Sore throat and low grade fever

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Avatar n tn I feel really down. Terrible sore throat & low grade fever. I am trying hot honey and I tried gargling salt water but it made me sick. Any other suggestions?
1949068 tn?1449628519 Hello, I have been having an low grade fever for a month or month and an half as of today? I just finished up my antibiotics (Augmentin XR) today also. Still have an low grade fever that goes from 99.0-99.9 & symptoms also include: sore/stiff neck, very sore throat (off & on), hoarseness (off &on), serve headache, drainage into my throat, serve facial pain, sinus pressure, body aches and ear aches. I was diagnosed with an ear & sinus infection.
Avatar n tn Infectious mononucleosis It occurs most commonly in adolescents and young adults, where it is characterized by fever, sore throat, muscle soreness, and fatigue. Infectious mononucleosis typically produces a mild illness and is often asymptomatic.
Avatar n tn He first started with symptoms of a cold, sore throat, croupy cough, runny nose. After his fever did not go away the dr. said he probably had sinusitis and treated him with an antibiotic. He has been on that for 4 days and the fever is not gone however his cold symptoms are. Should we still be concerned about the fever?
Avatar f tn difficulty swallowing due to pain and swollen soft palate, body aches, headaches, low grade fever, and rust-colored mucus coming from the top of my soft palate (nasopharyngeal area, i believe). I have been to the doctor, but he didn't know what it is. I have this almost every year. Hopefully someone can help.
Avatar f tn Just trying to learn somethings here....can someone tell me when these "ars" symptoms start?? Is it days, or weeks? And is a severe sore throat with a low grade fever some of them?? I've had this horrific sore throat that feels like a basketball is in it for over a week now.
Avatar f tn It comes with a swollen throat, and the skin on my neck is very hot. When my sore throat goes away, the fever goes away. Along with that, my left eye is bulging and in the corner of both eyes are sore red patches. Should I call my general practitioner or just wait for my appt on friday?
Avatar n tn In my opinion you need to go back to the doctor, especially if you've still go tthe sores in your throat and the fever (even low grade). It could be you need a stronger antibiotic and the reason you tested negative for the strep could be that it was too early in the illness to register. I had this happen the winter before last. I had a horrible sore throat, fever, body aches, etc.
Avatar m tn Could it have something to do with my sore throat (which is getting better)? And would any of that have something to do with a late period.
Avatar f tn Then I felt all of the sudden a fatigue and i slept and woke up really tired and with low grade fever 37.5 then i started sneezing and a bit of runny nose. I started taking cold and flu drug from Boots and the sneezing and runny nose were gone 2 days ago wednesday 6 April 2009. But all this time I have this low grade fever and fatigue and a short breath. I started Antibiotic on Saturday (Augmentin 1g every 12H) but I don't feel any better. What could it be and what should i do?
14346590 tn?1451854557 I'm running a fever with a little bit or a sore throat I'm 12 weeks. I hear some people say that you just get sick sometimes when you get pregnant it sounds a little silly to me but is this true . I'm a little worried about my fever its a low grade temp but still .
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with a prostitute about 8 weeks ago, and got a negative result for hiv test 3 and a half weeks later. And now I got a low grade fever (never go beyond 99.7F) since yesterday and a sore throat for several days. No swollen lymph nodes and diarrhea. Does this sound like an ARS fever?
Avatar f tn Hi , I am 26 and have been suffering from repeating low grade fever. In a year itmigh repeat several times and persist for weeks too. Recently I have been suffering from it from 4 week and above . The fever is around 98.6 or 99 or 99.5 or sometimes 100 during evening and persist for one hour or so and then starts decreasing. In the morning too sometimes I feel feverish a bit. But the fever doesn't cause any body pain.
Avatar m tn With the fever I had fatigue mild sore throat and soft stool and my eyes are kind of irritated and red. At the 3 ½ weeks mark I took a 3rd generation ELISA test. It came back negative. 0.34 (hiv+ if >1) I got a little better but the low fever keeps coming back with the fatigue like 4 or 5 days a week. I also had 3 mouth ulcers that came one after another. I got a swab test of the throat which came back negative for bacterial and fungal infection.
Avatar m tn I have one question, due to my low grade fever (100.4 F) and sore throat, could this be related to an upper respiratoy unfection, even if I did not have runny nose nor cough?
Avatar n tn My son 14 year old, is getting fever and throat pain every month for last 3 years. His doctors conducted all type of lab tests.His throat is fine, and recently referred to gastroenterologist, suspecting his acid levels. He has NO symptoms of GERD. Do you have any idea...any similar cases?? I would like to hear.
Avatar n tn The main symptom, I think, was a low grade fever. I took my temp obsessively, fearing ARS, and it varied during the day....generally it was about 1 to 2.5 degrees above normal. The highest it ever got was 100.2 (for whatever reason, my body temp seems to run lower than most by a degree or so). I didn't have a rash, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat or any of that. I just fel real lousy all week...and my temp would seem to shoot up at different times of the day. Tought to describe.
Avatar f tn Sounds like a viral infection to me.
Avatar m tn On November 22, I had protected vaginal intercourse and unprotected oral sex with a female sex worker, as well as kissing. About 6 days later I developed a low grade fever, sore throat and fatigue. Typical panic ensued, went to the doctor, got all the tests, all came back negative excpet the Igm for HSV. All symptoms subsided until about a week later when the sore throat returned.
Avatar f tn I guess it is worth mentioning that my daughter had a sore throat, very bad headache that lasted over 12 hours, upset stomach and low grade fever. I thought she was catching my grandfather's cold, she is better now so far as I know and was only sick just a few days. I have not checked her throat because I just realized that it could be strep and she is at school. Any info.
Avatar n tn Since june, I have been having low grade fever and sore throat during the days and was wondering about the cholesterol rose higher and vitamin D went too down meanwhile. No doctor was able to dignose the cause. Then i went through medhelp posts and came to know about Cmv and mono,which can cause similar symptoms as me. I did Blood tests and came positive for CMV. Please if anyone have any experience dealing with cmv, share..
Avatar m tn A few weeks ago, I had a very sore throat a week after performing oral sex on a partner. This sore throat was accompanied by very bad body aches, a low-grade fever, a slightly red sore throat & peeling hands (a symptom usually associated with strep throat). I am extremely susceptible to strep and get it as much as twice a year ever since I was a little girl. To me, this infection seemed to me like strep (I get it often so I know the feeling!
Avatar f tn I am 50 years old. I have low grade fever, sore throat and loose motions sometimes(usually in nervousness and panic situations). Fever is seen 2 weeks. There is no indication of malaria or typhoid in tests, but in Complete Blood Picture, there is a detection of Left Neutrophil Shift. Why? Also, my CSR has increased to 60 mm/hour. Is there anything dangerous? Please do reply. Thanks.
Avatar m tn thanks for the replies guys.. jus want know about the severity of the ars symptoms in general .. severe ars symptoms?? !} fever is >101' with a rash and sore throat??? and how about the mild ars symptoms?? is it a low grade fever in the mild ones? some say that they go unnoticed?? its summer here in the uk n m wonderin why i got sore throat at this time :( n jus after two weeks of ma risky act i got this sore throat ..:( i do feel tired may be thats cuz of my anxiety....
Avatar f tn I got sick last Sunday rather suddenly. I couldn't quite clear my throat all day. By evening I had severe chills for several hours - then fever - 100 degrees. By Monday fever was up to 102 and coughing was constant. By Tuesday fever went down and hovered between 100-101 - still coughing - often uncontrollably. Went to urgent care Wednesday. They said I had bronchitis - but no test was done except for the flu. Anitbiotics were started then along with cough syrup and inhaler.
Avatar f tn Can a dental infection cause low grade fevers and feeling unwell? I'm going this week to the dentist. I'm 28 and have been a smoker for 15 years. Despite the smoking I eat healthy and exercise. I was diagnosed with Shingles in Sept 2013, since then my health has declined. I didn't have the rash shingles generally causes but I did have a rash on my neck. The doctor just treated me for it without being 100% certain.