Sore scalp with new growth

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Avatar f tn Hello to all who are reading this, so my problem begins the top of my scalp with a little dandruff. The dandruff is not very visible unless I scratch my scalp vigorously. The flakes are very tiny and white in appearance I have had this problem for quite some time now with doctors giving me no diagnosis and no solution. I have numerous diagnosis. Yet they still don't seem to know what the cause is.These symptoms seem to get worse on specific occasions where I am overly stressed.
Avatar f tn About 1year ago a growth appeared on my scalp. It has now gotten larger as well as is now changing color and has black/dark areas on top and some of the edges. I am 48 and fair skin abd extremely freckled.
Avatar f tn I have been to the Doctor but cant get any answers...he did say something about scalp cysts?? Because my scalp does feel sore to touch in that area compared to the rest of my scalp!! Is there anything I can do?
Avatar f tn Tinea capitis (ringworm of the scalp) is a disease caused by a superficial fungal infection of the skin of the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes, with a propensity for attacking hair shafts and follicles. The disease is considered to be a form of superficial mycosis or dermatophytosis. Several other names are used when referring to this infection, including ringworm of the scalp and tinea tonsurans. In the US and other regions of the world, the incidence of tinea capitis is increasing.
Avatar m tn Hello, These symptoms can be due to telogen effluvium. See the growth cycle of hair is in two phases, anagen or growth phase and telogen or resting phase. During telogen, the resting hair remains in the follicle until it is pushed out by growth of a new anagen hair. In telogen effluvium, a large number of hair enter telogen at one time. When they start growing they do it together and so they will take some time to grow back.
Avatar n tn I used an online service to chat with a doctor and had asked about this. He said the blood flow to the scalp is different from blood flow to the brain, so the vacuum shouldn't cause any damage to the brain.
Avatar m tn t even look at my scalp and prescribed me with doxycycline for a whole year 2 pills a day, but after being on the antibiotic I think I have developed gram-negative folliculitus which cause large pimples to appear on my nose ( boils in other words). I know that I should stop taking the antibiotics to stop the gram-negative folliculitus but this time around the folliculitus on my scalp has become itchy and painful.
364228 tn?1214573373 Most of the time, a dark discoloration on the scalp is noticeable. There may be dryness also, associated with itchiness, flaking, and feeling of a "tight scalp". Sometimes, secondary infection develops when there are excoriations in the scalp. I would suggest you put moisturizing cream on your mother's scalp. It would also be appropriate if you can bring her back to her radiation oncologist for further evaluation. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Recently I have been experiencing a burning and faint itching sensation on my scalp line. I have lost some hair and new hair growth comes in with a crinkly dry texture. My scalp looks healthy and I wash and condition my hair daily. Any ideas.
1009876 tn?1326490077 The sore spots are only on my scalp, not my face. I have been putting antibiotic cream (clindasol) on the spots. It seems to make the soreness subside, but they're not going away. So far, Head and shoulders doesn't help. I'm going to change my shampoo to see if that helps.
Avatar m tn To anyone who can help. I have had a really bad case of scalp Seborrheic dermatitis for the past several years. I have tried everything under the sun to get rid of it and nothing will work. I have tried every kind of oil and shampoos. It is covering my whole scalp and they are very thick scales that even makes my hair grow slow because it has to grow through these scales. This "bout" of Seborrheic dermatitis started about 5 years ago.
Avatar f tn I'm post tx of just over a month. My thrush is gone, hypothyroid, and getting more bld wk Dec. 22. My hairloss is somewhere between 30-40%. It slowed down my last month of tx, but did not completely stop falling out. At the same time, I have been experiencing new growth. Like you, I don't know if it's residual effects of tx or the hypothyroidism. If it's the tx it should eventually stop.
Avatar f tn Five months ago I found a bald spot about the size of a quarter on the back of my scalp. I am trying to figure out why my hair fell out and if it will come back.
Avatar m tn ive been dealing with hair loss for quite some time now but ive giving myself scalp messages n it seems to be working real well they are realy short right now and little bit thinner than the other hairs is there something i can do to make them grow faster?
Avatar m tn Depending on the duration of hair loss, close examination of the scalp may reveal a higher than expected number of short new hairs growing. This is because the hair enter the telogen phase. See the growth cycle of hair is in two phases, anagen or grwith phase and telogen or resting phase. During telogen, the resting hair remains in the follicle until it is pushed out by growth of a new anagen hair. In telogen effluvium, a large number of hair enter telogen at one time.
Avatar f tn All i know is Head Massages, and really massage your scalp when you use shampoo, it increases blood flow and give good circulation that may help x
Avatar f tn The other possibility is of pilar cysts scalp. The scalp should be washed with a mild normal shampoo as often as desired. Antidandruff shampoos containing antifungal agents such as ketoconazole or ciclopirox are sometimes helpful. Apart from that you need topical and oral antibiotics, antihistamines, oral steroids and topical tretinoin. My sincere advice is to get it examined from a dermatologist.
Avatar f tn Diagnosis is by clinical examination of the scalp as well as a KOH examination of the scalp skin scrapings and skin lesion biopsy with microscopic examination. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn I believe it works, to strengthen the hair and nourish the scalp, so intern with a healthier scalp you'll have healthy hair that grows since it's stronger
Avatar m tn the hair on my hairline has gotten black and very thick, it appears to be stimulating growth in all of the raw scalp areas where you can see the hole but no hair, and that means the skin hasn't healed or closed over it so it looks bald/shiny. It's hard to describe but the scalp parts that are thinning look as if its been trimmed with a buzz machine, it looks alive just hairless.
Avatar n tn Is there ever miniaturization of the hair (thinner hair) with regrowth from Telogen Effluvium? If so, does the hair ever return to normal size? I lost about 1/2 of my hair from Telogen Effluvium. I have little regrowth which appears to be miniaturized, and some of the new hairs (about 4-6 inches long) are falling out. Will these hairs regrow, and should they return to normal density? Also, most of the miniaturization is on the sides; the crown looks normal. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I have a weird sore sensation over the top of my head (if you think where a hairband would like- kind of center middle of head & to the sides). When i sniff its sore, which is often at the moment as i have an horrendous cold. but before i had the cold it was sore when i sniffed. Also sometimes the scalp around there feels sensitive to touch & burns too. Would appreciate your help? Could this be sinus or does this suggest something else?
Avatar f tn Hi everyone! I have had a small growth on my scalp for years, it never bothered me too much but I always wondered what caused it. It's not noticeable because my hair covers it, it's never itched and I can brush over it. I do have to be careful where I part my hair though and I'm sure it's getting bigger. I asked my GP about it and he said it is a wart, and I could get it taken off easily but it would leave a small bald patch so I may be better off to leave it alone.