Sore throat and green mucus

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Avatar m tn I finished my last antibiotic last Thursday and on Saturday I woke up with another sore throat. This time, its more of a sore back tongue. My tongue is stiff and in pain, when I move it, it hurts. My ears are also hurting as well. I have to note, on Tuesday I went to see an ENT who used this small mirror type tool they usually use at the dentist to look at teeth.
Avatar m tn It sounds like you have a respiratory and sinus infection. Make an appointment to see your doctor to check your throat and ears and lungs. If the doctor is of the opinion that this is a bacterial infection, he will prescribe you with an antibiotic. At home do steam inhalations. Boil up a kettleful of water (taking care not to get scalded). Pour this into a bowl and put in some Vick, Olbas oil or any other decongesting oil you like.
Avatar n tn i have recently developed a sore throat and began hacking up really thick green mucus with blood in it. The blood has lessened since the beginning of the illness. Now i just started coughing last night and i cough up really green thick mucus and my lungs have a very slight constant burn to them maybe because of the violent nature of my cough. and when i inhale deep i cough involuntarily. does anyone know what i have? if you dont know does it sound serious?
Avatar n tn Now, for about four days, I have had a sore throat. It veries in severity but at night it is worse. I also have a feeling of a ball of mucus in the back of my throat. When I attempt to clear nothing moves. The past few days I have had a taste of blood in the back of my throat. Now when I try to clear that feeling of having mucus in my throat I bring up a ball of dark blood, to which my throat becomes sorer after doing that.
Avatar m tn I went home for the weekend hoping that my parents care would heal me up over the weekend, but we tried multiple things and the sore throat wouldn't go away. It only kept getting worse. The most frustrating part was that since my throat was obviously inflamed it made it really hard to sleep because it made it feel like my neck was hurting badly and I could hardly sleep for very long before waking up.
Avatar f tn So, I have had a sore throat for a week now. It started with a tickling throat and then developed, so I find it very hard to swallow because it really hurts, and also have trouble talking. Yesterday I started coughing and it has gotten really bad, to the point where I am coughing until I'm gagging. However, the unusual thing is it only seriously affects me in the mornings and at night. During the day it is bearable. Please help!!
Avatar f tn It was preceded by sore throat and persistent cough (dry cough). The mucus sometimes looks green in color. Took some antibiotics and cough syrup too, but didn't work out.
Avatar n tn i have had mucous in my throat for about a year now, most of the time it is clear and sometimes it is green i have to force it up most of the time, i also have a very annoying cough and clear my throat about 50 times a day i am only 21 years old my doctor suggested that it could be allergies but it happens to me all day but doesnt wake me up at night. . should i even bothering going to an e.n.t??
504569 tn?1210458040 Went to Doctor was told bronchitis, well i had it many times in my life and was never like this, never had such green mucus in the large amounts or throat and ear pain, given z pack, back to doctor again after 3 more weeks given flonase and steroid. Don't know if flonase or steroid helped but feeling some better, just hoping there is no relapse..
Avatar f tn Hi, white spots are common in many throat infections. The sore throat and tonsillitis which you had may have contributed to it. In response to the infection the body produces soft white debris which collects in the tiny indentations in the tonsils called crypts. Repeated salt water gargles will help. Mix one teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of warm water and gargle. If the patches increase in size or become painful then consult your doctor. Regards.
Avatar n tn On friday the 7th i played some serious basketball and felt fine afterwards. To my surprise i awoke the next morning with a sore throat, green mucus with traces of blood in it and i had gooey grey eye crust in the corners of my eye and on my eyelids. The sore throat was literally like ive never felt before. It hurt to speak and even to swallow my own saliva.the first few days i tried drinking tea with hone but the only thing that made it feel any better was icy cold fluids.
1277189 tn?1271053633 I went from just having a horrible stuffed nose and dry throat to a cough and being barely able to turn my neck to the right. I chalked this up to having less than 2 hours of sleep a night because of being unable to breath properly and it hurts to swallow which makes sleeping uncomfortable as well. Please let me know if this is something I should wait in the doctors office for another 4 hours for or not.
Avatar n tn My brother and mom had a sore throat for a while and it went away, a little over a month ago i caught it, too. It started out as a sore, internal pain on one side of my throat when i swallowed. That went away in a week or two, since then, it has been switching between being dry or having a lot of mucus (not creamy, green, or infected-looking mucus). I like exercising, but the dryness is causing me to have trouble breathing. The doctor told my brother that it was not mono and not strep.
Avatar n tn I have some what of a sore throat primarily to the right side. I believe this gland is slightly irratated and it causes some discomfort. My eyes are also experiencing some discomfort and feel heavy. I have felt very tired lately but have managed to get through the day. I need to mention that I have been working more and typically work long nights. I have only been getting about 4-6 hours of sleep.
Avatar n tn The mucus can drain from the nose and sinuses down the back of the throat causing a constant or intermittent postnasal drip and sore throat. The best way to identify a sinus infection is with a sinus CT scan, although sinus x-rays are a decent alternative. A sinus CT scan will also identify if any of the openings that drain your sinuses are blocked. If your symptoms are due to sinusitis, they will last as long as the inflammation continues. Please read our Sinusitis MedFact at http://www.
Avatar m tn (i) Sore throat (its not really sore throat, I did feel something inside my throat and sometimes affected my breathe, the doctor said that it may due to acid reflux, which is due to anxiety?) (ii) Difficulty to sleep, loss of appetite, numbness (especially during sleep), (iii) Muscle aches (on the left side only, last for only 1-2 days), (iv) Ulcer, not painful, inside mouth, (v) Cold (ranging from 37.5 to 38.
Avatar f tn after concentrating on trying to get it out of my throat i can eventually work it out and spit it up, deep breaths from my nose and then out my mouth help to get it up. It is the size of a pea, is green and sumtimes has bits of yellow and small bits of blood in it. Its a hard little lump but the inside is still squishy it has no smell. when i eventually spit it up my throat feels better and doesn't burn as much but this is annoying because i go thru this everyday, its GROSS! please help!
Avatar n tn I had a bout of sore throat and something like a flu about 3 weeks back. I was given amoxycilin 250mg for 5 days, but till now, I have been experiencing a dark brownish mucous from my nose when I suck my mucous back and spit it out during the mornings. Throughout the day, when I blow my nose, there will be occasional green mucous too. But phlegm that I cough out is colourless. My throat is only very slightly sore occasionally.
Avatar f tn Now having mucus problems, always trying to clear my throat and can spit out jelly like mucus. One doctor prescribed an inhale and nose spray. Can't use either as it makes the dry throat worse! Mine feels like it starts behind my left sinus down to the base of my neck. Causes me anxiety too as it now bothers me 24/7 with this feeling in my throat. I use all the Biotene products which do next to nothing. I too am having dental problems with receding gums.
Avatar n tn Just over Three weeks ago I came down with a really sore throat, and darkish green nasal discharge along with it and for two mornings there was blood in it when I blew my nose... A week after my sore throat started, a common cold finally hit me.. Three days into my cold, I started feeling really exhausted, and its hard for me to describe, or put my finger on exactly what im feeling.. but it was a mix between fatigue, light headedness, dazed, lack of concentration, slight loss of balance..
Avatar n tn What made me think it was weird is that I don't have any green mucus, which I always have with a sore throat. There's lots of red veins in my mouth too and looks like a white patch underneath my skin, not on top like strep or fungus. My lymph nodes above my adams apple feel a little bit large, but I'm not sure. My throat is a bit swollen mid way through too, but again it doesn't hurt. It looks exactly the same since I noticed it a week ago. I'm scared because I don't know what it is.
Avatar f tn I have had difficulty swallowing for about 7 months now, along with thick, stringy, gelatinous clear mucus in my throat and thick green-brown mucus in my sinuses and throat. My nose is very dry and has dry congestion that is hard to remove by blowing.
Avatar n tn ) so I got it all for 7 years--clogged sinuses, constant phlegm, hawk, spit, nocturnal mucus drowning, sore throat, lost voice, smell, and taste, chronic cough, Cipro, steroid sprays, name it. Here's the real problem, recently from the Mayo Clinic. (Google: mayo clinic snot). Once you get an infection, all the viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, toxins take on a life of their own, and cause all these problems.
Avatar n tn Hi - for the past 2 years I've had a problem with mucus at the back of my throat and nose. It comes in waves - and when its really bad its so sticky i struggle to swallow properly (i can eat and drink) but just generally swollowing i can feel an obstruction. It takes a couple of hours to then dislodge itself and i cough up a piece of phlegm the size of a 10pence piece usually dark yellow/brown and the centre is always hard and its really smells awful.
Avatar f tn and everything was normal. i've been having the feeling of mucus in my throat. mucus has been coming up and it's clear .. not green and on some days my throat feels dry. i havent had a fever at all but have been waking up with small headaches and pressure in my around my eyes and nose. this has been gradual since june of 2009. it all started with a small tickle in the back of my throat. any ideas?
Avatar n tn I had what appeared to be a bad sinus infection for a couple of weeks, thick green mucus from the nose and thick green plugs coming up in my throat. All of that has dissappeared, and now I am left with a sore place in my throat on the right down low. I also have a little coughing with this sometimes. I went to the doctor, and she said she thought it was viral. That was on Friday. It is now Tuesday and there has been no change. It hurts to swallow, gets worse at night.
Avatar f tn After a day of taking this medicine the coughing and and sore throat was diminishing. You can treat your sore throat also with a mixture of warm water with honey and lemon. Cinnamon is also good for your throat. I am also taking Sovereign Silver. It acts as a natural antibiotics if you do have a throat infection. It has been doing wonders for me. Drink plenty of water so you body can flush out the toxins. Green Tea has also been found to shorten the recovery from the flu or cold.
Avatar f tn I have constant ,mucus and post nasal drip and recently thick green mucus for several weeks. I am attending ENT and will be going soon for a follow up as more polyps were found. I am also at speech therapy to learn to use my vocal chords and to breathe properly. I have been getting very light headed bunged up and tired, and today the green mucus had blood in it. I know it's probably all the nose blowing. Also I feel very like I will pass out and have had reoccuring sore throats.