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Avatar m tn Shortly after, my right testicle got swollen and if I sit in a certain way, that testicle is sore and that soreness extends to the lower abdomen. Also, when having sexual intercourse, I don't ejaculate at all, despise having orgasms as usual. Can you help me? Thank you for your attention and have a nice day.
Avatar m tn I have noticed an unexplained pressure in testicles, usually in the bottom side. Sometimes it goes but it comes back. When I do some mild exercise, like walking, it gets better. But it may come back. I have not seen any lump, swelling, or other scary stuff. My GP show no signs of infection in the urinalysis. Could this be due to excessive cycling?
Avatar f tn I have sore testicles. The pain seems to be more in the cords. I hurt them by doing core exercises which involved me sucking in my stomach to engage my core. The pain is worsened by excercise. My testicles have since tightened up and no longer hang in there old relaxed state. Ibuprofen and nurofen have no effect. My lower abdominal wall is stiff and sore all the time from my testy pain. I also get a sore lower back.
Avatar m tn I have sore testicles and was wondering if you fingered someone and then maybe touched the tip of your penis immediately after this could pass on STD's?? Thats the only sexual contact.
Avatar f tn I have sore testicles. It seems to be mainly in the cords I think! I hurt it whilst doing abdominal core strength excercises for the internal and external obliques. They have since tightened up and do not hang freely in there relaxed state which makes them Really sensitive. No pain killers help. I have had my entire back checked for nerve damage and referred pain. I have been checked for hernias and done blood tests etc.
Avatar n tn Ok about 3 months ago, Me and a girl gave each other unprotected oral sex. Stupid I know and about 7 days after I noticed a tiny red dot on teh tip of my penis which dissapeared. I then had an actual rash underneath the foreskin which was there for a few days then dissapeared then came back every few days. Then when it had gone my skin went dry and flaked on the tip of my penis when I got an erection but would all come off in the shower.
Avatar m tn If chlamydia progressed to that point then you would have pain all the time.
Avatar m tn It can be an STD, it can not be, we dont' know for sure. The only way to know is to test for them in accordance with window periods meet. You symptoms aren't indicative to HIV infection. Cycling does cause prostate problems but you don't report trauma near your prostate. Advice: Wait one month after your last medication and re-test for gonorrhea, chlamydia and ngu.
Avatar m tn I have had two recent incidents of protected sex at a massage parlor. After cycling last week, I noticed irritation and some small blister/ingrown hair looking things on my inner thigh where my testicles rub my leg. I'm guessing it is merely saddle sores from cycling, but am ultra-paranoid it is herpes. What are my chances of having contracted herpes?
Avatar f tn my boyfriend has been complaining of sore testicals. He says its like they ache and the pain is going up to his belly. It takes him a while to ejaculate and is painful.
Avatar n tn I have sore/discomfort testicles. I assume it is the epididymis and have obtained an STD. My partner has pain in her stomach. We both have been tested for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomonas and Urine Infection multiple time for the last 6 - 8 months. These tests all come back negative. I do not believe that I have any further symptoms except sore epididymis on both sides of my testicles. This soreness increases and decreases in pain throughout the day but never really goes away.
Avatar m tn for over 5 weeks now i have had pain like underneath my testicles and betwwen the rectum , i also am getting lower back pain and all my pelvic area . also stomach cramps . i have had sti checks and they are negative , my urine sample was negative , they prescribed me with antibiotics for epididmitys im on my second course for 5 weeeks now and they are not doing anthing to help . i had to go to a&e because the back pain was that bad and i had a scan on the kidneys and again they were ok .
Avatar m tn I am 20 year old i was gyming in my house whithout supporter while after sum time pain started in my testicles when i checked them they was haging lower than normal nd they was looking weak nd after than my penis is not getting harder due to tention or what but everything was fine before 2 days plz help me is there any doctor from give me your no plz reply m in big problem
Avatar m tn weell i did sex with a woman using condom and we also did oral sex but after that i got pain in my testicles and i consult doctor he said it is infection and gave some antibiotics after having my pain gone but after 1.5 month again there is little pain in my right testicles with sore throat. so i want to know wht it indicates .
850029 tn?1238857820 I'm looking for suggestions. I am a personal care attendant for a young man with Autism. Actually, I do respite and he stays weekends with me every few weeks. I've known the young man and his family for 6 years. Every so often (6 months or so) the young man will seem to cycle like someone with Bipolor might. He seems to just loose all control of what he doing. I am so lucky that the kid is so well behaved that even at his worst, he actually pretty good.
Avatar n tn For about two months my testicles/scrotum have been tingling. It is not constant but it occurs frequently throughout the day. It could also be described as a a slight burning feeling. More recently, my left testicle has a dull ache that radiates up into the groin. It usually occurs when walking at work or on the elliptical exercise machine. When touching the testicle it is very sensitive. I sit down and take the pressure off the scrotum and the pain goes away.
Avatar m tn She prescribed me Lotrimin cream, which I am now using. I mentioned my sore testicles and after she examined them without finding any abnormalities, she suggested I be re-tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia to play it safe, even though I tested negative for both of those about two and a half months ago, and haven't had sex since.
Avatar f tn Hi , After cycling my bike a week ago I noticed a lump in my perennial area while showering. I guess it’s after coming by from one or two things , that area is usually quite red from cycling and I wore shorts that hadn’t been washed from the day before . It’s something I never do but was forced to do as all my others were wet !
Avatar n tn I have recently gotten itchy, red & sore testicles, in between the folds on my testicles is wet, this wetness eventually covers my whole scrotum overnight or when I cant clean them. I assume this is a fungus of some type. Especially when I wake up, I get these sort of flakes of dead skin (I think it's skin, it's really gross). It's important to add that I'm a virgin.
Avatar m tn He has had a canker sore appear on his testicles. Just one and it went away quickly but he is still worried. Like me, he is a boy of the age of sixteen. Could he have HPV or what else could cause this canker sore on his testicles and mouth?
Avatar m tn I developed very slight pain in my testicles and lymph nodes at around 1-2 months which went away only to return at around 4 months from the incident. When it returned my doctor diagnosed me with prostatitis and ran some tests that all came back ok. He put me on cipro which made me itch a lot so he switched me to Septra.
553516 tn?1255867219 did they give peliv floor excersises to do they have me They hurt and made me retain water.I have a lot stress incontince..I am due to have a repair .Waiting for dates. so any info would be great.