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Avatar n tn I have had an on and off sore throat for the past three months now, Along with the sore throat i have thick, sticky, and a yellowish (sometimes looks a bit grreen) mucus that is in my throat. two weeks ago I had strep throat and was on antibiotics however, i still have the on and off sore throat and mucus. Does any one know what this could be? I have been practically living at the doctors office and it's not a sinus condition and my doctor doesn't seem to know what it is!
Avatar f tn All these symptoms are related to the excess mucus production or decreased mucus drainage from the sinuses.This excess mucus leads to congestion,cough and sore throat and earache due to pressure on the tympanic membrane.This sore throat is called pharyngitis. It usually occurs when viruses (or sometimes bacteria) from a cold, flu, or sinus infection involve the throat. The treatment depends on the underlying cause.
Avatar m tn I started having a sore throat about a week plus one day ago. It wasn't all that bad, just sore to swallow. I went home for the weekend hoping that my parents care would heal me up over the weekend, but we tried multiple things and the sore throat wouldn't go away. It only kept getting worse.
Avatar m tn I have chronic mucus and sore throat especially worst in the evening, what can I do to lessen the the mucus !
Avatar m tn t believe that I have experienced this before. Usually I have a sore throat and I know why. I see no pus or have any discharge. Mucus is clear from blowing nose, ears are not bothering me. ????
Avatar n tn I had what appeared to be a bad sinus infection for a couple of weeks, thick green mucus from the nose and thick green plugs coming up in my throat. All of that has dissappeared, and now I am left with a sore place in my throat on the right down low. I also have a little coughing with this sometimes. I went to the doctor, and she said she thought it was viral. That was on Friday. It is now Tuesday and there has been no change. It hurts to swallow, gets worse at night.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am 10 weeks today and have a horrible sore throat. It's red and inflamed but no white spots indicating strep. I think it's from post nasal drip, I am also choking up phlegm mostly clear and light yellow. I used the netti pot twice today so far and it's helped my nose but not throat. Also tried a shot of apple cider vinegar and failed spectacularly at getting it down. I do not want to take over the counter medicine but I know you ladies will have more natural ideas.
Avatar m tn hey guys, just went to the doctor and had a pharyngoscopy, he said everything looked ok but there was a bit of redness on the end of my nasal cavity right before the throat. how do i heal this area? i know when i suck out mucus from my nose (which i used to do quite frequently) it's clear and then after a few times i see a pink dot the size of a salt grain or 2. and as i keep spitting after 6 or 7 times it gets more and more pink.
Avatar m tn Dr. Handsfield, Thank you for your reply to my earlier message. It was quite helpful... I've been reading among the forum that many people who experience acute HIV symptoms will often complain of fever, malaise, myalgia, and so on. I can see how these non-specific symptoms can be attributed to the release of chemicals (cytokines and interleukins) from the immune system in response to the acute infection (at least, I assume that is what is happening).
Avatar n tn I suddenly got a Severe sore throat 2 sundays ago and coughed up alot of thick bloody mucus that day, also had a fever, and my throat was red and looked like it had alot of tears which was causing my bloody mucus. I went to the doctors the following Monday and they checked me for Strep throat and the Flu and told me it was neither. The doctor told me its either a Viral or Bacterial infection and so put me on Antibiotics just in case it is bacterial.
Avatar m tn I think my little cousin has mucus in her throat as well because I heard her coughing them out and I saw her mucus in the trash, though she may not have a sore throat. I don't think kids her age has that much mucus? Also, at night it feels more worst. When I wake up in the morning, my mouth is also very dry no matter how much water I drink before I go to sleep. It is not that bad sometimes when I tried not to notice the sore throat. I dunno what to do; I just want to feel normal again.
Avatar n tn Can I take Tylenol cold and flu? I have a sore throat, and would normally ask my doctor however it is midnight and they are closed. Some advise would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn For the past two months I've been having a sore throat and both my nose and ears are congested. Been to my ENT about 3 times nobody sees an infection in my throat or my ears. Recently I went to my medical doctor for a check up she said my ears look a little cloudy gave me antibiotics the anibtotics aren't doing anything. Also been taking allergy and sinus medicine it isn't helping either.
Avatar n tn ve had something similar for more than 6 months now. Occasional dry cough, daily sore throat (slightly worse on one side), and mucus deep in throat (i.e. not post-nasal drip in origin). My ENT said the vocal chords were inflamed, and my GI doc responded by saying that ENT's always say that. Both of them are in any case perplexed. So am I. My chronic sore throat is accompanied by some additional gastro symptoms.
Avatar m tn Or is it possibly caused by sinus problems or allergies or some other post nasal drip? And is it possible that mucus is the cause of my sore throat? I'm finding it very difficult to break this habit, but I guess that if i knew that it would stop my throat from feeling sore I would have a real reason to stop. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn About two days ago I began feeling collections of mucus/phlegm collecting in my throat. It's been steadily increasing and this morning when I woke up, my throat feels slightly sore when I swallow (this is usually more odd to me because I breath through my nose when I sleep). It is the middle of winter and I haven't gotten sick yet, I just wanted to ask others opinions on what I might have/be getting. Any ideas?? Any good ways of keeping the phlegm away?? Thankyou!
Avatar f tn So, I have had a sore throat for a week now. It started with a tickling throat and then developed, so I find it very hard to swallow because it really hurts, and also have trouble talking. Yesterday I started coughing and it has gotten really bad, to the point where I am coughing until I'm gagging. However, the unusual thing is it only seriously affects me in the mornings and at night. During the day it is bearable. Please help!!
Avatar n tn Feels like he has bad breath, but he does not. He took a cotten swab to the back of throat and removed a patch of mucus. Later took a drink of cold beverage. Liquid fealt colder in the place he swabed. On the very back of tongue, he has flat clear blisters. He has had them for a long time, he says he can't remember when he didn't have them. Tonsils removed when he was 2.
Avatar m tn like the feeling you get before you get a sore throat. it kind of also feels like its partially closed like there is alot of mucus or something lineing my throat. i dont know if it could be an STD or not. my boyfriend said he had not sexual disease or anything that he was healthy and i am too i have to sexual diseases. please help me!!!
Avatar n tn s ago I had a swollen red sore throat with some white spots that would normally disappear as the day went on, but I still had the sore throat and nasal congestion , no coughing but I was spitting up mucus.
Avatar m tn I have been having that sore throat for the past 6 months. my symptoms are as follow. feel like there's something in the back of my throat like a little tiny rock going up and down but when i am trying to spit it out it will not come out.also, i have been very stressed out lately and i always eat late before i go to bed. Recently a lot of mucus has been running in the back of my throat,especially when i am taking that natural remedy called bragg organic apple cider vinegar.
Avatar f tn difficulty swallowing due to pain and swollen soft palate, body aches, headaches, low grade fever, and rust-colored mucus coming from the top of my soft palate (nasopharyngeal area, i believe). I have been to the doctor, but he didn't know what it is. I have this almost every year. Hopefully someone can help.
Avatar f tn All of that but also an antihistamine would be good many times our sore throat is from mucus running from oyr sinuses down our throat. Dr.
Avatar f tn What happens is your sinus drains to your throat (post nasal drip). This causes mucus to accumulate in your throat, cough, scratchy/sore throat. Do you get frequent headaches? Especially behind the eyes? You may want to talk to your doctor about this. If I am right, you may have to start on an allergy medication.
Avatar n tn yesterday i had a sore throat. through out he night my throat and nose started to accumulate large amounts of mucus. now the mucus has let off a little but im having migraine like head aches with sore/numb teeth! is this normal? This discussion is related to <a href=''>sinus infection</a>.
Avatar n tn My brother and mom had a sore throat for a while and it went away, a little over a month ago i caught it, too. It started out as a sore, internal pain on one side of my throat when i swallowed. That went away in a week or two, since then, it has been switching between being dry or having a lot of mucus (not creamy, green, or infected-looking mucus). I like exercising, but the dryness is causing me to have trouble breathing. The doctor told my brother that it was not mono and not strep.