Sore throat and hoarse voice

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Avatar f tn i have had a hoarse voice for over a month now, no cough, or sore throat. It seems to get worse in the evening.
Avatar f tn I have a sore throat that feels like a big lump in my throat and my voice is hoarse and i have difficulty in swallowing, this has been for about 5 weeks and no meds so far as cured it. Could the throat thing be connected to my thyroid or my fibro. Feeling very depressed at the moment.
Avatar n tn i have had a sore throat for 4 weeks now with symptoms of a lump in throat when swallow a dry throat a hoarse voice and phlem stuck in the throat all the time any ideas what this is ?
Avatar m tn Around 2-3 days later i noticed my voice becoming really scratchy and hoarse. Now about 5-6 days later my voice is really hoarse, deep and croaky plus im getting abit of acid reflux. Can vomiting so much and the acid effect my throat causing it to be sore along with damaging my vocals chords causing the hoarse voice? Or should i see a doctor?
1253197 tn?1331209110 I have experienced this once before I was diagnosed with MS and I developed a hoarse voice without a sore throat. I am a singer but this happened before all the major carol services/singing and it is still croaky now. I am not unwell, just a bit tired but hey that is fairly normal these days and to be expected with all the family home and additional cooking, housework not to mention Christmas.
Avatar m tn Recently I have gotten a hoarse voice and today I woke up and my sore throat is starting to get better but my tongue is sore and on the back left side of my tongue I have a bump. I recently had a cavity filled but the sore throat came before I had that done. Thanks for any advice!
694001 tn?1227756432 And my tongue is sore. My gland in the right side of my neck is sore. And my voice tends to be hoarse. Any ideas what could be causing all this?
Avatar f tn My 9yr old has had a sore throat for about two weeks. Her throat is red but no visible white bumps or pus. Her voice is hoarse but she has no other symptoms.
Avatar n tn I have had a persistent sore throat since early September. My throat feels raw as swallowing, coughing, or yawning are extremely painful and my voice sounds hoarse. I've been to see my family doctor 4 times. Three of the four times, I was told I had a sinus infection with laryngitis but the last time was different as I had only laryngitis. Now I feel a lump in my throat, more like the very back of my tongue, and it has become difficult to swallow food.
Avatar m tn Hello and hope you are doing well. The other causes for long term cough besides asthma are GERD and post nasal drip from allergies. GERD is gastro esophageal reflux disease where the stomach acids come back into the esophagus and spill into the wind pipe causing cough. It can also cause hoarseness of voice. Treatment with antacids will help neutralize the acids. Post nasal drips can occur with sinusitis and throat infections.
1251520 tn?1269090081 Last Saturday my throat became very sore and i lost my voice completely. I could not speak (i could not pronounce the higher ends of notes etc and my voice was very hoarse) until Weds thereafter. This has since turned into a cold however my throat is not sore anymore but seems very swollen and i cannot stop coughing.
Avatar f tn my doc told me its a cold in my throat thats why my voice is still hoarse and take paracetamol
Avatar f tn t vomiting any more and his breathing was better. His voice was still a little hoarse. The paramedics said that the hoarseness and difficulty breathing was probably due to him vomiting. (I couldn't remember which had occurred first, the vomiting or the hoarseness in the throat.) I took him home and he went to bed. The next day he was fine. About a month later, at about 8:30 pm, he came to me and asked me for some tablets for his throat.
Avatar n tn My voice began getting hoarse and cracky. Today I wokeup and my voice is completely gone.i was thinking maybe a cold because the weather is weird now so sometimes I go out dressed like its spring when it's cold. I also had oral sex a few days ago. Can you tell me what this might be?
Avatar m tn Could the puffer be causing hoarseness in my voice or still allergies?Had a sore throat for 2 weeks and then lost most of voice-just a hoarse for a week or is this something i have to continually live ?
Avatar n tn I have a sore throat and hoarse voice, and some mouth sores. I have taken care of post nasal drip. Can this be an allergy to Splenda - kind of same timeline.
Avatar n tn my kid is suffering from hoarse voice from 2 days.
Avatar m tn This morning, I felt quite fine until I went to a language lesson with quite a lot of speaking and then I felt foggy in my head and congested in my ears- particularly left ear and when I went home my voice was hoarse- still quite hoarse with less foggy feeling and congestion. Does this add up to a head cold now or something else? Should I see a doctor? I need my voice to be clear for work tomorrow afternoon.
Avatar n tn I experience a tightness in the throat area and my voice becomes hoarse. As soon as I stop talking, for example, go to bed - the next morning my voice and vocal cords feel fine and the hoarsness is gone. I never experience it at work but don't talk as much at work. Is there something I can do about it or should I be worried about it.
Avatar n tn At times it feels like there is a lump in it (although this is not always the case) and at the end of the day my voice can be hoarse. I have no swollen glands, it is not sore per se, just uncomfortable. I am in good general health although I do have quite a runny nose. No allergies, not a smoker or heavy drinker. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn In all their testing, did they do an echocardiogram, carotid ultrasound, check for an abdominal aneurysm, refer to ENT (or head & neck) for poor balance (see if it's vestibular related), sore throat and hoarse voice? Did they do a brain MRI, including a special attention on the pituitary and hypothalamus areas, with and without contrast?
1545493 tn?1293569978 And I grow ever more frustrated and enraged with each passing minute my throat is dry, hoarse and on fire! Honestly I highly doubt it can be allergies when I've never had them to this degree before! What did my body just decide to wake up and be allergic to the world one day? I highly doubt it! PLEASE HELP ME!!! It's affecting my livelihood! I need to sing!!! It's all I do, and all I've been doing since the age of 5!!! I'd rather die than not sing another day of my life!
Avatar m tn I do sing but I went a month without singing to give my voice a rest and it was still the same. I only sing about an average of twice a month, somtimes only once. I sing Classic Country Music not Opera. I would say it is in the middle of my chest not up in the throat area. Sometimes I'll get some clear flem but it seems to be more when I eat. Also, I can't sleep on my back as it affects my chest with the clear flem and a cough. I don't know if they are related or not.
Avatar n tn i have a hoarse voice and have a lump next to a nerve near my voice box,plus i find it hard to swallow what can be done for this
335728 tn?1331414412 t seem to be related to the loss of my voice as my voice has been hoarse for at least the last two months and the latest neck pain only lasted about 1 week. My voice did not return post neck pain. My gp has done blood tests for Thyroid and I had an Ultrasound yesterday. She feels that it is probably related only to my inhaled meds but I am having a lot of trouble with disabling fatigue as well as other symptoms.
Avatar n tn My sister has a hoarse voice for a year with green mucus, diagnosed with astma,using inhaler and mucolytic, untilnow she has still a hoarse voice, sometimes she has sorethroat. What medicines for her hoarse voice.
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