Sore throat and low grade fever

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1949068 tn?1449628519 Hello, I have been having an low grade fever for a month or month and an half as of today? I just finished up my antibiotics (Augmentin XR) today also. Still have an low grade fever that goes from 99.0-99.9 & symptoms also include: sore/stiff neck, very sore throat (off & on), hoarseness (off &on), serve headache, drainage into my throat, serve facial pain, sinus pressure, body aches and ear aches. I was diagnosed with an ear & sinus infection.
Avatar n tn Infectious mononucleosis It occurs most commonly in adolescents and young adults, where it is characterized by fever, sore throat, muscle soreness, and fatigue. Infectious mononucleosis typically produces a mild illness and is often asymptomatic.
Avatar m tn Could it have something to do with my sore throat (which is getting better)? And would any of that have something to do with a late period.
Avatar f tn Just trying to learn somethings here....can someone tell me when these "ars" symptoms start?? Is it days, or weeks? And is a severe sore throat with a low grade fever some of them?? I've had this horrific sore throat that feels like a basketball is in it for over a week now.
Avatar m tn With the fever I had fatigue mild sore throat and soft stool and my eyes are kind of irritated and red. At the 3 ½ weeks mark I took a 3rd generation ELISA test. It came back negative. 0.34 (hiv+ if >1) I got a little better but the low fever keeps coming back with the fatigue like 4 or 5 days a week. I also had 3 mouth ulcers that came one after another. I got a swab test of the throat which came back negative for bacterial and fungal infection.
Avatar f tn Hi , I am 26 and have been suffering from repeating low grade fever. In a year itmigh repeat several times and persist for weeks too. Recently I have been suffering from it from 4 week and above . The fever is around 98.6 or 99 or 99.5 or sometimes 100 during evening and persist for one hour or so and then starts decreasing. In the morning too sometimes I feel feverish a bit. But the fever doesn't cause any body pain.
Avatar n tn My son 14 year old, is getting fever and throat pain every month for last 3 years. His doctors conducted all type of lab tests.His throat is fine, and recently referred to gastroenterologist, suspecting his acid levels. He has NO symptoms of GERD. Do you have any idea...any similar cases?? I would like to hear.
Avatar f tn Can a dental infection cause low grade fevers and feeling unwell? I'm going this week to the dentist. I'm 28 and have been a smoker for 15 years. Despite the smoking I eat healthy and exercise. I was diagnosed with Shingles in Sept 2013, since then my health has declined. I didn't have the rash shingles generally causes but I did have a rash on my neck. The doctor just treated me for it without being 100% certain.
Avatar m tn I have one question, due to my low grade fever (100.4 F) and sore throat, could this be related to an upper respiratoy unfection, even if I did not have runny nose nor cough?
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, Sorry for botheing you again but I am having a condition that is driving me to the wall. I am having low grade fever and sore throat for the past one week and i am also feeling some pain in my groin area. The fever is low grade but it is continous and not going after 7 days of antibiotics. I am also having fatigue and low appetite. As you have said I dont need further testig but people on medhelp public form say that 12 week test is conclusive.
Avatar n tn Since june, I have been having low grade fever and sore throat during the days and was wondering about the cholesterol rose higher and vitamin D went too down meanwhile. No doctor was able to dignose the cause. Then i went through medhelp posts and came to know about Cmv and mono,which can cause similar symptoms as me. I did Blood tests and came positive for CMV. Please if anyone have any experience dealing with cmv, share..
Avatar m tn thanks for the replies guys.. jus want know about the severity of the ars symptoms in general .. severe ars symptoms?? !} fever is >101' with a rash and sore throat??? and how about the mild ars symptoms?? is it a low grade fever in the mild ones? some say that they go unnoticed?? its summer here in the uk n m wonderin why i got sore throat at this time :( n jus after two weeks of ma risky act i got this sore throat ..:( i do feel tired may be thats cuz of my anxiety....
Avatar n tn Its been two months since i am having low grade fever b/w 99 - 100 F and generally occure during evening along with that i am having extreem fatigue (sometimes only),wet cough with (black,green) mucus,and one part of nose is blocked.I have had almost all test like mont,liver function,chest X-Ray,vidal test,TLC DLC and all were fine.Can some one tell me what shld i do?is there any one who is having same problem.
Avatar f tn hi guys in experiencing this weird symtoms after i had a protected sex with a girl, the next day i feel tired and kinda warm then i got a low grade fever for a month now and also a phlegm in my throat whitish wont go away, i think this phlegm is like 3 months and my fever is 1 month + , i only have phlegm but i dont cough and more often i feel tired all day because my temp is warm i conducted hiv test result non reactive also did x ray and all are normal what is this
Avatar f tn For a couple of weeks on and off I am having a low grade fever running between 99 degrees to 100 degrees. I do not have a cold, or runny nose, or sore throat or cough. It's just this low grade fever. I would have 99.2 degrees for about 2-3 hours then it would slowly go down to normal. Then one or two days would be normal. A couple of days later it went up to 99.4 degrees for a few hours, and go down slowly back to 98.6.
Avatar f tn About 18 days after a percived possible exposure I developed a sore throat, it was low grade not sore to eat and just noticable that it was there rather than being painfull. It was there for around two days and had a white or clear mucus with it. It was only there for two days and had no other symptoms with it. 1) I was wondering if a sore throat by itself is consitent with ARS? 2) Should it also have a fever? 3) Would it only last two days? Shpuld it last longer?
Avatar f tn She has a low grade fever got over a month. She has a headache off and on during this time a sore throat on one side only. She has had dirreaha off and on. The part that worries me is the fever and that she has been taking over the counter drugs to fight it. She won't go to the doctor. If anyone has any idea what this could be or what will scare for my mom into going to the hospital help would be gratefully appreciated.
Avatar f tn After my shot I have sometimes had a low grade fever. You should talk to your doctor if you have had this fever for a month.
Avatar m tn I am 25 now, it all started when I was 19 with sore throat and fever for which I was given antibiotic. After couple days I felt better, fever changed into low grade fever and sore throat was not that annoying. I was not fine but I thought that I will be in a week or so. After couple months of no changes I went to the doctor and got meds for mild inflammation of throat, after which i felt no relief. I had some basic tests done, all came back negative.
Avatar m tn Hi I had oral sex with unknown 5 months back then 2 days after started gential itching and some discharge, continue for 4 days; on 5 day itching all ovr the body just like mosquito bites that's for almost 10 days meanwhile I have slight fever and hot touch my feet I suspect low grade fever, and after I was so worried about hiv and got tested for antibody negative..
Avatar m tn I was chilling with my girlfriend at home when all of a sudden i felt like i want to pass out, i felt tired, numbed and felt like someone just sucked the energy out of me. So i checked my temperature and i had a low grade fever (37.8). From then i also got some other symptoms such as a slight discomfort in my chest when i breath and also nasuea. I went to a walkin clinic and got my chest checked and he said its clear and its probably a virus. Its now Monday and i still have a low fever (37.2).
Avatar f tn You are welcome. It seems like a virus due to the low grade fever and no pus in the throat. Let me know how it goes.
Avatar m tn t have pain or any lesions on penis but developed low grade fever and sore throat. Could it be herpes infection?
Avatar f tn At a few nights I have had low grade fever at about two o'clock. I have had coughing simultaneously or after discovering the fever. Is the nocturnal cough (possibly due to laryngitis) the cause of the fever? Mucus is collecting behind my vocal cords. It causes coughing at night. In the evening I use asthma medication, but I do not have asthma. Could cortisone inhalation (Alvesco) in the evening cause nocturnal fever several hours later?
Avatar m tn Hello~ Do you have any other symptoms such as fatigue, low grade fever? If you are concerned, I would ask your doctor, but, these could just be the remnants of the infection.
Avatar m tn m just scared that the week of sore throat and swollen lymph node with one day of low grade fever is ARS. the sore throat and lumph node appeared roughly 3 days after, the one day of fever was approx. 9 days after the last encounter....i hope I didn't have ARS.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed strep throat and started taking medicines but after 4 days, my fever went up to 105-106 range. Test results showed no strep throat, flu, swine etc. I rushed to emergency and they diagnosed me for Pharynogontonsillitis. For a week before I went to emergency I barely could swallow anything. I grew weak and they gave me Glucose by drip and also Decadron. Next day onwards (after abt 10 days) I started feeling better. Fever was going away and so were ulcers.