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Avatar n tn I had my baby yesterday n i been breastfeeding her but my nipples r so sore n bleeding what can i do to ease the pain cuz i do wanna breastfeedbut it reallyhurts
Avatar f tn Hey Ladies Have Any Of U Experienced Really Painful Nipples? My Boobs Have Been Sore From The Beginning But This Morning I Woke Up Feeling As If Someone Had Run My Nipples Through A Pencil Sharpener. I've Got To Go Get Some Blood Work Done In A Few Hours But Even The Thought Of A Bra Is Unbearable. Anything In Particular Help U Guys? I Welcome All Suggestions. Otc, Home Remedies Everything!!! @ This Point I'd B Willing To Slather Miracle Whip On Them If It'd Help Lol.
8274643 tn?1406141596 I would put some lanolin on them.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing sore breast and nipples for the whole month of Novemebr. I was wondering if anyone out there has experienced the same kind if discomfort? If so what nature remedies helped soothe you? Also is it ok to wear sports bras throughout my pregnancy? I'm finding that underwire bras are very uncomfortable and my breasts are just popping out lol.
5691681 tn?1375735348 December moms! I'm 37 weeks today and O.M.G. my boobs are soooo sore all the sudden! They were sore in the very beginning of my pregnancy and have been fine ever since, but today they've been killing me! Any remedies to help?? I feel like they are engorged and need to be released. I guess my body is ready for this baby!
Avatar f tn Ok ladies I am 17 weeks and my nipples have been very itchy and sooo sore. I can't stand it any more. Anybody else going through this and any suggestions on how to make them feel better. I already have 2 girls and never went through this with either of them.
Avatar n tn With my last baby (now 7) my Dr told me to stimulate nipples the last few weeks to help prepare nipples for breastfeeding.
Avatar f tn Good god my nipples just hurt so bad right now. I've had to take off my bra and I've pulled my shirt down enough so the shirt won't touch my nipples either. Any remedies to help at least alleviate the pain?
10841231 tn?1427427244 Best remedies for dry itchy nipples? I'm 31 weeks and my nipples are driving me crazy. I've tried unscented lotion, coconut oil and lano-soothe. What worked best for you ladies?
Avatar f tn Are your bras comfy? My nipples were getting very sore if I was not wearing a very supportive bra. Other than that I don't know.
3173164 tn?1344206925 as long as the pain is not intense it is normal. I always have what feels like mild period cramps. It's just everything growing. If the pain becomes more intense or you have any blood that's when there is need for concern. No remedies I know of for the sore nipples and breasts, that usually doesn't last too long though, mostly just in the beginning. Dizziness is normal. Relax and get your rest. everything you said sounds normal.
Avatar f tn I wouldn't induce my labor with anything I know its very hard at the end ...even though I am anxious to meet my little princess but I am just waiting until shes ready ...enjoy ur last weeks and wait for her to come on her own its better to do that ...I personally think that way..
Avatar f tn My nipples r so sore one of them feel like they r on 30weeks has this happened to anyone else if so wat did u do to stop ´╗┐the pain.....
Avatar f tn I'm 17 weeks and when I get cold my nipples get really sore. They turn white and then get a dark purple color. Anyone else experiencing this? What is this from?
Avatar f tn I understand that your nipples are supposed to be sore but I'm 19 weeks now and they still are! How long does it last?
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 6 weeks 2 days pregnant with my 1st and suffering with really sore nipples. Does anyone have any tips to help ease this please.
Avatar f tn I cannot believe I forgot how it felt to have sore nipples!! And to top it off I forgot to bring the dang Lanolin creme! !!
Avatar f tn My baby is 2 weeks old now & I have been exclusively breast feeding but my nipples are still so sore & sensitive. I have inverted nipples so im using a nipple gaurd- does this affect anything? When do they stop being so sensitive?
Avatar f tn 16W4d. My nipples have been itchy the whole day. Now they are sore.
1088509 tn?1352236247 So im still peeing alot im getting use to it though but the sore nipples are going away though, nice lol i never got it with my son acually i didnt even get my milk in until like 3 days after he was born. Where is everyone else on symptoms??
Avatar n tn I had to complement with formula, now after many efforts I switched to breastfeeding only, but my nipples are very sore. He stays in the breast for long periods and when he finishes my nipples look white and flattened like pinched. They hurt so bad that I am thinking about giving him formula again. I always wait until he opens his mouth wide and latch on, but he alwys finish in the nipple and it hurts.