Sore throat and home remedies

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11834218 tn?1423579165 I have a bad sore throat & my appointment isn't until Wednesday. What are some home remedies to help the pain?
Avatar f tn I am getting a sore throat what are home remedies that you all use? I am pretty good with not getting sick but i dont like taking meds while im pregnant n im tryin to catch it bfore it gets bad.. i drink alot of gatorade n take my vitamins..
Avatar f tn I am getting a sore throat what are home remedies that you all use? I am pretty good with not getting sick but i dont like taking meds while im pregnant n im tryin to catch it bfore it gets bad.. i drink alot of gatorade n take my vitamins..
Avatar n tn I'm going tomorrow to have my lil girl and I woke up this morning with a sore throat. What's the best home remedies?
Avatar f tn Help!wats the home remedies if u have sore throat.I'm 20 wks now.thank's in advance.
Avatar f tn What's good for sore throat? Since im pregnant I can't really take anything medicine. I took a tylenol aceteaminophen extra strength 500mg. It says adults take 2 every 6 hours . But I only took one. I'm afraid ,I might take to much since I'm pregnant. Didnt took the pain away ,the pain kept me up all night long.:( Any remedies that I can make at home??? Or any advice? ? My doctor appointment is on the 19.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies, I'm sick with a sore throat, anyone have any home remedies that can help me out thanks!
Avatar m tn t recommend it, but when you are 13 years old in high school, and you get 1 or more cold sores at a time, and have an out break over half the want to get rid of them any way you can. Anyone else have home remedies!!!??? Post them.
Avatar f tn / any natural home remedies that worked for u ladies? I want to avoid it turning into a cough as I will be having a csection and I had an awful cough with my 1st. it was sooo painful to cough with the incision and resulted in me getting an infection that took longer for me to heal...
Avatar f tn Hello I'm 29 weeks pregnant with sore throat anybody knows what home made remedies I can take??
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm 14 weeks. 1st pregnancy. Nasty sore throat n chesty cough. Any home remedies?
Avatar f tn I don't have cold sores, but my support group members have sworn by Dermoplast, Abreva and Releev, all of which are available in CVS or Walgreens.
552853 tn?1278405903 I wanted to know if anyone knew of any home remedies that could possibly allieviate any of these symptoms. AF is not due for another 9 days. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
10221785 tn?1410990458 I have a terrible sore throat, ear ache, stuffy nose, and every time my little man moves it makes me nauseous ): I woke up around five a.m. and had a glass of green tea because my throat felt like it was swollen, dry, and on fire. It helped while I was drinking it but now it's throbbing and making my head hurt. Any advice?
Avatar n tn I'm 19 weeks pregnant and i'm having cold and cough what would be be the best home remedies for it? Will the cough and cold will affect my baby?
Avatar f tn Hi, I have had a sore throat for three plus weeks. I went to see my doctor at the start of the problem and he dosed me with antibiotics because my throat was covered in plaque. Strep test was negative. My throat pain improved greatly, but never went away, and now gets very bad at night only (although I'm sure being a mouth breather is a contributing factor).
1472764 tn?1287588186 I hate Arkansas spring time. The pollen is awful right now. I have a sore throat and running temperature. Took some tylenol and it helped. Gargling salt water and using nettie pot and lots of vapor rub. Does anyone have any other home remedies?
Avatar f tn My daughter is 11 and has had a sore throat throughout the month of January 2014. She was given antibiotics about mid December for strep throat though no strep test was done...I took her to another doctor early January and they did a strep test and it must have been negative because they only contact if positive... I've been doing home remedies, it has gradually gotten better but she still has much discomfort even now... Can anyone shed any light on this situation?...
Avatar f tn Hello, I've had a sore throat since the end of June (3 mos). Not sore enough to worry about strep as I've experienced that in the past. I also have no fever. My concern is that the soreness is located in one spot on the right side with some irritation in the ear. I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis about a year and a half ago. Swollen lymph nodes were biopsied through a mediastenoscopy procedure. Lymphoma was ruled out.
Avatar f tn What are some good at home remedies for a sore throat and runny nose? I am 36 + 2 and just got this cold a day ago. I have been drinking tea with a tablespoon of honey and it helps but just a bit. Any suggestions would be great!
Avatar m tn If the sore throat is from a virus, there are several at home "remedies" you can try - they won't "cure" the virus that is causing the sore throat, but will make the throat feel better so you're not so miserable - hot tea with honey or lemon (or both), gargling with warm salt water, popsicles. Stick with easy to swallow foods such as applesauce, scrambled eggs, jello - avoid spicy or highly acidic foods.
7922758 tn?1396296070 What can I take as meds for a sore throat and stuffy nose . I really ain't tryna go to the doctor . Do you know of any home remedies that I can do or over the counter I cake ?
Avatar f tn Is there anything I can give my 5month old that has a cold and a sore throw ? Please help !! I'm going crazy .
Avatar f tn I am 17 weeks and 5 days and had a sore throat for 2 day and I've had severe congestion and runny nose....I went to the publix pharmacy to pick up another prescription and had asked what I could take he had a book that had what obgyn say is safe for pregnant women it said sedafed and benadryl...I have been taking some benadryl BC I know that my doctor allowed me to before with another issue .....