prevacid on 12th day. However, the sore throat is still here. Please help me!
Avatar m tn I am taking bactrim for a UTI. I also have a sore throat. No scratchiness or raw feeling. It just hurts to swallow. (Like when a piece of potato chip gets stuck going down.) Doctor yesterday took a swab but said bactrim doesn't work for upper respiratory infections. However, she didn't give me an other antibiotic. I don't have fever. But she said the bactrim may be preventing me from having fever. When I looked on line, it said that bactrim is prescribed for upper respiratory.
Avatar m tn This cleared up for the most part. I also have had a sore throat for over a week that started with the UTI. I went to the Dr. for the sore throat and he said it looks like alergies to him. I was too embarrased to ask about STD's. A day or two after the UTI started I had vaginal (unprotected) with my wife. A week later she said she has a bacterial infection. What are the chances I have and STD and passed it on to my wife?
1916426 tn?1322408083 You also need to have your urine checked for a UTI. It is possible that since your throat is sore and you are having so much difficulty drinking, you can develop a urine infection. Get checked out ASAP if you have not already. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I think I may still have it because I gave oral to my husband and two days after I got a really bad sore throat and fever. The fever went away but I still have the sore throat. If I had chlamydia vaginally and orally, would the treatment clear up both areas or just vaginally?
Avatar f tn The very next day I was having cold-like symptoms and before going to bed I started to feel a bit of a sore throat. On monday I was feeling sick (like having a cold/flu) and I started having to pee very frequently and it started to hurt/burn as well. I figured I might have gotten a UTI. But after googling non-stop for symptoms Im thinking I might have gotten gonorrhea both vaginal and in my throat? Last night I noticed white spots on my tonsils.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 26 week pregnant. From one week I have sore throat and sometimes coughing. I have no sign of fever and runny nose. Last week I saw the doctor who suspected the viral infection, besides I was also taking antibiotic (NOVAMOXIN) for UTI so I think if I had any bacterial infection it could be treated as well. I still have the same symptoms in throat which is getting severe and now I hate to see doctors again. I dont know what should I do now as I am fed up.
Avatar n tn constant UTI too coming and going!Not long ago was in hospital on yet more antibiotics for uti and told had strep throat too wich upset my tummy but am not sure if may be it was viral and antibiotics caused sickness ,passed and vomitted blood lost a few stone as could not eat any thing for weeks not been good for 2 years am sick of people saying 'your always ill' to me !My baby girl has been the same reacuring ear and chest infection tested positive to MRSA.
Avatar f tn sore throat, night sweats, abdomen pain... HIV! I asked myself "Is the baby sick?", No. He is not, so the next day his mom says: "Baby is sick", I felt a BIG relief since maybe the possibilities of HIV were less. I left my throat like that and just hoped to go away on its own, five days passed and it was getting worse and developing more and more white spots on my tonsils and also very swollen so I went to the Dr. yesterday.
Avatar f tn m pregnant Is there anything I can do without meds ?for UTI and Sore Throat if not did anybody take MACROBID while pregnant ?
Avatar n tn (back pain, pelvic pain, nausea, frequent urination, swollen lymph nodes and a sore throat). They took a urine sample and diagnosed me as having a UTI. About two days prior i had given my man oral and since my visit to the ER i feel like my sore throat has not changed.
Avatar n tn The sore throat and the headache are unlikely to be related to the UTI and could signify an infection/ inflammation of the head and neck region or other causes such as medication allergy etc. If the symptoms are mild you could wait for a day or two; if moderate-severe you may consider seeing a primary care physician or visiting the ER. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn I had a horrible day yesterday (This is a little rant) i went to see a midwife for a routine app, after last week seeing a specialist diabetes midwife, they said i had suspected diabetes but wanted to see me again when i was 40+4 weeks (which would made me over due, and they generally offer an induction cause of baba being big) they found out that i also had a possible uti..
2075737 tn?1379447682 Yesterday I woke up with a terrible sore throat and ear ache (everytime I get a bad sore throat my ears hurt too) and it lasted alll day and I still have it but now I have a white coated tongue. I think it may be strep throat. But its a damn Saturday and my dr isn't open. My next appointment isn't until Wednesday. Should I wait and try to be seen Monday or is this something that I should go to the hospital for?
Avatar m tn I got home on a Friday and we had a wonderful weekend.I noticed Saturday I was getting a horrible sore throat, on Sunday she began complaining of soreness and by Tuesday said she was having serious problems.( discharge and pain) She went to her doc and was diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis.
Avatar n tn I am taking an antibotic for a sore throat and now I have a bladder infection..
Avatar n tn I started antibiotics for this, and my sore throat cleared up around that time (which may or may not have been due to the antibiotics). The second time my throat got sore, I was traveling overseas and tried to ignore it - It cleared after about 1.5 months. I have it for a third time. It is very painful and I find it difficult to swallow. I have painful swollen glands around my face and neck. If last time is an indication, the doctor reported that my throat looks mildly inflamed.
Avatar f tn Right now I have a sore throat, which I hear is a symptom of herpes. It hurts to urinate and to make bowel movements, they burn. I am extremely constipated, also. I'm really terrified. Do I have herpes?
Avatar f tn I also had pain in my lower back and calves prior tithe fever. My glands in my neck are swollen. Sore throat and some congestion.
Avatar m tn sore throat could be anything. if you had sex multiple times it could be a uti. (urinary tract infection) anything foreign in the urethra can be irritating. drink cranberry juice and water. lots of it. avoid chocolate and dairy products for a few days. get tested for stds. hope this helps.
Avatar f tn The rash is not red and does not really itch unless I irritate it. From time to time, i do have a dry cough and I had a brief sore throat in november. I have aso recovered from a uti as well. I wanted to know if this is skmething I should seriously concern myself about. I have been looking up the symptoms for stds, hiv, and hpv to check and see if I am infected, but I dont believe I am. I think I may have a latex allergy.
Avatar f tn So anyways after finishing bactrim my testicles werent hot or sore and i tested negative on 2 uti home test but i still noticed a slight burning sensation when ejaculating, touching just below the head of the penis, and sometimes at the very end of urinating. Im circumcized so my penis hole ismt that big so its hard to look in there but i tried again and i was able to use the camera and light on my phone to get a picture and i noticed a red patch half an inch down. Its only on one side.
Avatar m tn But on week 4 I started to have slight burning sensation on urinating and the urine was smelling as well and thought it was UTI, I was given Cipro 500g and as soon I started it, I started to have a sore throat,the sore throat was not that much severe but it caused my neck to be tense and even developed swollen glands in the neck under the chin.
Avatar m tn The sore eventually healed and my UTI eventually cleared up after a month and a half of having it. The spot where the sore healed become a little darker than the skin around it so I always knew where it was. In the beginning of May I feel another tonsil infection coming and I still had some amoxicillin with potassium so I took one. A day later I noticed the spot where I had the sore became a little redder. I got worried again and started playing attention to the spot. https://i.imgur.