Sore throat and oral thrush

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Avatar f tn I then had one done at the hospital again for gonorrhoea and chlamydia,which came back negative but at the same time a test at the doc came back positive for oral thrush. I had treatment for that. I still have a sore throat and now I have one gland up. I keep getting sore patches in my mouth. The docs think I still have oral thrush but I'm worried it could be sti that is causing my problems? What oral sti's can u get? Is it possible that it could be an sti causing my issues.
Avatar m tn Have u had a swab for oral thrush? That could be a possibility? And it wouldn't be treated by antibiotics. Also can I ask, I've had 2 throat swabs, one for thrush and one for gonorrhoea. My thrush swab came back positive so I'm taking tablets for that. I'm still worried for gonorrhoea but I'm concerned if I have oral thrush that the gonorrhoea might not be picked up?
Avatar f tn ll be the 1 in how ever many that actually gets it I gave unprotected oral sex followed by protected sex nearly 7 weeks ago and about 2 days after I started to get a sore throat. This has been on and off since then but I've not had any cold symptoms that I remember. 11 days after the encounter I had a full sti check, everything was negative ( but the actually deceased protected).
Avatar f tn It stays in check most of the time with help of antifungal cream. We had oral sex 2 weeks ago and my throat has been itchy and sore since then. Could the fungus be in my throat? If so, what can I do to get rid of my sore throat?
Avatar n tn This ex boyfriend who i am seeing on and off now cos of distance all he wants is oral and anal sex, and stupidly we dont wear condoms, i now have i throat thrush, so my gp says since i was ill since i met up with him again i had a sore throat and was put on antibiotics the gp yest said sometimes it can be a reaction, but i explained i had been unwell since may 3rd with fever like conditions and sore throat which never really went away and then came back with vengence when i stopped the antibioti
Avatar n tn I started to meet my ex boyfriend call him what you like after a 3 month split on May 1st, we had heavy french kissing and he had a severe cough and is a heavy smoker, the next morning we had anal sex and then i attempted oral on him and since then i have been very poorly, feverish and sore throat, i went to a dr on May 7th he said i had a sore throat i never really associated the two, i took the anitbiotics but i never improved, and then i was on holidays with my family and i just kept getting
Avatar f tn I've done it before and had a sore throat from deep throating... You could've just done it too much. Also, sperm burns my throat. I wouldn't worry about it unless your boyfriend has had other partners.
Avatar f tn Was okay until the end of Feb. and was diagnosed with oral thrush BY a DOCTOR! Since then I have had sore throat, tingling tongue, headache, slight cough and sometimes a strange taste in my mouth. The doc gave me mouthwash to swish and swallow for the oral thrush BUT what scares me is I keep reading over and over on the net that adults get oral thrush for a reason. I do not have diabetes and was NOT on any meds!!!
Avatar n tn On November 16, due to the efforts to cough I bleed a little bit. I noted dry throat and oral ulcers. And thrush (candida). I had my duo test for hiv and sifilis after 29 days from my first exposure being negative. The synthomps remain. I read that oral ulcers and thrush is connected with HIV. Could be other StD? I am in panic.
Avatar m tn She complained of flu-like symptoms and a sore throat in the few days after we had unprotected sex and oral sex and no suspects she has oral thrush which she has had before but she isn't sure. I've never had herpes sores and in fact no ACTUAL symptoms. What are the chances of her contracting oral herpes from me?
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm almost 17 and I've been seeing this guy for a few months now and I "jumped the gun" and went down on him -.- I didn't do the full job though...I just kinda played around with it and stuff and I'm pretty sure I got my sore throat afterwards...I have a sore throat, low grade fever, and difficulty swallowing...I went to the doctor yesterday and they did a strep test on me and it came up negative but they still put me on antibiotics...
Avatar n tn My son has a bump on the back of his tongue and his tongue was covered in white. He felt like he had something stuck in his throat. He had oral sex with a girl about 2 weeks ago. There isn't any fever or aches or sore throat. Any ideas what it could be.
Avatar m tn I felt terrible, aching, nausea, and sore throat. Today, after a good nights sleep I real better, slight nausea and sore throat, my throat also feels blocked. Is it common for ARS to come Thrush, mouth ulcers ---> Vomiting nausea ---> aching --> sore throat or would they all come at the same time. I am concerned as if it were food posioning or something I would have diarrear or it would last 12-24 hours. Off to the doctors tomorrow.
Avatar f tn ok i got tested for hiv may 14 after an encounter in march test was negative but on july 5th i developed a sore throat i had yellow mucous headache and mucsel ache in the legs like a chalire horse got over that in bout 2 and a half weeks and in about the end of july i noticed a white spot size was large not raised and 2 of the same on the other tonsil and i have littel paains that dont hurt relly at all evry now or then dont hurt to swoolow but they are still there could this posibly be thrush a
Avatar m tn Following all this, the back of my throat and tonsils have continuously been red and inflamed. I have a sore throat that comes and goes, one lymph node in my neck that's been swollen for over 3 months, and now a white discharge from the back of my throat. This discharge smells bad, and after mixing with my saliva for the entire day, coats my tongue whitish/yellow.
Avatar f tn My mom suggested it could be thrush or even oral chlamydia. Thrush says that it affects weakened immune systems and also can affect a person when they start taking birth control. I started taking birth control when my boyfriend and I started dating. I have never gotten sores on the outer areas of my mouth and am basically just wondering if any one may have advice on what it could be?
Avatar m tn About 2-3 weeks ago I developed a sore throat and bad sinus problems(which is usual for me with my chronic sinusitis) So I went to the doctor and he prescribed augmentin. Sore throat is gone and headaches arent as bad but about a week into it I started noticing plaque-ish coating on my tongue. I didnt think anything of it other than it was probably because im not a religious brusher.
Avatar m tn I brush my teeth and tongue three times per day, and I toke pils and syrup for the oral thrush also three times, one week every time and I got negative to thrush crop. ..
Avatar m tn ARS symptoms appear 2 to 4 weeks post-exposure and last 1 to 2 weeks.They are very high fevers,body rash,very sore throat--not oral thrush.
Avatar n tn I am diabetic and have been using swish and swallow but it only gives me immediate relief. What next.....
Avatar m tn So i hooked up with this guy on (Tues) we made out and he gave me oral (for a few min or so). Thats all we did. The next day my throat was kinda sore. It is now Friday and it still hasn't gone away. Doesn't really hurt to swallow. Its more like a mid constant burning in the back of the throat. (Almost feels like its my tonsils, not sure but concentrated under jaw near the neck). My tongue is a bit white and my throat doesn't have any white spots that I can see.
Avatar f tn hi, please can someone help. I gave unprotected oral sex to a man followed by protected intercourse on the 26th jan. A few days later I started to get a sore throat (but there have been lots of virus going round) I had a full sti check 2 weeks later everything was negative, but they didn't do a oral swab. I brought a home oral swab which came back negative. I thought my sore throat had got better but I've had a cold and my throat naturally got worse.
Avatar f tn ve been sick for a couple weeks, cough, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes. Did some research and it sounds kinda like oral thrush because I noticed the back of my tongue recently having a white film. My boyfriend of 4 years was recently feeling sick (I kind of got everyone sick). My question is last night we were making out and got a little hot and heavy, I'm on period so he just kissed the lips of my vagina for 30 seconds.
Avatar n tn I started seeing my ex boyfreind again on May 1st, first we had anal sex then he had oral sex with me and then i had oral sex with him, ever since I have been ill with a sore throat even been on antibiotics and no use, today my dr said i have a thoat thrush, is this caused by the above or is he playing the field, I have not been with anyone since i last was with him in January 18th.
Avatar m tn I was worried that I had thrush in my mouth too but my doctor said with my other symptoms (slight cough, slightly warmer than normal and the sore throat) and the yellowish-white spots, she said that it's classic tonsillitis. She prescribed me some antibiotics and off I went. My throat is feeling miles better already and the spots have all but vanished after only two days on the antibiotics. Obviously, I intend to finish the course.
Avatar n tn Two days later I got a mild sore throat, then the day after that got a runny nose. Four days later I still have a soar throat, and have a thin white coating on my tongue. My throat feels swollen, and my nose is only congested in the morning. I had minor chills and a headache. I'm FREAKING out and think I have gonorrhea in my throat, PLEASE HELP, i'm terrified. I can't get tested because my parents would freak and we don't have money for anti-biotics..