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Avatar f tn Getting a cold or the influenza virus is nothing to do with being pregnant. It is just coincidental that you have experienced this at the beginning of each of your pregnancies. We catch colds and flu when our immune system is lowered and we have been exposed to the airborne virus by people coughing and sneezing. Germs are also passed by they hands and if the virus is on your hands and you touch your eyes, you will have contaminated yourself by that way too.
Avatar f tn I have a stuffy nose that just won't go away is this normal in pregnancy? I also find myself at times having a runny nose... I don't have a fever chills or a sore throat so what is this its kind of annoying!!! Help I need advice!!!!
Avatar f tn lilbit - Actually, yes, teeth problems are common during pregnancy, if you have any cavities, etc, pregnancy can cause them to worsen, or hurt more. They recommend regular dentist check ups while pregnant for this reason. I had a cavity with my son, and in my early pregnancy it hurt SO bad I had to get an antibiotic for it, also sore or sensitive gums, and bleeding gums are common during pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Nosebleeds canbe fairly common during pregnancy yes..
Avatar f tn Hey ladies, is taking Tylenol cold medicine good to take during pregnancy. I have recently come down with a cold and I was just wondering what are some safe medicines to take. Since it's over the weekend and I can't contact my doctor...
377012 tn?1283965435 from 26th (10pm-10pm on the 27th) there was no bleeding at all and then on the 28th there was some pink discharge which i only had a couple of times mainly when i wiped and a few spots on my pad.......during this entire time i have had the headache, sinus trouble, and stuffy nose........ and i have had this since my supposed AF was over!!! im not sure if it could be pregnancy related as i still have symptoms and have had them for 4 weeks today!
604185 tn?1233960857 t contain any medication at all, and that might offer you some relief from a stuffy nose. You can also use sore throat lozenges that can temporarily numb the pain of a sore throat. Drink lots of fluids and if you are running a fever or the sore throat is unusually severe, let the doctors office know right away.
Avatar f tn Completely normal I had nose bleeds my whole pregnancy with my second and my nose has bleed my whole pregnancy this time as well. It has to do with the increased blood volume pregnant women have. Don't worry about the cold sore either.
Avatar n tn It was really weird, a few days before my period was due, i woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose... I thought it was allergies but when I went to google "sore throat stuffy nose", a search popped up saying "early pregnancy symtoms"... Apparently women get what they think is a cold be ause your body is lowering its immune system so it doesnt attack the "baby"... 4 days later i got a positive pregnancy test. I had no other symptoms.
Avatar f tn I have a list of medicine safe to take during pregnancy in my journal you can reference.
Avatar f tn I am starting to get a small cold. So far its just burning eyes, I've been sneezing, my nose is runny & my throat is so sore. The sore throat pain is the worse. Since I cant call my Dr right now, what can i take for the soreness? I read that honey, lemon & water works but that sounds nasty right now & i dont want an upset stomach on of it. I read cough drops are ok but then that they are not. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I was nauseated practically all day and the nose of a blood hound lol
1399033 tn?1449587779 It started making my throat itchy again. Df and I were getting ready for bed and my nose started to bleed a little. After going to bed and waking up, my throat is sore. I can feel some discomfort when I swallow. I'm 6w 3d pregnant. What can I take for this soreness in my throat?
Avatar f tn I just got over a horrible cold. Congestion,sneezing, blowing my nose constantly. It all started with a sore throat. But I didn't have a sore throat during my cold.
Avatar f tn TYLENOL COLD & FLU
Avatar f tn Your doctor will give you antibiotics that are pregnancy friendly. I have gotten sick like this during both of my pregnancies.
7988747 tn?1396207441 You probably shouldn't use the nighttime medication. They have a drug in it to make you sleep that probably isn't safe to.take during pregnancy. I had 2 sinus infections during this pregnancy and my doctor urged me to use only Tylenol cold in combination with plenty of rest and fluids and. If your symptoms persist for more then a week they'll probably prescribe you some amoxicillin but they'll want you to try the OTC meds before the antibiotics.
Avatar f tn During pregnancy your blood vessels in your nose come closer to the surface because of increased blood volume, my nose and gums bled throughout my pregnancy. If it is severe though definitely see a doctor about it.
Avatar f tn I did .
Avatar f tn I have a bad cold very stuffy nose headache sore throat n coughing when I cough my tummy hurts all this on top of the vomiting n cramping n constipation ughhh been suckin on cough drops n drinking tea n taking vit c n garlic to try n kick it out but so far still feel like crap is there any cold meds that can be taken during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I took Augmentin and my ear felt better, but it took weeks for my sore throat to get better. During pregnancy our immune systems are suppressed, so we are much more susceptible to everything, besides the fatigue and aches we already feel from pregnancy. There are antibiotics you can take if you do end up with an ear infection, and the one thing is you should always get checked out if you are feeling sick. During pregnancy a mild illness can turn serious fast.
Avatar f tn I have no other symptoms because nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, fluid in ears and of course the sore throat. Body temp has been between 98 and 99 degrees. any advice? Thank you!
Avatar m tn Just need help! I don't know if I'm crazy or possibly expecting. Earlier this week I started having a terrible stuffed up nose.. Worse than I've had in quite a while. Next came a sore throat. No fever all week but constant nose and throat pain. I think a week ago I wiped a couple times and there was a mucus blood type thing but that has been it. I normally start the 2nd-7th of the month.
Avatar f tn Has anyone else experienced a sore nose while pregnant? I'm 35 weeks and haven't had any complications.. My nose is SOOOOOOOO sore...