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Avatar f tn Starting last year in august, I have been unable to enjoy my life and live it to its fullest. I started having nausea, headaches, sore throats (only at night), loss of appetite and a stiff neck. I have suffered from fatigue and weakness. I play at a high intensity level in soccer. I went from being one of the top players on the team, playing the whole game (90min), now I get lucky if I can play 30min without feeling like I am going to collapse or vomit.
Avatar f tn Well I feel like I'm getting sicker by the day, right now I'm exhausted, the lymph nodes in my groin/neck are painful and throbbing, Im having really bad right upper quadrant pain, and sore throat, as well as headaches, body aches, and peripheral neuropathy..... Why can't anyone find anything wrong with me? This is soooo frustrating!!
Avatar f tn -i also have pain in my neck and when i roll my shoulders there is a very loud crunching sound. my neck and shoulder muscles are always very tender which i think are related to these headaches. Anyone help with what cause is and what i could do ? tried accupuncture. which didnt help; had CT scan which was Ok. doc seems uninterested.
Avatar f tn -i also have pain in my neck and when i roll my shoulders there is a very loud crunching sound. my neck and shoulder muscles are always very tender which i think are related to these headaches. Anyone help with a diagnsosis and who could help as Doctor doesnt seem interested ? tried accupuncture.
Avatar n tn It doesn't hurt or cause any pain and I have no problems at all swallowing and no pain when swallowing, food doesn't get stuck or caught in my throat, no choking problems, just a weird sensation type of feeling on the right back side of my neck, almost like a muscle is cramped up or stuck when I swallow (hard to describe). When I am not swallowing, my neck and in between my shoulders, more toward my right shoulder feels tight. I don't have the best posture in the world.
1066060 tn?1255029305 Do I really have Hashi's or some other sort of thyroiditis? According to this page, I am not seeing neck pain as a symptom of Hashi's
Avatar n tn Glands can also swell following an injury, such as a cut or bite, near the gland or when a tumor or infection occurs in the mouth, head, or neck. A clinical examination and local examination of the lymph nodes (size, shape, exact location, mobility)are very important in determining the exact cause. Taste buds can become inflamed due to injury from hot food or drink or due to irritation from a virus or throat infection. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause.
Avatar n tn My daughter is 10 years old and she has had a sore neck since last night. Today she was very fatigued and now has a temperature of 102 degrees. She can touch her chin to her chest. She mentioned a comment that when she stood up it felt like her brain was shaking in her heaD. Should we be overly concerned?
Avatar m tn Now I still have diarrhea, but now I have chest pains (more tightness than anything, a sore throat, neck, and jaw. When I try to eat I feel sick, but shortly after and any other time I feel great besides the other symptoms. I'm 21 years old, could this just be a common cold that's going around? Of can it be more serious? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I dont know if the acid reflux could somehow be related but it seemed to be worse when it was bad. Also, when I feel congested and my neck hurts it feels like I need to clear my throat - which makes me think nasal drip again. Often when this happens it feels like I have to clear my throat and it is very difficult to get it clear, and occasionally when I cleared it is a lump of mucus.
Avatar f tn If amoxicillin and calvepen (phenoxymethylpenicillin) didn't help I have to wonder if your sore throat, sore ear, and sore neck are more from a virus. But 2 weeks is a long time for a virus. I'd get a second opinion if I were you. Dr.
Avatar m tn It's never excruciating, more annoying - especially since I'm rarely sick. Also, since this began, I've usually had a stuffy nose, sometimes a stiff neck, and sometimes a headache. At first, the doctor saw the redness and thought it was post nasla drip and presecribed a medication that I sniff twice in each nostril before bed. They also took a strep test which came up negative in the short run. The next day I got a call saying that I tested positive for strep.
Avatar m tn Although the sore throat was gone in a few days, i had soome sort of dry cough and it seems like i could feel my lymph node at the neck, near my shoulder when i stretch my neck. I am very worried that could it be that i had a late seroconversion? I have no medical background. Can anyone tell me if there is a possibility of me getting hiv infection? Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn (Can happen anytime but always happens after eating and sometimes when defecating or looking up or down.) - Neck and back of head feels stiff. - Neck pops when turning head - Jaw pops more often than normal. - Small shooting pains on head behind ears upon turning head or looking in certain directions. - Fatigued My question is: What should I do next? What type of doctor do I need to see? Is this just something I have to live with? Could all of this be caused from TMJ?
Avatar n tn 5 weeks later. NEGATIVE now i am so stressed I am going mental because, I cant sleep, my neck has been sore for a month, lost a little weight 5lbs, temp. alway between 97.6-98.6 until the past couple days not its 98.6-99.1. I feel like I have all the right symptoms. sore neck, hoarse throat, slight fever, loose stool for a couple days then goes away. whats weird is my neck is sore near my collar bone and around back where it meets my shoulders.
Avatar f tn 5 weeks later i got a sore throat then a day or 2 later i got a runny nose some congestion a bit of a cough with some phlegm. I've also had a really bad neck ache. The sore throat is starting to go away now it lasted about 3-4 days but the cough is still ingering so is the stiff eck and some headaches due to to the stiff neck. I took my temp in the morning it was abot 36.6 and ion the evening it goes to about 37.6.
Avatar n tn Almost definitely being paranoid but can also feel them in neck and groin. funny how you dont notice these things when you are not anxious. Keep turning it over in my head. I am a natural worryer on good days let alone with this.. I keep telling myself its irrational thinking but there is always this niggling doubt. If she did have HIV which I know is highly unlikely, is there a good chance I caught it through the sore on my tongue??
Avatar m tn I had a encounter with sex worker 11 days ago, the moment she undressed I got up and put a condom on . She kissed me once my lips, and on neck, she did my nipple sucking for 4 to 5 mins then we got up from the bed and did perform oral sex while I had a condom on. I discharged in my condom, it did not break . I noticed when she was leaving bruising of my skin above my nipples . I did not see any blood but bruising, the skin Bruising went away after few days.
Avatar m tn The next morning i had an herpes sore on my lip, then everything went downhill from there. in the followign weeks i had been extremely worried about having caught something, then i began having simptoms like stiff neck, headaches andmuscle soreness. Then i began having testicles and lower back pains, as well as the inside of my legs right where the legs join the torso become stiff, something similar to a pulled or strained muscle.
Avatar n tn About six weeks ago I met a guy off the internet and he came over, we ended up trading oral (no ejaculation) and then I had protected anal receptive sex (no ejaculation). About a week or so I developed a sore throat, then one day noticed a rash (don't know if it was nerves or not, can that make the skin red and blotchy) that lasted about a day, then developed a white tongue. My throat became very sore over the next week (more like it was difficult to swallow), and I had one case of diarreah.
Avatar m tn Dont worry about symptoms, especially since you felt 3 nodes in your neck when i am pretty damn sure there are only 2 nodes in your neck anyway which shows your imagination running wild.
Avatar f tn More important: when did you have a possible exposure?
Avatar n tn From one Brian to another.... (and I am the gay version): You are NOT at risk for HIV....your stress is undoubtedly causing your grief. As stated...oral sex is slow is not even on the RADAR for HIV. (Being kind here) seem to have an extreme amount of guilt/regret based on your exposure...yet fearful of the possible consequences. Well, we are all human...and your experience represents NO risk in regards to HIV.
Avatar n tn I recently got a bad sore throat, and then I developed a rash on my neck. During this time I also had a fever. My neck is also swollen on one side a little. I had blood work done and it showed a low lymphocite of 17.6, high granulocites of 75.7, high MO? and High GR?
Avatar m tn Right now am am experiencing some kind of a sore throat. The left side of my throat hurts when swallowing saliva. It hurts sometimes when am swallowing drinks and food as well. I am worried sick. I can't contain my worries. I am from the Philippines and here, they said I still have to take the test. Although they said that my chances are slim because my case is very low risk. I know I have been receiving advice here that I had zero risk and all that but I am still worries.
Avatar m tn Of the bacterial STDs only gonorrhea and nongonococcal urethritis (NGU) are transmitted through oral sex; chlamydia is not and without an obvious sore or lesion on your partner’s mouth, the chances of syphilis and herpes is likewise tiny. If you had gotten gonorrhea or NGU you would have most likely developed symptoms of urethritis (penile infection) such as a penile discharge. Cunnilingus- even lower risk that receipt of oral sex.
Avatar m tn i have had this sore throat for several months. i can recall first having it when i started smoking and drinking heavily about 7 months ago. since then it's been on and off and sometimes accompanied with mouth sores, fever, neck and ear pains and loss of appetite. my doctor put me on some antibiotics, amozicilin and peniciline at different times and gave me medication for the fever. while the mouths sores and neck pains resolved, the sore throat, ear pains and the fever remains.
682891 tn?1226696230 I am a former football player and experience extreme pain in my neck, shoulders, and arms when ever I sneeze. The pain in my neck is located around my shoulder blades and in my arms it hurts on the top of my fore arm and my bicep, and occasionally on the top part of my hand. It is starting to get extremely painful and I am not sure what I should do or what is causing it. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.