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Avatar m tn t the opposite ring true. If you have an oral cold sore, would you also be shedding from the nasal area?
Avatar n tn Im 15 and have done all of my own piercings i have my nose belly ears ext. if your belly ring is hurting it is probably because it is a cheap ring or you are not cleaning it well enough. Try this fill a cup with warm water and about a spoonful of salt let the salt dissolve then place the cup over your belly and push it on your stomach like a plunger for about 10 min everyday also wash your belly ring with antibacterial soap twice a day.
Avatar n tn Can i take clindamycin with my levothyroxin 75mcg . Because i have a sore throat and runny nose ?
Avatar f tn I had the same problem. My nose ring is killing me. What I recommend is getting plastic jewelry to put in. It'll be hard to find but it feels so muchh better.
Avatar n tn I took my belly ring out at 20 weeks and eventually took my nose ring and tongue ring out because I felt I was getting older, but not because of what people thought. I got all my piercings when I was in my teens, now that I am 30,I refuse to have any of it, but I still love my tatts and will be getting more after my second child is born.what I am trying to say is who cares what others think, it is what you think at the end of the day. Don't take it out for others only for yourself.
Avatar f tn t your usual cold sore it was a big ***** sore from my lip to my nose and I started feeling like I was going to black out from there things quickly went down heal I was taken to emergency room on numerous occasions feeling like I was going to black out my ears started ring with the sound white noise on a TV makes my brain felt fuzzy I felt like i was going to vomit all the time my legs n feet went numb yet vitals were always completely normal and test after test showed nothing abnormal I was tol
Avatar f tn My nose is very sore, like I've been hit, from the bridge to the tip. The pain is on the left side. I don't have any congestion, but I feel pressure and some pain behind my left eye and I have had a dull headache for a couple of days.
Avatar f tn i have a bump in almost in the middle of my nose ,its very sore when i touch it. do i need to see a doctor, or is it something that goes away,how can i get rid of it?
Avatar f tn Could it be that you have a pimple developing on or in your nose as well? This would make your nose sore and tender to touch.
Avatar n tn My 14 yr old daughter's nose is very sore , and she cannot touch it ... maybe she is coming down with a cold , what could she do for it ?
Avatar f tn I have also recently started suffering from hayfever and now have little scabs inside my nose, which are very itchy and sore and sometimes bleed. I am too embarrassed to go and see my doctor about this incase its related to me taking cocaine and I wouldbe ashamed having to admit to the doctor that I take drugs. Does anyone think that this could be related to taking coke and does anyone know of any solutions I can try and clear it myself?
Avatar m tn I've had this nose sore for a year that is a little painful. Nasonex doesn't work. Finally after neilmed solution 5 times in each nostril I started to have blood mucus and the area has scabbed up it feels like. my father was living in this house and came down with a fungal sinus infection that was incurable This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/410163'>Nose sore</a>.
Avatar n tn hey! i'm pretty new to this forum and i was wondering lately what might be the symptoms related to HIV after 2 years (i had unprotected sex). Recently i've been feeling tingling in my pinky and ring finger and toes, last december i cought a sinusitis, and this past september i had a muscle cold/sore throat and i think fever. This past week i've been getting sweats...and here and there stuffy nose...i might be paranoing but right now I'm more scared than anything else.
1416837 tn?1282091081 The side of my hand including the pinky and ring finger are numb. What might would you think is wrong??
Avatar f tn I have a nose ring. Wearing facial piercings should be fine. Your face shouldn't be swelling lol so it shouldn't be a problem. They advise against getting NEW ones because of infection risks.
Avatar m tn However if she is allergic to the material of the nose-ring then this may create problems. Also blowing the nose with a ring inside is always more messy and painful. You can consult her ENT specialist regarding this. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn I kept my tongue ring. but when in labor put a plastic obe in just incase I need emergebcy surgery. I took my nipple and hood piercings out when I found out I was pregnanclt with my last cause I wanted to breast feed and didn't want either to tear.
Avatar n tn I have a dark ring around my nose that i cant get rid of no matter what i do, does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of it?
Avatar m tn im tired by my these skin problems,i also have recurrent painful mouth sore n multiple painless small mout sore inside my ckeek.beneath the teeth..i checked for hiv..thhat cames negative..plz help me..what may be the cause of my problem?n how to solve it?
363110 tn?1340920419 My lip ring really bugged me and my nose ring was "itchy"
Avatar f tn The two symptoms I have is the congestion and I have two bumps, on on top where the nose ring is and one underneath the ring on the inside. The congestion makes it hard to breathe.. I"ll mention the nose piercing is still there. Since the congestion has been there for a long time does this automatically mean i have chronic sinusitis? I don't think i have any sinus pressure or drainage, I just have congestion.Or is it only since the piercing is still there that its still congested??
Avatar f tn Hello all. Thank you all in advance for your time. For the last three weeks or so, I've had this near-constant sensation of tingling and numbing, sometimes burning, on the skin between my upper lip and my nose on the right side. It's as if I had a local numbing shot and it's starting to wear off. It feels like it's IN my lip rather than on it.
Avatar f tn I have my belly and nose done. Put a maternity ring in my belly at 21 weeks-ish and need to find a spacer for my nose during my hospital stay. Those darn things close so easily.
Avatar f tn For labor I don't think so. They may suggest removing the tongue ring, but I don't really know. I'm sure the nose one is fine though. I watched a childbirth video at the hospital, and the girl in the video had a belly button ring in. No idea how she managed to keep it in the whole pregnancy. I had to take mine out pretty early.
Avatar n tn 8 days after the incident all symptoms disappeared. But then a week later I saw a weiss ring floater and a very vague floater to the far left of my left eye and also a brief flash at night when I turned quickly to the left. I saw my opthamologist 3 days later (17 days after the original trauma). He said I had PVD whch would probably not become a retinal detachment. He also said the flashes would disappear in 2 weeks, but he was indefinite about the Weiss Ring.
Avatar n tn I have always had pretty clear skin until I was about 15 or 16 when I developed a little red bump on the right side of my nose. I never worried about until everyone asked me about it and I don't know what it is. I am almost 21 and it still has not gone away. I know its not a acne cause it should have gone away. Is it a wart by chance and how do I get ride of it?
Avatar f tn I had to take my nipple rings out because they were hurting but that might have also been because my breasts were so tender... And I'm going to need my nipples to breastfeed. Not sure about nose rings tho.
Avatar f tn only had about a centimeter before the ring was completely out. i also have had a nose ring and tongue ring...both in which i have not worn in several years. the nose ring fell out and closed...and the tongue ring started to bother me so i took it was too much to take it out for work and then try to get it back in every day when i was done with work. although i know if i really want to i could put it back in, i am not sure if i want sorry kinda off topic....