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Avatar m tn i had a auto accident about 15 days ago. it was single accident that hit the tree in the median. I had laceration on forehead and a couple of fractures on my face. ED said they did CT SCAN and X-rays on several parts of my body and nothing else was fractured. 2-3 days after I was discharge from hospital, I was getting this heavy soreness on my head. Some reason, my right side of body is injured more than left side and even my head is sore only right side.
Avatar m tn Have these same symptoms. Painful scalp area on right side of my head, swollen glands on the right side and a dull headache. It's Spring so I've attributed it to allergies or a mild virus. It's day three so if I don't see improvement item I'm off to the doctor. Extra vitamins are a good idea.
Avatar m tn right side swollen gland, occasional pains in right ear, and small area of scalp that is sensative to touch on top right side. So far, it does not seem serious, but I am concerned because it is different from anything experienced before. Thanks.
1536712 tn?1294043301 Right now I have a very tender/sore/painful spot in my scalp. It is on the back of my head, the right side of the middle, up against the top of my head. When I press the spot it hurts. When I drag my hand through my hair too. Sometimes it would be more in the front of my scalp, sometimes the other side etc. It's also sometimes more 'widespread', so much of my scakp will feel tender/sore, but I think there is always one spot which is the 'center'...
Avatar f tn For the past week I''ve had a tingling, sensitive sensation in my scalp - right side, along with a sore throat on right side, and an occasional earache. Any idea what it could be or if you had the same symptoms and solved the problem. Dr. thought it was a cold, which it apparently wasn't. Dermatologist didn't know what could cause it and suggested a neurologist.
1819252 tn?1317092002 Hi everyone. I am 13 weeks into treatment and I have a very sore,dry scalp. My hair is also falling out quite a bit now. I was wondering if any of you have found a product to help the scalp. I have been using Nioxin shampoo and conditioner, but it doesn't seem to help at all.
1009876 tn?1326490077 The sore spots are only on my scalp, not my face. I have been putting antibiotic cream (clindasol) on the spots. It seems to make the soreness subside, but they're not going away. So far, Head and shoulders doesn't help. I'm going to change my shampoo to see if that helps.
Avatar m tn The doctor told me that my scalp would go back to the orlginal size and I would get my feeling back in my scalp. I have all of the feeling on the left side of my scalp. But the right side still goes from numb to tingling to several other feeling. I can't say that it's painful but sometimes my scalp is a little sore. And my scalp becomes inflamed when I scratch my head or comb my hair alot. I take ibuprofin daily.
Avatar f tn have rash bottom of right side of nose,itcht with white dot , applied warm water and bacatracin white spot became red and painful--I do have cll that is just being watched. had breast cancer with radiation and surgery april,2010. also, had sinus surgery august,2010 and have been doing saline cleanings daily. also have been taking omeprazole for some time.
1997600 tn?1327258333 I have had headaches consistently, as well as an area on the right side of my scalp that feels sore to the touch,. with what looks like a slight rash.I did have some highlights put in my hair over a week ago, at an Aveda salon, but i didn't notice any issues with a chemical burn or allergic reaction in the days that followed. I'm concerned because i'm supposed to be traveling on the 25th of this month. Does anyone have any ideas?
Avatar m tn it lasted for maybe about 7-8hours. As I released my hear I felt a pain in my scalp on the top right side. I thought it was just because I pulled my hair tightly. but until now, it hurts when I touch my scalp or my right temple or my right side of forehead. What could it be? Aside from this I don't feel anything. PLEASE HELP ME. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have some pain on the crown of my head, it gets bad at times and it is sensitive to touch even when I lie down or anything touches it. I also have pain in the ear on the right side, it also affects my eyes, pressure behind them. I have some pulling feeling in my neck and right shoulder when I turn my head at times....I feel two to three small lumps or they are vessels that are swollen either way...its painful and annoying at the same time.
Avatar m tn I have recurring pain in my scalp and I first started feeling it in my ears and throat. When the shooting pains started moving to the right side of my scalp, I though it was something to do with my nerves. I once had a similar issue on the other side of my head and the doctor said he believed it was a scalp pimple pushing down on a cluster of nerve endings.
Avatar f tn These sores can be caused by viral, bacterial or fungal infections. Acne and clogged hair shafts can cause scalp sores, too. Cysts on the scalp are another cause of scalp sores. In folliculitis there is inflammation of one or several hair follicles on the skin causing red, bumpy and pimple-like lumps.Tinea capitis causes round, red, scaly bumps on the scalp's surface.
Avatar n tn Two days ago the swelling increased in occipital and is very painful to touch and I have developed severe headache and pressure in right side of head and sinus cavities....nose feels stopped up and numb up in right side...pain behind right eye...and neck and back muscles hurt when I put chin down toward chest....any help? any non medical relief? thanks...
Avatar f tn The hair loss happened to me in cycles, about a two month process with sore scalp, then a few weeks of major hair loss, then it would stop for a while, then the whole thing would begin again. For dy mouth I used a product called Oasis, its a mouth spray that helps a lot. You can get it over the counter. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I have a real sore area at the base of my skull but on the right side. I had it about 3 weeks ago & it went. Then this last 2 days it came back. Feels really tender like a bruise! Feels like i have been smacked. Have been doing quite a lot of stenuous work lately so wondering if it might be straining or Repetative strain! Am right handed & did about 4hrs weeding the garden!
Avatar f tn could the tingling painful scalp be a side effect from antivirals? I've had strange rashes on and off and other pains, tingles, etc that I didn't have before herpes.
429949 tn?1224691579 I have MS and right now the right side of the back of my scalp is so tender I can't hardly touch you think this is the MS causing this?
Avatar f tn My head still hurts on right side and my scalp hurts. If you are female and have one hair caught in a clip - that awful feeling is the feeling I have all over my head - as if all my hair is pulling on my scalp. Will all this stop? I can't even comb my hair as my scalp is so painful. I am sure it must look like a Rastafarian in the back near the inscision because I can't even go near there with a comb. Is this normal? How long until it stops?
Avatar f tn There is a bump on the right side of the back of the head. It is hard not moveable. The bump is under the scalp. Ita about the size of a nickel. Its on my boyfriends head he said its been there for years. He thinks he got it after he got hit in the head. Its never cause pain till recently he says he now gets really painful headache from that area. The pain eases when he puts some pressure on bump. What can this be?
237053 tn?1258828426 I'm not an expert on fibromyalgia, but I am thinking that skin sensitivites can be assoiciated with fibro and or CFS. Often times a nickel allergy will show up at the area just below the belly button. (where the snap or button is located.) I suggest you do a search on nickel allergy.