Sore scalp and thinning hair

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Avatar n tn Ive always had a tender scalp on and off but about 2 years ago I started noticing my hair was thinning where my scalp was sore primarily. Its been thinning at the top and around the temples. The thinning progressed rather quickly ive had to xut my hair shorter to make it blend. Prior to the thinning my hair would shed these grey flakes like dandruff especially if I was sweating or just finished playing sports.
Avatar f tn I have very itchy's very sore when I touch it and when I scratch itches so bad that I can't help but to scratch My head. I try to scratch as soft as I can but it very tender.  The itching and soreness is only in the middle of my head . The crown hair is thinning a little in that area and it kind of feel a little scaby; but I can't really tell.  I am a 24 year old female. Black African American.  I don't take no medication.
Avatar n tn My head has not been too bad until now. In the last two months my head is sore tender itchy and painful on the top. My hair is getting thinner and thinner week by week. I have been to the doctors who sent me for a blood test - all ok. He gave me a prescription for betnovate liquid to put on my scalp. The first week and a half it did help with the redness but now I'm getting itchy again and beginning to get sore.
Avatar n tn All my life I've been told that I have thick hair. I'm 21, Asian, male; for the past few years I've been noticing that I have thinner hair on the right side of my scalp. When I run my hand gently through my hair I notice that hair falls out WAY easier than the left side of my head. I'm not shedding clumps of hair, it's just my right side of the scalp sheds more in comparison to the left. Is this something normal? I've been stressing about this a lot!
Avatar m tn This may be a better place to post my comment. I I am a 19 year old male, for nearly a year i have been having hair loss/thinning and a severe itch on my scalp where some days it becomes very intense and prevents me from doing my day to day activities as it requires me to remain indoors sometime as whenever i try i relieve the pain by stroking my hair it cuases my scalp to hurt by moving my hair follicules, and whenever at the site of the itch hair seems to fall there.
Avatar m tn After around 6 months i could see my scalp.Taking a closer look it appeared red and the hair was thinning especially in the mid scalp region.I could also scratch some white crust with my nail.I had moderate itching.After some months i had extreme itching and a burning sensation like ants crawling and i could sense warmth.The scalp was really red so i went to dermatologist.I think he said i had pytiriasis.I was given ketekonazole and nizoral and after 1 month of treatment the symptoms were gone.
Avatar n tn i am having thinning over my scalp especially crown and its progressing.i am having this problem from past 10 months before that my hair were healthy and thiker but now they are very thin and my scalp is noticeablee on top. i tthinking of rogaine ,,currently using nizoral hvent seen dermatologist yet. i donot have any family history of baldness. any suggestions??
Avatar m tn Then my eyebrows started thinning the same way my hair did. Now i can visibly see hair falling out all over my scalp but the thing that worries me the most is the hair falling from my eyebrows. My scalp flakes a lot and it always produces these little hard keratinized bulbs when the hair falls our.Other symptoms include eyelash fall, styes on my eyes, small pimples on my face, changes in my skin, itchy forehad, bleeding scalp, and beaus lines on my nails, along with minor pitting.
Avatar n tn Hi, Most people normally shed 50 to 100 hairs a day and this amount of hair loss should not cause noticeable thinning of the scalp hair. Hair thinning and loss could be due to increased rate of shedding compared to the rate of regrowth. This could be due to: hormonal changes, poor nutrition, diseases, certain medications, infections and stress.
Avatar m tn My hair and beard have been thinning for a while , and it seems to be getting worse by the week. I have had all the relative blood tests to rule out anemia and thyroid problems and they are negative.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm only 15 and Ive noticed some red dots on my scalp and my hair appears to be thinning. This started a few months ago, and most if not all of my family has hair. What can I do to stop hair thinning? Please help.
Avatar n tn But now my skin is very dry and including a very dry scalp. My hair was very oily and thick before i sued accutane and now it feels very dry and thin. I've heard that my sebacuous glands will come back to there pre-accutane levels, is this true? I really hope so b/c i want my oily hair back.
Avatar f tn Bt then i managed to stop, but still the hair on the middle of my scalp is very thin and less. I had very thick, black and wavy hair, so i straightened it permanently and now my hair has become very thin and weak. If i brush my fingers through my hair around 2-5 strands fall off. I have also come to a new place to study and i believe the water doesnt suit my hair. What can i do? My hair keeps falling off. M scared to even wash it.
Avatar n tn I am a 24 year old woman who has long, thick brown hair. People always tell me how beautiful my hair is and comment on how silky, shiny, and thick it is. All my life I've been able to run my hands through it! About two months ago, the texture of my hair has changed and is more coarse like and is falling out. Now, when I run my hands through my hair, at least 3 to 10 hairs will come out.
Avatar n tn She recently (2 weeks ago) started taking a low dose of accutane every other day and noticed her face and scalp began to itch and flake. She is now concerned about her hair thinning and even being lost, claiming that it has at least begun to thin. My question: Is there a strong correlation between hair thinning/loss with accutane patients? Should she be concerned about permanent hair loss? If her hair is thinning, is this permanent as well or temporary?
Avatar f tn m also 23 and my hair is super thin.Most of the times when I part my hair my scalp shows and it drives me CRAZY!! Is the 3000 mcg Biotin helping you in anyways?What about the Nioxin shampoo, have you noticed any change? Let me know pleaseee.. Thank You.
Avatar m tn my mom is an old time RN and her old time Dr said thyroid can cause thinning of the eyebrows and hair loss so i would look into a blood test for vitamin defeciency or hormone hope you get some answers
Avatar m tn I used gentle Aveeno volumizing shampoo, kept my hair cut short (less weight=thinning less obvious), took Biotin supplement daily (promotes healthy hair and nails) and invested in a large selection of hats. The hats were perfect at masking the thinning and bald spots and also essential sun-protection for my exposed scalp. If you prefer scarves there are YouTube videos on different ways to wear them. Remember, this is temporary, and minor relative to your life.
Avatar n tn I went to dermatologist and diagnosed as Alopecia areata. I went to my dermatologist and I had several injections directly on my scalp and she prescribed solution that directly applied to my scalp. I can't remember the name of the drugs but my hair grew slowly overtime. But Piyush is correct because 2 years ago I suffred again with bald spots, I did not visit any dermatologist because I believe that it is ony sign of stress and anxiety.
1300834 tn?1273123354 I noticed it when I had my hair layered and I looked in the mirror at the back of my head and I could see parts in my hair that showed my scalp and when I tried to move my hair around to cover the part another part would show. Their wasn't enough hair. My hair is thin, but it's alwasy been very full. My hairdressers USED to comment all the time on how much hair I had. When I touched my head I couldn't feel through to my scalp, now I can easily.
Avatar m tn And this:
Avatar m tn s not as long now, due to the thinning, and I still use the products. But, I definitely have very dry hair and notice some build up on my scalp that sometimes gets in my nails if I scratch it. Apparently this is called sebum and may be blocking my pores and causing my hair loss? My question is, how do I remove this build up and keep my scalp where it needs to be in terms of producing natural oils? Are there certain home remedies I can do? Certain shampoos and conditioners?
Avatar f tn When I apply Toppik fibers on my scalp, it usually just conceals the thinning areas with a light layer. However, near my part at the front of my head, the Toppik always clumps up directly on the scalp. At first it didn't bother me because it covers up the thinning area, but now I'm worried that hair can't grow through the fibers.
Avatar f tn Hair loss is a common symptom of hypothyroidism. Sometimes, it's one of the first symptoms to go away when starting med, sometimes, it's the last. I'd guess that it's the Armour that has stopped the hair loss. BTW - I've read that spirulina should not be used with thyroid medication.
Avatar m tn within a month i was so bad with the lose of hair and tired, the shakes,no energy and my heart felt like it was coming out of my chest everytime i walked a few distants or went up stairs that i went to another doctor and he imm. did blood work and asked me about family history. i'm adopted so i don't know anything. My labs came back and he said i was extremely HYPER...i didn't even know what a thyroid he sent me to a specialist.....which was comfirmed..