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Avatar f tn   But I don't see how plus I don't feel comfortable taking meds while I'm pregnant Is there anything I can do without meds ?for UTI and Sore Throat if not did anybody take MACROBID while pregnant ?
Avatar m tn they gave me amoxicillin 500 mg for 7 days...1 day after starting the antibiotic I developed urinary discomfort and sore penis and internal burning when urinating..can throat infection spread to urinary tract? I have had sexual health tests done and no gonorrhoea or chlamydia were present no penis discharge, waiting for urine and blood tests. It's been 7 day since first throat and urinary pain and I have only have 2 days of tablets left to complete the course and no improvement..
Avatar n tn I had RAI (6/28) second time around. My throat is sore (feels like it is burning). I have also noted comments by Brandi (5/8/06) about similar problem. What also scares me is the burning sensation that I feel in my private parts when passing urine. I am taking Tylenol and anti-biotics, for pains and infection. This has not helped.
125112 tn?1217277462 I have had bouts of thrush (albeit, was on a number of antibiotics last year) and the last being last month. Just before that, had a UTI and my kidney hurt like heck. On top of the sore throat, my lower back is hurting and just hoping that is muscles and not some infection creeping up.!!
Avatar m tn Pathogens are responsible and they typically are different. Same with throat. And a sore throat unless it is strep or something in that vein is caused by a virus. Whew, have I totally confused you?
Avatar m tn I am taking bactrim for a UTI. I also have a sore throat. No scratchiness or raw feeling. It just hurts to swallow. (Like when a piece of potato chip gets stuck going down.) Doctor yesterday took a swab but said bactrim doesn't work for upper respiratory infections. However, she didn't give me an other antibiotic. I don't have fever. But she said the bactrim may be preventing me from having fever. When I looked on line, it said that bactrim is prescribed for upper respiratory.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 26 week pregnant. From one week I have sore throat and sometimes coughing. I have no sign of fever and runny nose. Last week I saw the doctor who suspected the viral infection, besides I was also taking antibiotic (NOVAMOXIN) for UTI so I think if I had any bacterial infection it could be treated as well. I still have the same symptoms in throat which is getting severe and now I hate to see doctors again. I dont know what should I do now as I am fed up.
Avatar n tn I have mild reflux but this is controlled using motilium and somac as needed, and I do not associate the sore throat periods with a noticeable flare up of my reflux. This sore throat drives me mad, as mainly because of the swollen glands I feel very unwell all the time. What could it be?
Avatar f tn I'm really worried about the on and off flu symptoms I continue to experience, including sore throat and weakness. I appreciate your feedback!!
Avatar m tn I have taken two tablets and the symptom improves significantly (all white skins gone). I also developed a slightly sore throat (I could drink and eat normally but just irritated) and sometimes pain in my neck for about 6 weeks. Now a dry mouth.... No other ARS such as fever, cough ect. Only thing I want to clear up was as per answer my risk was zero. Is this because of that I just exposed to very little body fluid? Is the UTI totally unrelated to hiv risk?
Avatar f tn I also constantly feel nauseated and have bad headache, Is this normal for a uti? Or does it seem like something else? No sore throat or runny nose! I've have no burning whilst urinating?? Something just doesn't seem to be Making Sence? Please help! Temp is currently normal!
Avatar m tn Adeno is primarily a respiratory virus and therefore can be transmitted to the urethra by oral sex. Being primarily respiratory, adeno mostly causes sore throat, cold symptoms (nasal congestion etc), and sometimes pneumonia -- and, quite often, conjunctivitis. My guess is you kissed as well as had oral sex with your partner 3 weeks ago, and you acquired both adenoviral NGU and a very typical upper respiratory adenovirus infection at that time.
Avatar f tn After 2 weeks I had severe sore throat and 2 days later now I have very itchy rash on the neck. I am very worried, my palms are also itchy and I had UTI after 2 days of the exposure. Can you pls help as all the symptoms are of ARS.
Avatar m tn no fever, chills, aches, congestion. just this ****** of a sore throat and swallowing food feels like eating razor wire. Went to the clinic and got swabbed for both strep and pharyngeal gonorrhea. The doc prescribed amoxycilin prophylactically but the lab results won't come through for another couple days. Doc says I'm in treatment anyway so not to worry, but I wondered how likely it is that it is o.g and not just a sore throat?
Avatar m tn First week in August, I received and gave unprotected oral sex during a one-night stand. Haven't tested for anything, but had sore throat two weeks later. Dr. gave me 250mg of Rosephin for Gonorrhea, 1gm of Azithromycin for Chlamydia, single 2gm of Flagyl for Trich, 2.4mL of Penicillin G for Syphilis, another 1gm of Azithromycin for NGU, 7 days of Doxycycline for NGU.
Avatar n tn hi , a couple of weeks ago my wife had a sore throat and an ear infection. when she was feeling better we had oral sex. About a week later i started having discomfort when i urinated and noticed some yellow stains in my underwear. im 31 years old , never had any std's or infections. could my wife have given me an uti? i went to md but they did no culture only perscribed cipro . sholud i have had further testing?
Avatar n tn Next day I am feeling very tired/drained. Stuffy nose and sore throat. Very low grade fever come and goes, no chills. Slight headache (probably from sinuses). Bleeding has not gotten any worse or better, though I am noticing blood in my underwear between visits to the bathroom. Symptoms have been present and steady since. I've been treated before for UTI's though I've never had this weird combination of symptoms.
Avatar f tn I was having colds and a sore throat. We also had oral sex. The day after we did it, I started having the feeling of dehydrated on my lady parts, just like what I feel whenever my period ends. Like it's dry. and he started having trouble urinating because of the burning sensation and whenever he urinates, he has the feeling that some urine doesn't go and stays, the urine he urinates is also less than his usual urine. Also his sperm is a bit greenish-yellow.
Avatar f tn So the next morning I go to the ER doctor, tell them it burns when I urinate and now my whole body is very sore, they do a quick test for UTI and it comes back positive, they give me Cipro and a week later feel better. Three days later the burnings back, go see the ER doctor again, test positive for UTI again, gives me 7 days of Bactrim, only this time he also send a sample away for analysis, Chlamydia and gohneria, etc.
Avatar n tn I also I felt a little run down, had a slight stuffed nose, and a slight sore throat. These symptoms are all gone now, but the urge to pee is still there. Anyway, I went to my doctor yesterday and she said it was likely a bladder infection or UTI. She took a urine sample, gave me a prescription and I left. I started on the pills yesterday afternoon, and I feel a bit better this morning. Less urge to pee, though it’s still there.
Avatar n tn Does it sound like my boyfriends symptoms were due to herpes? And if so, is it very likely that I got the virus? He also had a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes for a day around the time when this was going on. No fever. We used a condom, but I'm still really nervous--- if that was an outbreak, I know the risk is high. I'm waiting on blood test results, but it is still too soon for them to be entirely accurate. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Through limited and repeated exposure, the incompatible floras will eventually accommodate to each other. Infections in the mouth such as a tooth abscess or a sore throat can be transmitted to the urinary tract of a partner by oral sex. I would suggest you to visit a urologist and discuss the above mentioned possibilities. All the best.
Avatar m tn as days passed, I started to get a sore throat, mild body aches, hemorrhoids, sore groin, sensitivity on my thighs. Long story short, got tested at a clinic and I got a positive for HSV 2. My reading was >5 igg Index, type specific. The doctor said that because of the levels I must have had it for awhile. My ex-husband should have his results in a few days. His doctor doesn't think he has it.
Avatar n tn On Tuesday I noticed a strange feeling in my throat. Not quite a 'sore' throat but a somewhat uncomfortable one. Wednesday I began feeling some mild flu-like symptoms (generally around the head, slight fever). Today (Thursday) the discomfort in my penis is still present, but appears to be getting better (it has its moments, but sometimes I feel nothing). I have some bumps on the very back of my tongue, but I think these are normal - i've just never noticed them before.
Avatar m tn However the dull aching pain is still hovering about and I have now found a lump on the front of my left testicle... not sore to touch but hard and kind of oval in shape... it is smaller than a pea. A year gone december I had to go for an ultrasound for testicular cancer however they didn't find anything. Should I contact my doctor again or could this be epididymitis, although the lump is at the front of my testicle not at the back.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your prompt reply, aside from a cold virus that has developed in the past 5 days, I have had no further symptoms from my encounter. (No high fever or rash, it feels like a classic cold with drainage, sore throat, aches and chills) The guy developed a sinus infection this past week and I am telling myself that this is the start of cold/flu season and we work in a school.
Avatar n tn I also I felt a little run down, had a slight stuffed nose, and a slight sore throat. These symptoms are all gone now, but the urge to pee is still there. Anyway, I went to my doctor yesterday and she said it was likely a bladder infection or UTI. She took a urine sample, gave me a prescription and I left. I started on the pills yesterday afternoon and I feel a bit better this morning. Less urge to pee though it’s still there.
Avatar n tn Do you think my bf was having an outbreak based on his "uti-like" symptoms? And do you think this yeast infection was coincidental or could have been a mild OB? Around the time he had the burning, maybe a week into it, he had a sore throat (white in his mouth) and swollen glands for a day or two. At first I thought my transmission risk was low- we used a condom.
Avatar n tn hi i had sexual encounter with a female kissing her and thenreceving oral sex on march 7, about 3 days later came up with a sore throat and excessive mucus from the mouth(spitting), then i met her again on march 23 and she gave me oral sex again, then 2 days later i had testicluar pain and was afraid so i wnet to the doctor a day after my symptoms.
Avatar n tn Can you elaborate more on the bacterial infection? What tests were done? Ear infections, UTI and sore throat are usually common childhood diseases. On the other hand, autoimmune disorders are conditions in which a person's immune system attacks the body's own cells, causing tissue destruction.