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Avatar m tn All on the left side which is linear in nature when thinking about nerves being affected. My scalp is also sore to touch and every now and then I will feel a sharp stab/jolt to that area. So weird. Definitely characteristic of nerve pain associated with a virus.... just need a diagnosis.
Avatar n tn A migraine is when the pain is sharp and situated in one area. If you find your sensitive to light and noise is hurting your head then its probably a migraine. I suggest take a painkiller and go to bed with the curtains closed and no noise to help.
Avatar f tn During the past few weeks I have had a very sore area on my scalp almost constantly. It is a relatively small area, maybe one to two inches in diameter. I used to have really long hair and when I would wear it in a bun or ponytail all day, my head would get extremely sore. The soreness I am experiencing now is very similar, but my hair is very ponytails anymore. Every morning I wake up with a severe headache as well. Not a migraine, but it's pretty bad.
Avatar f tn For awhile now I have had a sore spot in the top of my head. I don't wear pony tails or braids because anything that pulls on my scalp gives me a headache. My scalp doesn't have sores and the area doesn't appear to be red, but my hair has thinned in the sore area. It isn't sore to touch it just constantly feels tender. I do suffer from allergies to dust, pollen, and cat dandruff. I often have sinus pressure around my temples and forehead.
Avatar n tn But now a few days later I still have a dull headache and am worried. I have no other symptoms. But I wonder if I am also causing a stress headache and making it worse. I still have no other symptoms except a mild headache. I am worried to take Motrin because of bleeding. Should I be worried? The headache is not getting worse, just still there. The spot is still a bit tender as well. I worry when I remember the girl that died after skiing.
Avatar m tn Scalp pain (as opposed to a headache) that precedes hair loss is an indicator of alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune condition for which there is no known cure. Many, but not all Alopecians, have this experience of scalp pain prior to losing hair in that spot. I have alopecia, but I never experienced the pain on my scalp first. I know people who have felt that pain, though.
Avatar m tn I've been trying to figure out why my scalp is so sore and very tender I don't have a headache. the back of my head is not as sore as the top, front & sides it is so tender to the touchI would say the very center is the worse. I have not hit my head I've even stop perming my hair. also on my arms I sometimes feel lumps. could these be related? Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn Do you get bumps and areas on the scalp that itch and turn into lesions and almost scabby or scaly spots on the edges and back of your ear/ears and on your scalp after they ooze from being scratched open? If so, check out sebhorrheic dermatitis and psoriasis. It can be linked to allergic rhinitis-aka hay fever, and allergies or autoimmune responses.
455242 tn?1206477307 Differentials for your case will be a sinus headache and a headache secondary to an eye problem. The congestion of nasal sinuses may present with a sensation of fullness within the head and the inflammation and swelling that come with sinusitis may refer pain to other areas of the head. Your physician will provide you with the right medications.Drink plenty of water and apply warm compress over the forehead to relieve the pain.Observe your symptoms once you have started treatment.
Avatar n tn I have that problem, the bumps seem to come and go, they tried up by them self. but they get very sore and painful tender to touch , and make my head hurt when they get worse. The problem never go away. oil seem to make them worse. what to do?
Avatar n tn Throbbing headache on one side of the head and back of head along with scalp sensitivity and tenderness on touching the scalp are seen with temporal arteritis. There is inflammation and damage to the blood vessels that supply the head area, especially the head area, the large or medium arteries that branch from the neck. The cause is usually a faulty immune response. Consult your neurologist immediately who would examine you in detail.
Avatar f tn I also had them both checked to rule anything out to associate them to my headaches, these headache that come and go everyday and i dont want a headache everyday. I see my neurologist next week, i will mention it. Alot of pregnant woman experience these headaches, some are more prone to more then others tho. I had an mri in march then a repeat 6 weeks later and there was no change in the scan at all. Ive had them off and on since January, havnt got any worse.
Avatar n tn Hello. I've been noticing sore spots on my head. It's not very much like a headache. In the sense that they seem to actually be the scalp. The feeling is similar to a bruise, and if you have ever had longer hair, and have had your hair up in a pony tail for an extended period of time, then let your hair down. It produces the same feeling of soreness. I'm pregnant, and I have been stressed out lately. I have also been having earaches. Which I am about to start taking antibiotics for.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the info! I have tried some of the shampoos with salicylic acid or coal tar - all it did was make my scalp worse- sort of firery sore and super itchy. that's why I think its dry scalp and not dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis - the symptoms just don't fit. my hair and scalp are dry, not greasy - even if i go 3 days between shampoos my hair is not greasy. the flakes are small and white and not oily.
429949 tn?1224691579 My mom and my sister both have very sore areas on their scalp. My mom has a dx of TN, sjogren's syndrome, fibromyalgia, and diabetes. My sister has a dx of TN. My daughter has very sore areas on her scalp. She has no diagnosis but I suspect she may have fibromyalgia. My grandmother complains about very sore areas on her scalp and she has a dx of arthritis. I think it probably has a lot more to do with autoimmune disorders in general rather than anything specific.
Avatar f tn I've had crohon's disease for quite a few years and I have a new issue croping up.. for the last year or so I've had soreness on the top of my head. Like when I pull my hair back into a pony tail too tight and my scalp is sore afterwards... only I don't wear ponytails any more... hair isn't long enough. It doesn't bother me unless I move my hair, like lifting it up, then I can feel it.
Avatar n tn During the height of the headache I find that if I press on the sore spots my head and headache clear a bit and although the spots are indeed sore I sometimes do this to temporarily relieve the pain of the headache itself. When the sore spots are on my forehead I can sometimes observe a bit of swelling but never discoloration.
364228 tn?1214573373 Hi there, In December, my mother started full brain radiation. She completed her radiation the end of January. She ended up losing all of her hair. It's been almost 7 weeks since her last radiation treatment. Her hair still hasn't grown back and she complains everyday about her head being sore. Her scalp looks so dry. Almost like cradle cap. Is this normal?? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Cluster headaches are usually associated with eye redness,tearing and nasal discharge. The headaches may come in spasms and may be located in the area near the eyes.The pain may be sharp and stabbing and may last for a few seconds.This may be aggravated by alcohol intake. Does this fit your profile? Headaches may increase pain sensitivity of nearby structures and this is usually evident in migraine headaches.
Avatar n tn hello I had a tender spot on my scalp and hair lorr that I noticed about a month ago and now it has spread. what could that be???
Avatar f tn And I am afraid that everyday when I woke up in morning , full of hairs falling and day time also. Now my hair is very week too. beside that the main problem is sculp pain and headache and lack of energey.. I just want to know is this a rare case or why is this happening? Its being long time now.
Avatar f tn In temporal arteritis condition headache is usually concentrated in the one region of your head and it is tender to touch and things like combing your hair may be painful. But in addition to this for any persistent headaches, possibilities like migrainous, cluster, tension and refractive errors that need to be evaluated thoroughly with the help of a neurologist here. Migraine like headache can be throbbing, one sided of face & head and preceded by aura (starts with blurred vision).
Avatar f tn My question is simple: How can I get rid of it!?!?!?!? I spoke with two derms. in my local area who told me I couldn't get rid of it & the only option was to learn to deal with it. It covers my scalp (only). It itches, peals, bleeds, runs, and is terribly sore! I can't sleep comfortably at night & have resorted to Advil PM's to sleep, which surpisingly gets rid of the headaches that I get when my scalp becomes really irritated.
Avatar f tn 5 year old headbutted me hard in the temple area this morning, while i was lying down trying to sleep. I got an instant headache, small lump and the area is sore to touch as tho bruised. I had 2 panadol and the headache seems to have gone, but just wondering if there is anything else i should be doing or do i just monitor myself and see how i go? I'm home alone with a 2.5 year old and a 6month old, so don't wanna be taking any unnecessary risks. Cheers!
Avatar m tn I have recurring pain in my scalp and I first started feeling it in my ears and throat. When the shooting pains started moving to the right side of my scalp, I though it was something to do with my nerves. I once had a similar issue on the other side of my head and the doctor said he believed it was a scalp pimple pushing down on a cluster of nerve endings.
Avatar n tn Once and awhile I will get a migraine often accompanied with with a scalp breakout and I stop taking the Acyclovir and lysine until the pain goes away. Then I resume my acyclovir and lysine. I now rarely have any problems. But I always have to go a week once and a while without my Acyclovir and Lysine. Is the herpes virus simply one of my triggers or is the herpes virus the root cause off all my migraines, I don't know. The pain and breakouts are always hemispheric in nature.