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Avatar f tn Hi!!! I had my baby 2 weeks ago and I've been pumping and breastfeeding him, but my nipples hurt only when I'm pumping!!! I need to know a good cream to use to ease this pain because I want to continue breastfeeding!!!
2218623 tn?1355278513 ve been exclusively bfing for three weeks and my nipples still feel slightly tender after pumping and his initial latch on.
Avatar f tn my baby is 2 1/2 weeks old and though i am only pumping because she is not latching, my nipples are no longer sore... or i should say they no longer hurt... they are a bit sore from the pumpimg but very manageable... however the first week and a half my nipples got so sore and raw i had pieces of skin come off and they bled (tmi sorry), so i would say give it a couple more days and see if it gets better... lanolin helped a lot... and so did hot water compresses... as well as letting them air...
Avatar f tn If you can keep it up for a couple weeks your nipples will toughen up and it won't hurt. I'm breastfeeding my third child currently and I've had sore nipples with every one of them. I honestly dont know anyone who breastfed and didnt get sore nipples. After you nurse put lanolin on them or express a little milk, rub it on and then let them air dry.
Avatar f tn I used to pump for 20 to 30 mins per session. And due to that, I think my nipples got cracked and was very sore and swollen. I stopped pumping for 2 months. Today, I started again, and I noticed blood in milk only on one breast (breast which had cracked) I'm worried. The milk is coming out clear when I squeeze my breast But I don't see any crack on my nipples. So idk where the blood is coming from. Is it something to worry?
Avatar n tn TMI. Am I the only mommy that rubs my nipples in a circular motion then squeeze a little then back to rubbing. Because my nipples been so sore can I start pumping I'm 38+1, I'm not having any leakage though....
Avatar f tn To be honest, breast feeding only hurts in the beginning and really only did with my first son who latched incorrectly at first. My nipples got very sore. But then once he was latching properly, it was fine. It never hurt with my second son. Pumpking doesn't hurt but isn't exactly comfortable either. It's really kind of strange until you get used to it, this machine pumping your nipples. I didn't love pumping but did it. I did love breast feeding.
Avatar n tn How long should we let her nurse on sore nipples and still get enough to eat? Our doctor told us to give two ounces of formula. she weighs 7.5 pounds. 8 days old.
Avatar f tn When I started pumping I looked to see how much I've pumped out so far but it wasn't milk it was just blood. I called the hospital and talked to someone who knew about breast pumping. She said she's only heard of it being breast milk with a little red tinge, which of course is the blood. Mine was ALL blood. She said maybe I should take a break for a couple of hours.
Avatar f tn When my little man was about 6 months old a lump came up and not long after I pumped blood in the milk a few times. I thought it was because of my nipples being sore. When my little man was about 18 months I had mastitis. When I went in for a yearly pap they were going to schedule me for a mammogram but didn’t because I was pumping. They said that the results wouldn’t have been accurate to determine what the lump was because of producing milk.
10913038 tn?1424227711 Just be sure you keep from injuring your nipples (cracks or swelling) it could just cause you more distress. Keeping some lanolin or coconut oil on hand is a must for sore nipples. Relaxing while feeding and pumping is going to help in production, stress only makes it worse. Fenugreek tea or mothers milk tea is good to help keep your supply up, as well as making sure you are eating enough and drinking tons of water.
Avatar f tn My little one is 1 week and 1 day old. I have been breastfeeding her since day one and she has done really well except sometimes she doesn't quite latch right and it hurts! My nipples are so sore and sort of burn. I have an appt with lactation in 2 days but I was just wondering if this is too early to start pumping and introduce her to a bottle. I guess I'm preparing for maybe having to start doing that even tho I don't want to. But I'm just in pain! Any advice??
Avatar f tn My nipples are only pinkish reddish & swollen after I pump. When I'm not pumping they just hurt bad and are normal color.
Avatar f tn / I tried pumping them out but still no luck! Any help please? And since babys not breastfeeding my boobs are huge and so sore to the point I cant move or sleep,they hurt so bad!
Avatar f tn Just keep pumping, it will help keep your milk production up. Also try the Medela nipple cream. I LOVE it, I'm using it now while pregnant because my nipples are so sore. And like a previous poster said, my son did just fine going back and forth between bottle and breast. When they realize it's the same milk they take to it fine. Just get her tongue cut and she will be fine in a day or two!
124958 tn?1223946559 I also give my baby formula so I really am just pumping around 3-4 times a day. Well last night I was pumping and it was hurting so I checked and I have like 2 little white pimple like but it hurts like crazy. It even hurts when I pump from that breast. Does anyone know if that is just a little pimple or just the heat here in California that is causing that or can it be a clogged duct? And does anyone what I can do or put on to get rid of that? Thanks in advance for your comments.
1814975 tn?1317144563 That could be. Why did you decide to pump? I've been bit before it's only happened 2 times in 8.5 months. Usually it doesn't become a habit.
Avatar f tn I started introducing a bottle at a week old as my nipples were so sore and he was feeding 24/7 and it hurt. If you can, get Lansonol / Lansinoh for your nipples - it's an absolute godsend for sore nipples, apply it several times a day and it doesn't need to be washed off before you feed again.
631676 tn?1333718203 Hi there. Suddenly bobs feel so sore/achey and latch hurts more than before. Pumping as much as I can to avoid the discomfort. Milk just really started "squirting" a week ago. Is baby working to hard at it? Pumping too much? Or is this what it should have been like all along?
Avatar f tn I'm breastfeeding my sons almost three weeks and it only hurts for about a week and pumping is the same feeling lol . I really don't think you can pump with your nipples pierced , I don't think they would fit and I think it would hurt alot . but none of us are doctors so I would ask a lactation nurse (: Congrats and best of luck Mommy To Be !!
Avatar f tn m really excited to breastfeed with this child but am wondering what all do I need for this, do my nipples get even more sore with actually breastfeeding then pumping? Do I need to buy like nipple cream? How come I'm not leaking yet, I've heard many others talk about already leaking. I hope I produce enough milk to feed this baby! All I remember from pumping was to just drink tons of water and I had way too much milk. Do u usually produce the same amount even with diff babies?
Avatar f tn You can also let the girls out to breathe and put lanolin or rub breast milk on the nipples to help. Can you pump from the right and whats he reason you can give from that one? You can also hand express for a little relief if you dont have a pump. We also have a very helpful breastfeeding forum that can help.
Avatar f tn From my experience that is normal. I experienced exactly what you're describing for the first 6 weeks. Once my nipples got sore it took a long time for them to heal. I used lanolin and really focused on a good latch. My good news is that after 6 weeks breastfeeding was pain free. A few times she had a bad latch and my nipples got sore again, but they healed faster than 6 weeks! She's 21 months now and still breastfeeding and I'm so glad I stuck with it. It will get better!