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Avatar f tn I have also recently started suffering from hayfever and now have little scabs inside my nose, which are very itchy and sore and sometimes bleed. I am too embarrassed to go and see my doctor about this incase its related to me taking cocaine and I wouldbe ashamed having to admit to the doctor that I take drugs. Does anyone think that this could be related to taking coke and does anyone know of any solutions I can try and clear it myself?
Avatar m tn i will test at 3 months mark but just i want to know that whatever symptoms(Sore thoat and running nose) i have are part of acute hiv symptoms. Because i have not read running nose is symptom of acute hiv.
Avatar f tn After ten days or so I developed a slight cough, which has developed into a heavier cough with blocked/runny nose and some phlegm. I had a sore/stiff jaw too and my ears felt blocked. Still have a cough after three weeks. Are these symptoms? Please respond Sad and lonely Please everyone, BE SAFE.
Avatar f tn Anyone have sore throat and runny nose before their missed period and have BFP later? I'm expediency this and many other symptoms but no positive yet.
7301641 tn?1391016954 I have had a stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing, and runny nose for the past 2 weeks is this normal or should I call and talk to my doctor?
Avatar m tn Reread the replies you have been given and stop making multiple threads.
Avatar f tn I woke up with a really tender & sore nose the bigger pain is close to the bridge. I eyes are really tired and I have really dark circles today. I have a mild headache going to my temples and the front of the head. I was not hit. Is there anything to worry about? What should I do to relieve the pain?
Avatar f tn For the past 11 days Ive had a sore throat and frequent nose bleeds. My thyroid gland also appears swollen. Any ideas. Should I bother the emergency doctor this weekend? Cheers.
Avatar f tn Ive always gotten cold sores on my lips before and I think I just had cold sores on my nose. I went down on my parter and he also went down on me. Now I am worried that it could have spread. My nose didnt touch him or me, but we did kiss. If so when would it show, and does it always return on your genitals once it gets down there. If its HSV 1 does it always come back down below? I am so worried....please help!
Avatar f tn I was nauseated practically all day and the nose of a blood hound lol
Avatar f tn Hello ladies! I just want to know all the different symptoms you have had during your pregnacy??
Avatar f tn Nausea, heart burn, cramps, crazy sore boobs, fatigue, acne, and moodiness.
Avatar f tn My nose is very sore, like I've been hit, from the bridge to the tip. The pain is on the left side. I don't have any congestion, but I feel pressure and some pain behind my left eye and I have had a dull headache for a couple of days.
Avatar f tn i have a bump in almost in the middle of my nose ,its very sore when i touch it. do i need to see a doctor, or is it something that goes away,how can i get rid of it?
Avatar f tn Could it be that you have a pimple developing on or in your nose as well? This would make your nose sore and tender to touch.
Avatar n tn My 14 yr old daughter's nose is very sore , and she cannot touch it ... maybe she is coming down with a cold , what could she do for it ?
Avatar m tn I've had this nose sore for a year that is a little painful. Nasonex doesn't work. Finally after neilmed solution 5 times in each nostril I started to have blood mucus and the area has scabbed up it feels like. my father was living in this house and came down with a fungal sinus infection that was incurable This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/410163'>Nose sore</a>.
Avatar m tn As a matter of interest, I read about ARS symptoms being like flu (headache, fever, sore throat, fatigue etc). My questions is, is the flu itself an ARS symptom? So, with flu you get above symptoms, but also things like runny nose/blocked nose, congested head, discoloured phlegm, blocked ears? Which is like what I had. Anyway, are nose/head congestion, coloured phlegm, blocked ears etc not actually part of ARS anyway?
Avatar f tn Hello, I have a canker sore on the inside of my left nostril that is swollen and painful, can neosporin heal this?
Avatar m tn I had a minor sore throat that went away after one day..i had a runny/stuffy nose for a week, with a cough, some muscle pain here and there. this lasted a week or so...then I was fine for a whole week. and then after a week of being fine I got sick again, with a runny/stuffy nose, and a cough. Is this anything i should be worried about. why would i get sick then get well than get sick again all in a month? I dont have any fever or night sweats.
Avatar n tn Over the last two-three weeks I have had different symptoms. It first started as a runny nose. When I blew my nose smelled kind of funny, the kind of smell mucus has when your sick. My runny nose was clear at first before turning green nearly clogging my nose. I had to clear out my nose several times a day because the mucus would become very thick and hard. My nose is still runny but the fluid is now clear. Symptoms then spread to my throat.
Avatar n tn Sore throat that comes and goes. Sore throat is normally accompanied by one or two small red sores on the roof of my mouth. Throat appears to be pink during this time. If throat is swollen, it is not swollen much. Feels like i have constant drainage in my throat, but blowing nose produces nothing / little mucus. Today: What appears to be minor / mild leukoplakia patches at the base of my gums. This is accompanied by one small spot on the roof of my mouth.
Avatar m tn runny nose and cough are NOT ars. Sore throat would have to be accompanied by a very high fever and most likely a rash. 21 days would be unusually late but perhaps not impossible. Your symptoms do NOT suggest ars.
356929 tn?1246389756 How strange.....I have these same symptoms!! Very sore to touch the bridge of my nose. I've used the same description that a lot of you on here have used...feels like someone has punched me in the nose....I'm just now starting to get a little redness down the bridge. No sinus symptoms like a runny nose or congestion. I did have a Dr. friend tell me thru email, to be on the lookout for shingles though...My symptoms have been lurking for 2 days now.