Sore throat and pregnancy symptom

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Avatar f tn I'm very early in my second pregnancy. Is a sore throat just a common early on symptom? I didn't have it w my first.
200198 tn?1259887597 I have a sore throat.. gas and gas pains.. sore achey body and a small fever... should I worry?? or call the doctor? It scares when I am sick when I am pregnant.
Avatar m tn Hello, I had oral and vaginal sex with a call girl about three weeks ago, a condom was used. About 9 days ago I started suffering from post nasal drip and a sore throat. I've since became totally paranoid about HIV, I can't eat or sleep normally. The throat is very red and irratated. Would somebody please let me now if this could be a symptom. I know how stupid this can sound, but maybe someboady can help through this with some advise. P.S.
Avatar f tn Acute HIV infections do not cause symptoms a day later -- it takes at least a week and usually 10-20 days. In fact, your sore throat was even to quick for a common cold: whatever the virus you had, it was acquired at least 2-3 days before the sore throat started. In addition, the rest of your symptoms are not typical for a new HIV infection, or for any other STD.
1957208 tn?1325557233 Could be heartburn... or even thyroid problems. Good luck!
341551 tn?1266980730 Is it normal to have a Sore Throat and a Headache this early in my Pregnancy? I've had it for a couple days now...I just hope it's nothing serious.....ohh and last time I was Pregnant my doctor told me walking was fine. My girlfriend & I walk 3.8 miles that too much do ya think? All these questions already!
Avatar m tn But I have one that will not it is like a mild sore throat. Not even mild really pretty light a bad dry mouth that comes and goes and it feels like there is a drip in my throat.
Avatar m tn Hook, Please forgive me, I have one last question. With respect to ARS I have read conflicting reports; some claim a sore throat can be the only symptom while others state if ARS symptoms appear they do so in a group. Your thoughts on this? (I'm not second guessing your evaluation of my concern although admittedly, since this sore throat has not manifested itself in the usual way colds do for me, I am still a wee bit worried.
Avatar m tn However presence or absence of any of these symptoms doesn't imply or rule out HIV. Also there are other STDs that can cause sometimes similar symptoms (like fever). For your friend bladder pain is likely to be due to bacterial cystitis.
Avatar m tn why i have a symptom untill today...sore throat,ulcer,white touge, i so stress right now..pls help true i dont have any risk and dont have to tested..why..i hope u can help me. t.
Avatar m tn I have a persistent sore throat for last 4 months and a pain in throat but not unbearable. I have NO other symptom, no fever, no rashes, no weight loss etc but just sore throat. Have a moderately active sex life with different partners but never had unprotected sex although unprotected oral 3 times in last 2 years but never ejaculated inside. I'm otherwise a healthy male, 30 yrs of age. Could I be HIV infected ?
Avatar f tn Hi is a common cold after 1 day of sore throat be a sign of HIV, ? Its been just over 3 weeks after unprotected sex, and Im 5 months pregnant,, Have no other rash, or fever, just only a blocked nose,,,The weather is extremely hot here as well, so wondering if its a result of it,,, or could I have caught HIV????
676032 tn?1315674063 Is it common to have a trobbing sore throat with hypothyroidism?? I have it for a few hours everyday and its really painful, Is it a symptom or totally unrelated?
Avatar m tn Also my suspected inital outbreak was on the outter part of my thight about half way up the thigh above the knee. the doctor said folliculities cause i suffer from that anyway however what are the chances of catching HSV 2 with the inital outbreak being on the thigh?
Avatar m tn After 2 weeks i had this feeling that i feel hot inside but no fever 36.4 C and slight sore throat. Im so anxious and scared bec she had 4 boyfriend in her past and she is sexually active to them. Do i have Hiv?
Avatar f tn I also had light cramping and lower bachache this last week and AF should arrive in about 4 days. Also come down with a sniffly nose and sore throat yesterday. Im hopeing these are positive signs but dont want to keep my hopes high. Did anyone else have these symptoms?
Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex (anal, vaginal, and oral) about 5 weeks ago and am worried about the sore throat being a symptom of hiv (I am scheduled to take a test next week). I have never used drugs and was in a 5-year monogomous relationship prior to this encounter.
Avatar m tn I am male 25 year old . I have sore throat on 8 th day after exposure followed by running nose. no fever is this acute hiv symptoms. I am worried.
Avatar n tn two months back I had a sex with paid girl, now I have little throat pain(is it sore throst? what are sore throat symptoms?) with little cold and headache. is these are hiv symptoms? please suggest.
Avatar n tn m coming down with a horrible head cold, stuffy nose, runny eyes,  sore throat and slight dizziness.  Is there anything I can take to relieve these symptoms?
Avatar n tn Tenesmus can be caused by rectal gonorrhea, so you should get this checked out.
Avatar m tn Does a sore throat and mild stuffed nose 5 weeks past exposure sound like a symptom of hiv